12 Wedding Cake Ideas to Get You Inspired

Are you trying to find inspiration for the best wedding cake ideas? Look no further! A cake has always been a staple part of any wedding, as it becomes one of the centerpieces for your reception. The cake you choose is also a way to show off your couple style. It’s so much more than just a dessert! But with so many different styles, it can easily become overwhelming. After all, you want to make sure that one of the sweetest moments of your day is enjoyed by everyone. Each year, bakers create new wedding cake ideas to inspire couples, and this year is no different. Although the wedding industry has gone through a couple of difficult years, cake designs in 2022 have become even more creative and elaborate.

Whether you’re going for classic and understated, or modern and glamorous, there are endless options to suit your style. We’ve narrowed down our favorite emerging and popular trends to give you a compilation of the most beautiful wedding cake ideas for 2022.

1. Naked Cakes

Naked cakes have been one of the most popular wedding cake ideas for rustic weddings recently. But this show-stopping style is beautiful for any setting, and this year, it’s going to demonstrate its elegant versatility. We’ll see new glow-up versions emerging with modern additions. One example will be metallic drips to combine effortless chic. Another is using dark sponge for a more moody and autumn/winter inspired cake style, or even going the opposite way for a brighter look with color sponge. The options are endless!

naked wedding cake
Photography: Selina Kunkel Photography | Design & Florals: Ulala Decor | Cake: Alicia’s Bunte Tortenwelt
naked winter wedding cake
Photography: Francis Carlisle Photography | Styling: Fairly Vintage | Cake: Cakes by Yolk
metallic naked cake
Photography: Cody and Allison
colorful sponge naked cake
Photography: Terralogical Photography | Cake: Ixora Cakes | Design & Planning: Hitch’d Bali

2. Individual Cakes

A new wedding cake idea that started in 2021 and will continue into 2022 is having individual cakes for each guest. Instead of one large centerpiece, each guest can enjoy their own mini version. It even makes for a cute photo op for your friends and family!

individual cake idea
Photography: Jeremy Wong Weddings
Photography: Jen Huang | Cake: Cake by Nicole

3. Separated Tiers

If you’re looking for a decadent wedding cake idea, then cakes with separated tiers is the way to go! Although we’ve already seen tiered cakes around for years and years, in 2022 it’s another style that’s going to re-brand itself. This year we’ll be seeing tiers separated by acrylic squares, or elevated to give the illusion of floating tiers. You could even fill in the spaces with your wedding flowers or fresh fruit. This striking idea will be sure to grab your guest’s attention! It’s the perfect option for any theme, especially if you want an impressive modern twist.

unique wedding decor
Photography: Zaki Charles

4. Pressed Florals

A popular wedding cake idea recently has been adding pressed flowers as delicate details. This inspiration is perfect for a range of styles such as rustic weddings bohemian weddings, backyard weddings, and whimsical themes. It also works well with traditional themes that want a minimal yet pretty design. Or you can also adapt the flowers to your seasonal theme. You can place the pressed flowers against a buttercream or fondant cake, for a beautifully simple touch. The best part is the versatility of this style, as you can choose any colour and flower you like. You can even try trendy dried flowers. This is an ideal option if you’re looking to keep things sustainable too!

pressed flower wedding cake idea
Photography: Serenity Pictures | Cake: Blushing Cook

5. Hoop Stands

One of the most beautiful wedding cake ideas is using a hoop stand. This design has been popping across weddings recently as the new stand-out centrepiece. You can be as creative as you like with the shape, size and decoration. Most styles are circular, but you could go for a hexagon for a one-of-a-kind cake. It can help to add emphasis to smaller cakes, or even make bold cakes extra dramatic. The hoop can be made of metal for a modern minimalist feel, or wooden to complement a rustic themed wedding.

