10 Things Your Post-Wedding Brunch Needs

Multi-day weddings are a thing, especially if you’re planning a destination wedding, as per the wedding trends for 2022. Starting with pre-wedding drinks, a long-weekend wedding cannot but end with a farewell wedding brunch (aka., post-wedding brunch).

So first things first, here are some things you should know if you’re considering a post-wedding brunch.

What is a post-wedding brunch or farewell brunch?

A post-wedding or farewell wedding brunch typically takes place the morning after the wedding. It’s a chance for your guests to gather one last time before leaving your wedding weekend and an occasion for you to spend more quality time with them now that the rush has settled. The wedding brunch typically starts around 9-11 am and goes on until about 2 in the afternoon.

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Who should be invited to the post-wedding or farewell brunch?

A post-wedding brunch is usually more intimate than the wedding reception. However, in a destination wedding, your number of guests is already limited. So if your budget allows it, you can invite them all! But, if you want to host a post-wedding brunch you should already think about allocating a budget for it when you begin planning for your wedding.

Should your post-wedding brunch have a dress code?

A farewell brunch is a more casual and relaxed experience. However, if you are planning a themed garden-party brunch, a pool party, or a barbecue, mention it to your guests on the invitation or alternatively on your wedding website for them to know what to pack. Make sure to also prepare your own attire ahead in order to avoid last minute packing stress and as an extra, you can even share it with your guests for guidance.

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Should you give any parting favors?

Your guests will have already packed-up their luggage by the time of the brunch, therefore a party favor would be burdensome to carry and might end up being left off so make sure any wedding favors are given to your guests on your wedding day.

Below are some ideas to include in your post-wedding brunch, especially if you happen to be planning a destination wedding in Italy.

1. Mimosa bar

No brunch is complete without a Mimosa bar or a “Pimp your Prosecco bar”. Aperol Spritz and Limoncello Spritz make great additions to any Mimosa bar and you can guarantee your wedding guests will be lined up for seconds!

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2. But first, coffee (and donuts of course!)

After a night of partying, boozing and fun, what better way to kick-off the day than with coffee and donuts? So, set up a coffee and donut bar or a creative donut wall! And if your destination wedding is in Italy, then bring on the espresso!

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To give your farewell wedding brunch an Italian spin off, you can replace donuts with Bomboloni (also called Bomba) – the Italian version of donuts! Although they “donut” have any holes as they’re filled with cream and buonissimi!

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3. Hangover kit

You and your guests have most likely partied hard with the wedding and after-party, so besides coffee and donuts, you can offer your guests adorable hangover kits so they can enjoy the rest of their day and journey.

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4. Pancakes are waffuly necessary…

Pancakes and waffles are a great way to sweeten your farewell wedding brunch. Best part? Italy has its own twist on pancakes, the Cannoli pancakes. So if you happen to be planning a destination wedding in Italy, go ahead and incorporate Cannoli pancakes into your post-wedding brunch. These treats are filled with Ricotta cheese filling, mini chocolate chips and cherry. But you can also have them with different flavors! We’re thinking Tiramisu cannoli (yummm!)

5. Make sure to include some healthy food

Not everyone is a breakfast person, so make sure to also include healthy and lite alternatives for your wedding guests.

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6. And some fast food to go

Your guests might be on a rush to go on their next adventure or maybe catch a flight back home so make sure to also offer some fast food options for the road.

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And in case you’re planning a wedding in Italy, you might want to also include more Italian themed food items to your menu such as the Italian Brunch Torte or baked eggs.

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7. Some colorful vibes

Choose vibrant colors that would convey a positive happy energy, especially if your wedding day’s palette was more of blush colors. If your destination wedding is in Italy, why not include some Italian vibes?

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8. Family table setting or picnic style?

Since your number of guests will be reduced, set up a family style table design for your brunch. Alternatively, you can even keep it casual and go for a picnic seating area style.

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10. Mocktails and hydration station

Don’t forget to drink – but water for a change! Hydration is important as guests detox from the previous night’s reception. So make sure to set up a hydration station made up of mocktails and juices. An Italian soda bar adds up a nice touch especially if your wedding’s in Italy.

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9. And most importantly, have some fun!

Finally, the wedding’s hype is settling down and everyone’s had a great time at the celebration so make sure to plan for some chill out time with your guests. After all, your post-wedding brunch is a chance to spend time with your loved ones and to create even more memories. So go ahead, kick back, relax and enjoy the ending of an amazing wedding experience!

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If you’re planning your destination wedding in Italy and looking for more inspiration and tips, WedBoard helps you set the mood and get in touch with the vendors in Italy.


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