10 Great Reasons Why You Should Get Married in Italy

Do you dream of the perfect romantic destination wedding? Yes, we’re talking about an exceptional experience and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure filled with beautiful memories. Then you should certainly get married in Italy!
A destination wedding in Italy will offer you everything you have always dreamed of and more. Idyllic and diverse sceneries, gastronomy, history, art, architecture, style, dolce vita, and romance…you name it, Italy has it!

To list all the reasons why you should get married in Italy would take pages and pages, and who has time for that? We still have a wedding dress to choose!! So let’s take you through all the reasons why you should plan an Italian wedding!

Photo courtesy of venue : Villa Mosconi Bertani

1- The stunning wedding backdrops

Italy boasts very diverse and idyllic sceneries. From historical cities filled with art to the spectacular natural beauty that can be seen in Italy’s incomparable coastlines, amazing lakes, and rolling Tuscan hills, there is everything to suit your taste, mood, and preference! Each region in Italy has a lot to offer, even in terms of wedding backdrops. You will love having this many choices for Italian regions to get married in. And if you need some more info or inspiration, we recommend you check out our Italian wedding regional guides and our favorite regions to get married in Italy.

2- The many beautiful venues in Italy

You can find the exact wedding venue of your dream in Italy. Indeed, the choices available in terms of setting, mood, and venues are endless whether, for an indoor or outdoor wedding, a rustic or sophisticated theme, Italy has it all.
Charming countryside borgos and wineries, historical villas, beachfront terraces, lakeside mansions, castles, magnificent ballrooms, and obviously luxurious hotels, all await you!
So if we only have one recommendation, we suggest you choose your region and consider the wedding mood, theme, and style you want before choosing the best venue in Italy for your perfect Italian wedding.
Read more on how to choose your wedding venue in Italy, or even better, use WedBoard‘s Smart Venue Search feature to scout venues and price them out!

Panning: The Tuscan Wedding | Venue: Villa le Fontanelle | Photo: Quattro Studio | Florals: Flowers Living

3- Italian wedding food. Italian street food. All Italian foods!

The exquisite Italian food is renowned throughout the world. Fresh local Italian produce, fresh handmade pasta, authentic Italian dishes, pizza made by authentic pizzaiolos, and tasty desserts. Every food category will leave your guests wanting more, and every dish will be better than the previous one. And to make these mouthwatering moments last, you will be happy to know that a traditional wedding menu in Italy is made of 6 courses! We can all agree that an authentic Italian wedding menu is an unmissable experience and certainly a good reason to get married in Italy!

4- The wine, prosecco, spritz… all Italian drinks!

In Italy, choosing your signature wedding cocktail is both an easy and difficult task. It is easy because of the many delicious options you have. From amazing local wines and prosecco to world-famous cocktails like a spritz, amaretto, bellini, martini… you will be lost for choice! The difficult part? Well, it will be how to choose your signature wedding cocktail when you have that many amazing choices?

Photo courtesy of BrindApino | Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

5- The cost of a wedding in Italy

A beautiful wedding in Italy can cost as much as you want it to! No matter your wedding style, you will definitely be able to plan the perfect wedding within your target budget. Indeed, there are many factors that can drive your wedding budget up or down such as the number of guests, the region, and your choice of wedding venue.
In fact, the cost of a destination wedding in Italy in Italy for 100 guests can range from anywhere as low as EUR 35,000 to as high as EUR 80,000. For more on this essential topic, we invite you to check our article on How much does a destination wedding in Italy cost? where we break down all the costs by category.

6- The easy process for foreigners to get married in Italy

Having a legal wedding in Italy is easy, and the process is relatively quick, especially if you hire an Italian wedding planner. He or she will know the ins and outs of legalizing and registering a marriage in Italy, regardless of the country you’re from.
The legal requirements are easy and to make theme even easier for you, WedBoard also has some very helpful articles on how to get married in Italy. According to the type of wedding ceremony you will be having, you can head to the following articles to learn about every step required for a civil ceremony, religious ceremony, or symbolic ceremony.

Venue: Villa Pazzi Al Parugiano | Photo: Benedetto Photos Wedding

7- The ease of planning a wedding in Italy

And by ease of planning, we are referring to all the tools available to help you plan your wedding in Italy seamlessly and smoothly without getting lost in translation. Destination weddings have a reputation of being difficult to plan, especially remotely. But no, and especially not in Italy. A platform like WedBoard will help you build the Italian wedding you always dreamt of with a wide choice of wedding venue options, creative and experienced wedding planners in Italy, and a curated list of the best wedding providers available in your Italian region of choice. Best part? You can chat commitment-free with your favorite Italian wedding vendors, pay them online and sign your contracts digitally!

8- The many things to do and guest activities you can plan

What’s great about a destination wedding in Italy is the multitude and variety of unique and fun activities you can plan for your guests without putting in a lot of effort. You will be able to make the trip to Italy worth their while and give them plenty of options without having to invest much time and money. Besides memorable strolls around the cities to admire the beautiful architecture, going for wine tastings, taking cultural trips to museums and monuments, and organizing sunset drinks on beautiful Terrazas are all fun easy to plan activities that your guests will certainly enjoy!

Photo: Anna Visintin | Venue & Planning: Casa Privata

9- The Honeymoon

You can have an awesome, romantic, and memorable honeymoon without even having to leave Italy, no matter your personal style, interest, and the type of activities you prefer.
If you want a honeymoon where you do nothing but lie down on a beach, then you can head to Sicily. Want to tan and relax on gorgeous boat cruises, then go to the Amalfi coast. More into hike and nature? Then the Italian Alps are for you. Do you feel like having a road trip in charming villages? Head to Tuscany. The one thing you will surely have anywhere you decide to spend your honeymoon in Italy is picturesque and romantic sceneries. And food. Sorry, but yes, we’re not over Italian food!

10- The mood. Dolce Vita anyone?

The Italian joie de vivre and welcoming spirit will help you enjoy a great relaxing wedding weekend! The enjoyable Italian mood is definitely contagious and will make up for fewer wedding jitters and stress. After all, you have planned everything, sourced the best wedding planner and vendors, and you are in one of the most romantic countries surrounded by your loved ones!

Planner: Bianco Rosa Weddings | Venue: Villa Valgiano | Catering: East Catering Florence | Photo: David Bastianoni |
Florals: Puscina Flowers | Hai r& Makeup: Tuscany Hair & Makeup 

Planning a wedding in Italy doesn’t require much convincing, as you can see. The perks, advantages, and dream wedding musts are all there. So what are you waiting for?

Stay tuned on WedBoard for more tips, inspiration and all-thing destination wedding in Italy!

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Feature image credits: Photo: Kreativ Wedding | Bride’s Dress:  Inbal Dror from Helen Rodrigues | Groom’s suit: Hugo Boss | Florist: FloraGarden | Venue, Catering, Planning :  Villa San Giacomo | Entertainment: Amalfi Coast Wedding Music via The Lane

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