13 Stunning Baby’s Breath Wedding Ideas

Are you looking for baby’s breath wedding decor inspiration? Then look no further! We’ve compiled a list of stunning options for your special day.

Baby’s breath, also called Gypsophila, is considered to be a symbol of luck, prosperity, and happiness. So it’s no surprise that the baby’s breath trend continues to be so popular amongst so many modern brides. The long-lasting flower is often used for bouquets, hair pieces, table centerpieces, backdrops, ceremony arches, and flower arrangements to create a magnificent ambiance. In fact, the versatility of this bloom makes it perfect for any type of wedding from minimal to extravagant.

Keep reading below to find inspiration for your baby’s breath wedding decor. Whether you’re going for rustic and effortless, or opulent and luxurious, there’s definitely an idea to suit you!

1. Pops Of Color

The beauty of baby’s breath is that it can complement other florals and decor elements perfectly. So, if you want to add vibrancy to your special day, use colored baby’s breath to make a stunning statement. This is particularly ideal for spring and summer when you can make the most of bright and bold tones such as pink, red, orange, and purple.

colorful baby's breath
Photography: : Avistoria | Florals: State & Arrow | Design & Styling: Maddox & Rose | Models: Hannah Black and Aaron Medley |
colorful baby's breath
Photography: Bethany Small
Photography: Roman Ivanov | Planning: Ajur Wedding | Florals: Latte Decor

2. Ceremony Aisle with Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath can serve as a stunning backdrop for you and your bridal party as you walk down the aisle. You can use it to cover the entire length of the walkway or just section off one area for a dramatic effect. If you want minimal decor elements, you can also use small springs of baby’s breath on chairs and pews.

baby's breath wedding decor
Photography: Dos Santas
baby's breath aisle decor
Photography: Megan Robinson | Planning: BTS | Florals: 1209 Creative
ceremony aisle decor
Photography: J Lucas Reyes

3. Baby’s Breath Table Runner

The delicate flower can be used in many ways for your wedding. One of the most popular and striking choices is as a table runner. You can use it by itself, or add texture and depth with roses and other dried flowers for an even more romantic effect.

baby's breath wedding table runner
Photography: Erika Delgado Photography
Baby's breath wedding table runner
Florals: Privet Flowers | Planning: Shifra Steele Events
baby's breath table runner
Photography: Tali

4. Hanging Floral Clouds

Baby’s breath looks gorgeous when arranged into floral chandeliers that hang over dance floors, dining tables, or anywhere else you want to add some sparkle to. If they’re placed high enough above guests’ heads, they’ll even create a fairy-tale feel that’s perfect for a wedding any time of year.

baby's breath wedding decor
Photography: Teneil Kable
baby's breath wedding ideas
Photography: Allan Zepeda
Photography: Kat Mervyn | Florals: The Rosehip and Berry
baby's breath hanging decor
Photography: Ashley Wallace

5. Ceremony Arch Statement

If you’re looking for ways to use baby’s breath wedding decor to create an eye-catching installation, then using it as a backdrop as you say your vows is a stunning option. The cloud-like element mixes modernity and elegance beautifully. It’s also the perfect arch idea for a bride who wants to impress their guests with an opulent statement.

Baby's breath ceremony arch
Photography: Romana Lilic | Venue: Rancho Shibumi | Design & Planning: Event Design by Marianna Idirin | Florals: Pina 
baby's breath wedding decor ideas
Photography: Shumanev
baby's breath ceremony arch
Photography: Bailey Ann Original

6. Baby’s Breath Centerpieces

The delicate flowers will give your wedding day a romantic feel to your table and work perfectly in unison with the rest of the decor. You can fill tall vases, and other containers in different sizes with baby’s breath to draw attention to your tables and create an impressive display.

baby's breath centerpiece
Photography: Jeremy Ferrero
baby's breath centerpiece
Photography: Stephanie Hogue
wedding centerpiece
Photography: Teri B

7. Reception Signs

Make the signs around your venue pop with baby’s breath. The light, airy, and neutral aesthetic is a gorgeous way to make your reception signs stand out without being too overpowering.

wedding signs
Photography: Shannon Moffit
baby's breath welcome sign
Photography: Maria Grace

8. Seating Chart

Baby’s breath is a great way to add a playful touch to your seating chart without having too much going on at once, especially if you’re working with a limited budget! However, if you do want a more luxurious feel, you can create an oversize display mixed with other flowers like roses or peonies.

wedding seating chart
Photography: Jacqui Cole
wedding seating chart
Photography: Carmen Lopez

9. Baby’s Breath & Candles

This warm and welcoming duo is a perfect match for creating a beautiful and romantic ambiance. The simplicity of this combination adds a romantic feel to the day while keeping things minimal. And If you want an even more maximal aesthetic, you can mix up candles with different heights and sizes to add depth.

wedding decor ideas
Photography: Natalie Bray
baby's breath wedding decor
Photography: Tida Svy

10. Jar Decorations

If you’re going for a rustic or bohemian theme, add a unique touch with jar decorations. These can be used across your ceremony and reception. For example, add a few springs to bottles or jars to line your ceremony aisle, or place mason jars on top of tree stumps with baby’s breath for your centerpieces.

baby's breath wedding decor
Photography: Studio Something
wedding ceremony decor
Photography: Sunglow

11. Hairpieces

If you’re looking for a subtle way to include this trend into your own style, then wearing baby’s breath in your hair is ideal for rustic or boho bride. It adds a whimsical and ethereal feel to your bridal look. You can also make it simple with a few loose pieces intertwined with curls, or more extravagant with a creative flower crown.

baby's breath bridal hair
Photography: Alicia Sessler
bridal hairstyles
Photography: Flora & Grace
flower bridal hair
Photography: Katherine Dalton

12. Wedding Cake

Another great way to use baby’s breath is as an accent piece on the top of or around your cake. It’s a cute and unexpected touch to add to your wedding cake during your reception. The flower looks stunning and elegant by itself or paired with other floral cake toppers.

wedding cake
Photography: Karin Maria
wedding cake decor
Photography: Kristopher Lindsay

13. Baby’s Breath Bridal Bouquet

Baby’s breath is an all-time favorite for bridal bouquets. It’s a beautiful way to accessorize your look, and its neutral tone means that it works with any color you choose for your bridesmaid dresses. If you want something more elaborate, try using baby’s breath in combination with other flowers like roses and carnations. Or to continue the neutral theme, try including greenery or dried flowers.

baby's breath wedding decor
Photography: Vivo
baby's breath wedding decor
Photography: Rachwal
baby's breath bouquet
Photography: Sarah Falugo

Ensure that the vision for your special day comes to life with these stunning baby’s breath wedding decor ideas. For more inspiration, head to WedBoard. You’ll find more ideas for floral decorations and advice for every aspect of planning, such as 30 Gorgeous Fall Wedding Bouquets, 16 Unique Floral Installations For Your Wedding Day, and 15 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For Every Style.

Featured image: Eric Kelley

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