6. Bold Cakes

Couples who want to push the boat out and make a statement will love this style. Bold cakes evoke allure, fun and entertainment, which is synonymous with a glamorous wedding. If you’re excited to throw an eye-catching reception, then this will definitely set the tone. When it comes to bold, this doesn’t just involve the colors but also the size. Choose as many tiers and dramatic accents as you like to really amaze your guests. With this wedding cake idea, there truly are no limits!

Photography: Danielle Wong Photography | Design & Styling: Taffette Designs | Cake: Cakes in a Box
bold wedding cake
Photography: Natasha Hurley | Cake: Blossom and Crumb
bold wedding cake
Photography: Lauren Cate | Cake: Sweet and Saucy Shop

7. Artwork Cakes

Make a spectacular statement with a sculpture cake! As wedding cakes become more and more creative, bakers are taking inspiration from art masterpieces. Couples are beginning to choose professionals who design stunning sculptural cakes that belong in an art gallery. You almost don’t want to eat them! You can manipulate the design to make it as abstract and unique or as minimal as you like. It’s a perfect idea for couples who want to surprise their guests.

Photography: Blair Heagerty | Cake: Jasmine Rae Cakes
Photography: Megan Kelly Weddings | Cake: Marina Machado Cakes

8. Wafer Paper

A beautiful wedding cake idea that is being gaining popularity, is the use of wafer paper. This exquisitely delicate artistry makes your wedding cake charming, elegant and extraordinary. You can really play with how extravagant or minimal you want your design, by adding abstract details or soft textures. This idea works with any theme to add a trendy touch to your special day.

Cake: Hey There Cupcake

9. Cake Top Forward

If you really want to take 2022 by storm, try a completely new vision for your wedding cake with a cake top forward style! It’s literally a cake flipped over into a moon shape. You can add as many details as you like to incorporate your theme onto the cake. The design can adapt to any wedding theme to add a distinctly unique touch. Your guests will definitely be charmed by this chic and unique wedding cake idea. They won’t be able to take their eyes off it!

10. Mix Up Shapes

Another huge trend for 2022 will be introducing geometric shapes. This fun wedding cake idea is for brave couples who want to break the mould! If you’re not going for a traditional theme and you want something different, then this wedding cake idea is for you. Any shape goes! You can stick to one shape throughout, or even mix and match.

alternative cake idea
Photography: Love Anneliese | Cake: Bonnie Vie Specialty
alternative wedding cake
Photography: City Savvy Imaging | Cake: ECGB Cake Studio

11. Black Cakes

Recently, black has been emerging as one of the ‘it’ colors for weddings. It seems quite the contrast to the bright and traditionally white, cream and opal tones. But this clean and modern color is adding a fresh twist to 2022 to weddings, and that includes cakes too! This can make a simple statement, that is subtle yet surprising. It’s also a great way to show off your daring personality!

wedding trends 2022
Photography: Kim Jay Weddings | Cake: Schur to Please
black wedding cake
Photography: Steph Masat | Cake: Made by Lia
black cake
Photography: Wild Heart Co | Cake: Rachel Bakes

12. Alternative Desserts

Ultimately, your wedding is all about you! So don’t be afraid to really break the rules, and go for a different type of dessert. More and more couples are scrapping the traditional wedding cake and opting for alternatives such as personalised cookies, macaron towers, and donut centrepieces. These grab-and-go dessert options are perfect if your guests want to stay on their feet and dance the night away! You can even create pre-packed dessert boxes for your guests to take home. It’s the perfect wedding cake idea for couples who aren’t big cake fans.

Photography: Salt Media
Photography: Alicia Wiley Photography | Cupcake Tower: Flavor Cupcakes

After all these beautiful wedding cake ideas, you’ll no doubt be excited to start designing your own cake for your special day. For more wedding inspiration and trends for this year, check out the Stunning Wedding Cake Trends for your wedding day and The Prettiest Wedding Color Palettes for 2022. You’ll find essential tips and helpful guides for all of your wedding needs over at WedBoard.

Featured image: Manuel Adamasky Photography

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