14 Stunning Spring Wedding Bouquet Ideas

A new season is just around the corner, along with beautiful spring wedding bouquet inspiration. If you’re planning your nuptials for this coming season, then you’ll have the best pick of the freshest flowers in the prettiest colors. There are so many stunning seasonal blooms this time of year that you’ll be spoilt for choice. From hyacinths and sweet peas to tulips and daffodils, there’s a beautiful mix of delicate petals, fragrant tones and gorgeous colors. You can choose traditional and vintage style bouquets or more contemporary and trendy arrangements.

As you walk down the aisle, one of the key accessories will be your wedding bouquet, so you’ll want to find one that suits you perfectly. Keep reading for our selection of the most beautiful spring wedding bouquet ideas.

1. Sunshine Bouquet

This beautiful spring wedding bouquet replicates the bright spring months with a mix of whites and vibrant pastel yellow tones. It’s perfect for both spring and summer weddings. For instance, you can add a mix of wild daisies for a rustic contrast against soft peonies.

Photography: Sally Pinera | Floral Design: Lavenders Flowers | Event Styling: Flowerswild
sunshine bouquet
Photography: Memory Box
rustic bouquet
Photography: Olivia James

2. Bold Pink Bouquet

If you’re looking for a vibrant bouquet, this is a stunning inspiration for your spring wedding. Choose bold pinks, fuchsia tones and bubblegum pink to highlight the radiance of the season. Also add in blush pink flowers for a dynamic mix, or for a more toned down bouquet.

Photography: Amy Mudler

3. White and Cream Bouquet

For a minimal spring wedding, a white and cream bouquet is one of the best options. It replicates the freshness of the season while maintaining subtle colors and flowers. So, you can choose elegant white roses and peonies, as well as pear blossoms and eucalyptus for a truly natural style. This also matches with a garden wedding for a freshly-plucked feel.

Photography: Rebecca Kerr | Florals: Sassflower
Photography: Janneke Storm | Florals: Willow Bud Wedding Flowers | Styling: Splash Events

4. Overflowing Flowers

If you want to make a statement, then this is the perfect option for a spring wedding bouquet. As you walk down the aisle, all eyes will be on your dress and flowers, so why not add some glamour! Try out oversized blooms too for a truly captivating bundle.

spring wedding bouquet
Photography: Jose Villa | Styling: Joy Proctor | Florals: Rose Story Farms and Florabundance
overflowing wedding bouquet
Photography: Jemma Keech | Florist: Riverdale Farm Albany

5. Vintage Bouquet

A vintage style spring bouquet is the perfect addition to a whimsical wedding. The fairy tale style gives a beautifully romantic air to your special day, so focus on the petals and a selection of beautifully tainted colors for that old-fashioned feel.

Photography: Brian D Smith Photography | Florals: Laurel Creek Florals
vintage bouquet
Photography: Lauren Fair | Florist: Gavita Flora

6. Neutral Bouquet

This timeless design is perfect for any wedding theme. You can make it as extravagant or minimal as you like by switching up the type of floral. For instance, stick to beige tones, creams, caramels and soft grey hues for a floral design that will never go out of style.

Photography: Ivy Road Photography | Florals: Florals & Co.
spring wedding bouquet
Photography: Jenny Haas | Design & Planning: Lacy Geary | Floral Design: Nature Composed

7. Lilac and Purple Bouquet

Lavender and soft purple tones are beautiful options for a spring wedding bouquet. These shades contrast perfectly with yellows for a dramatic design. You can also combine a mix of lavender, tulips and baby’s breath for a subtle yet enchanting whimsical bouquet.

Photography: Julie Paisley Photography | Florals: Janna Brown Design Company
Photography: Elizabeth Messina | Florals: Bows and Arrows Flowers | Styling: Joy Proctor

8. Pastel and Blush Pink Bouquet

Pretty pastels are a staple for this season of new beginnings, so they make for a perfect spring wedding bouquet idea. The romantic essence of these charming tones creates a beautiful bundle. In addition, pastel pinks work with any wedding theme, from a traditional style incorporating roses and peonies, or to a more bohemian theme by mixing in ferns and vines.

Photography: Ellen Ashton | Florals: Navafloral
Photography: Lauren Peele | Planning: Lindsey Brunk | Floral Design: The Southern Table
pretty pink florals
Photography: Molly Carr

9. Dried Flowers Bouquet

Add extra texture to your spring wedding bouquet with pampas grass. This trendy plant has become more and more popular for wedding decor, so why not add it into your bouquet! It gives off an edgy, bohemian vibe to your nuptials. Best part? You can even find them in different colors, such as white and pink, to compliment your arrangement!

pampas grass bouquet
Photography: Darin Limsuansub | Florist: IAMFlOWER
dried wedding bouquet
Photography: Hipster Wedding
dried wedding flowers
Photography: Alice AHN | Floral design: Designs by Hemmingway

10. Peachy Hues

Peachy hues combine to make one of the most beautiful spring wedding bouquets. Mix peach and pink for the ultimate color duo. You can choose vibrant peach tones or softer ones depending on whether you want them to stand out or blend into your wedding theme.

peach wedding bouquet
Photography: Lucy Munoz Photography | Florals: Siren Floral Co
peachy bouquet
Photography: Lauren Gabrielle | Florist: Molly Taylor and co.
spring wedding bouquet
Photography: D’Arcy Benincosa Photography | Florals: Tulipina – Kiana Underwood | Event Styling: Emily Jones

11. Minimal Bouquets

A minimal spring wedding bouquet is a great choice for brides who aren’t overly worried about having a bouquet but do want the accessory to compliment their dress and decor. For instance, you can create this understated style by using fewer colors, opting for more leaves or choosing just one style of flower.

minimal wedding bouquet
Photography: Jonny Scott Photography | Design & Planning: Hari Indah | Florals: Flora Botanica Designs

12. Unique Flowers

Let your bouquet do the talking as you walk down the aisle with a unique spring wedding bouquet. This could be a different set of flowers or an extra special arrangement that will surprise your guests. For example, you could try playing with greenery for an unexpected touch. Spring is the perfect season to play around with different variations of blooms and leaves!

Photography: Lauren Peele Photography
Photography: Schyne Photography | Florals: Martin Roberts Design

13. Warm Tones

As spring makes its entrance, not only do we have an array of new blooms but also longer days and beautiful sunsets. So a warm golden toned bouquet is a gorgeous symbol of those spring and summer evenings.

Photography & Styling: Meaghan Brianne Photo | Florals: LoveStruck Blooms
Photography: Katrina Kim

14. Pops of Blue

If you prefer to stay away from too many pinks, try adding in pops of blue to your spring wedding bouquet. You can opt for soft pastel blues or periwinkle to compliment the season.

Photography: Pahountis Photography | Design & Styling: RockPaperScissors
spring wedding bouquet
Photography: Michelle Roller | Florist: Eden Floral
soft blue bouquet
Photography: Fuller Photography

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out more Beautiful Wedding Bouquets and Styles or if you’re starting to explore ways to style up your wedding reception, you can get inspired with our 15 Stunning Wedding Tablescapes for Every Style. In the meanwhile, if you’re considering a destination wedding, then head to WedBoard to start connecting with your favorite wedding venues and vendors in Italy.

Featured image: Blaise Flowers

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