12 Unique Tree Centerpieces For Your Wedding

One of the best ways to create a romantic and rustic feel for your big day is with tree centerpieces. Trees are a beautiful part of nature and can be used as a symbol of strength, growth, and prosperity at your wedding. So if you’re looking for more than a floral centerpiece for your reception, a stunning tree centerpiece can provide the perfect alternative.

Find inspiration for your special day with a list of our favorite unique tree centerpieces!

1. Modern Minimalism

Create a modern indoor garden with minimal tree features. Keep it simple with touches of greenery to match a sleek and elegant wedding style. Add subtle white tones for a beautifully timeless aesthetic. Or decorate your table with line drapery to complement your tree centerpieces.

minimal tree centerpieces
Photography: Clay Austin
modern tree centerpiece
Photography: Bella Grace Studios

2. Mixed Heights

Add texture, depth, and eye-catching details by mixing up tall and short trees. A gorgeous way to mix heights is to decorate your tables using extravagant tall trees or branches, and shorter shrubs.

tall wedding centerpieces
Photography: Vue
Photography: Amanda Lane

3. Whimsical Wisteria

Wisteria is a beautiful symbol of romance and longevity. The purple and pink blooms are perfect to add drama to your decoration. You can use this tree as an overarching centerpiece to create a beautifully alluring aesthetic. Or add soft white touches for a more delicate style.

wisteria tree centerpieces
Photography: Eric Keley
tree centerpieces for your wedding
Photography: Jo Hastings

4. Enchanted Garden

Create a dreamy atmosphere with enchanted garden themed tree centerpieces. Use white and pink cherry blossom trees complemented by blush roses and soft pastels for a beautifully romantic aesthetic. This charming idea is sure to leave your guests captivated!

tree centerpieces
Photography: Rachael Kazmier
cherry blossom tree centerpieces
Photography: Victoria Amrose

5. Mini Trees

if you’re a bride looking for understated natural centerpieces, go for small trees. You’ll still incorporate a minimal and rustic decoration with a unique touch. You can use different types of shrubs or mini olive trees. Surround them with different-sized candles to add depth.

mini tree wedding decoration
Photography: Lucy Cuneo
small tree centerpieces wedding
Photography: Soul Pics

6. Wild Woodland

Make the most of an outdoor wedding to be enclosed by nature. Create a woodland-inspired focal point for your reception with wild tree branches or decorated tree stumps. This type of centerpiece is ideal for a winter, rustic, or minimal-style wedding.

woodlland inspired wedding
Photography: Kerry Diamond
tree centerpieces
Photography: Darya Elfutina

7. Floral Arrangement

Cover tree stumps and branches in beautiful flower arrangements. The contrast between the tree’s strength and the floral delicacy is a stunning symbol of your union. This is a gorgeous way to create a contrasting aesthetic for your reception.

Photography: 515 Photo Co.
floral tree wedding decoration
Photography: Joseph West

8. Mediterranean-Themed

One of the tree centerpieces that is ideal for a destination wedding is a Mediterranean-themed tree. Choose lemon or orange trees and place them around your reception area in different sizes. For example, small trees as centerpieces or large trees next to backdrops.

tree wedding decoration ideas
Photography: Lauren Gabrielle
citrus tree centerpieces
Photography: Lisa Poggi

9. Tropical Trees

Create an exotic aesthetic with your family and friends by using tropical tree centerpieces. This works with different wedding color palettes and is perfect for a destination wedding reception.

tropical tree wedding decoration
Photography: Clane Gessel
tree centerpieces
Photography: Evan R

10. Hanging Features

Use your tree centerpiece to hang decorations around your reception. For example, hang lanterns and special photos. Or you can contrast nature and opulence by using trees to hang gorgeous chandeliers. It’s also a unique way to add indoor features to an outdoor wedding.

dramatic tree centerpieces
Photography: Lukas G
unique tree centerpieces
Photography: Bob & Dawn Davis

11. Oversized Centerpieces

Another way to create a truly impactful centerpiece is by using large and dramatic trees. Trees represent fortitude, durability, and stability. So this symbolism is a wonderful presence to have on your special day.

oversize tree centerpieces
Photography: Dennis Kwan
dramatic wedding centerpieces
Photography: 515 Photo Co.

12. Fall Inspired

More and more brides are choosing fall as the perfect time of year for their special day. If you’re planning a magical fall wedding, why not use trees to embrace this season? Highlight the gorgeous range of copper, red, yellow, and orange tones and include rustic details in your tree decor.

tree centerpieces
Photography: Mango Studios
Photography: Chenin Boutwell

Make your big day feel extra special by adding touches of nature with tree centerpieces. For more decoration inspiration head over to WedBoard. You’ll find ideas for all aspects of your wedding including 14 Romantic Ideas For Wedding Chandeliers, 23 Beautiful Rose Gold Wedding Decor Ideas, and 34 Stunning Ideas For A Rustic Theme Wedding.

Featured image: Camilla Andrea

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