18 Beautiful Summer Wedding Bouquets

If you’ll be saying ‘I do’ during the sunshine-filled season, then check out the below roundup of the most beautiful summer wedding bouquets. From vibrant and cascading to soft and simple… During this time of year, you’ll have some of the best options for stunning blooms. So there are plenty of versatile bouquet styles depending on your wedding theme and color palette that will definitely wow your guests!

Keep reading below to find inspiration for your beautiful summer wedding bouquets.

1. Peaches & Cream

This fresh color combo is a gorgeous nod to a popular summer dessert. It emulates romance, innocence, and delicacy. The soft tones work with any wedding style and don’t overpower other colors you might be using for your decor.

peaches and cream wedding bouquet
Photography: Belle and Beau | Florals: The Rose Shed

2. Crisp White

White is the go-to wedding color. It represents purity, and elegance and never goes out of style. Whether you’re going for a modern minimalist vibe or opulent and romantic, a crisp white bouquet can work for you. Include eye-catching summer flowers such as hydrangeas, lilies, peonies, freesias, and gardenias. And complement the bouquet with greenery for a natural contemporary touch.

summer wedding bouquets
Photography: Simply Sarah Photography | Design & Planning: Bellafare | Florals: Amy Osaba

3. Bright & Vibrant

Show off the season’s colors with a vibrant summer bouquet. Include pops of pink, orange, purple and red for a beautifully bright arrangement. You’re bound to catch your guests’ attention as you walk down the aisle! You can use bougainvillea, peonies, roses, and poppies for a colorful combination.

summer wedding bouquets
Photography: Lara Hotz Photography | Planning and Florals: Kashaya & Co

4. Green Bouquet

Summer isn’t just about beautiful blooms, you can also find gorgeous greenery bouquets. It’s perfect for brides who need a budget option or who aren’t as keen on flowers. And the best part is that you’ll have endless choices to bring the outdoors in and create an unexpected bouquet using lush greens. Use eucalyptus, fern, thistle, and add in succulents for an extra unique touch to this unique summer wedding bouquet.

summer wedding bouquets
Photography: Clean Plate Pictures

5. Sunshine Bouquet

Brighten up your big day with a sunshine-inspired bouquet. Nothing says summer like those warm rays shining down on your wedding. These yellow tones create a cheery and joyful aesthetic, which is ideal for this time of year. Go for a monochromatic arrangement using craspedia, daisies, sunflowers, and peonies to make a statement. Or mix in greenery and dried flowers for a more rustic feel.

yellow bridal bouquet
Photography: Whitney and Matsaya | Floral Designer: Da Fiori Design

6. Cascading Bouquet

Cascading bouquets are becoming more popular with brides, and it’s no surprise! This beautifully dramatic option is chic, whimsical, and gives a gorgeous undone aesthetic. It’s the perfect mix of relaxed and romantic.

cascading wedding bouquet
Photography: Jose Villa | Styling: Joy Proctor | Florals: Rose Story Farms and Florabundance

7. Roses & Peonies

Roses are a timelessly classic wedding flower. They’re known for their elegance all year round. But give them an elite summer twist by mixing in peonies too. Choose different shades of bright pink and soft blush tones to create a gorgeously charming summer bouquet.

roses and peonies wedding bouquet
Photography: Fig Tree Pictures

8. Rustic

Complement your rustic summer wedding with a dried flower bouquet. It’s a budget and low-maintenance option that is stunning for an end-of-summer celebration. Mix neutral tones and blush pinks for a gorgeously romantic arrangement.

rustic wedding bouquet
Photography: Kira Stein

9. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are one of the ultimate symbols of summer, so why not use them for your bouquet? They suit boho and whimsical weddings perfectly and work for brides who are looking for an undone and simple arrangement. Sunflowers are also the perfect choice for brides looking for a dramatic bouquet and can include a combination of cornflower, snapdragons, and scabiosa.

sunflower wedding bouquet
Photography: Anna Lee Media | Florals: Fern & Fawn | Planner: Komolmis Designs

10. Orchids

Orchids are another stunning option for summer wedding bouquets. You can find many different varieties and colors to suit your wedding style. They’re perfect for brides who want an opulent accessory to accompany them down the aisle.

summer wedding bouquets
Photography: Beck Rocchi

11. Ombre

If you’re looking to give your summer bouquet a trendy edge then an ombre bouquet is for you! This bold color design will definitely impress your guests. But make sure that your bouquet isn’t small as it needs to be large enough to truly show off this breathtaking effect.

Photography: Anna Peters Photography | Design & Planning: Simply by Tamara Nicole | Florals: Gather Design Company

12. Wildflowers

If you’re looking for a bouquet that matches your rustic or vintage theme, then a wildflower bouquet is for you. It’s a great way to incorporate a natural summer element, and have fun with texture. Some gorgeous wildflower options include sweetpeas, mountain daisies, baby’s breath, lavender, foxgloves, and cornflowers.

wildflower wedding bouquet
Photography: Wyldbee

13. Dahlias

Dahlias tend to bloom between May and October so they’re a perfect summer choice. The soft tones and intricate details add a tender touch to your bouquet. You can also make this arrangement even more stunning by pairing them with roses and greenery.

summer wedding bouquets
Photography: Lisa O’Dwyer

14. Cornflowers

This earthy flower adds an understated pop of color to summer wedding bouquets. It’s ideal for a whimsical or relaxed wedding. The most traditional color is blue, but you can also find pinks, maroons, and whites to match your wedding color palette.

cornflower bridal bouquet
Photography: Peter Hugo

15. Zinnia

Zinnias are a great option for brides that are organizing an end-of-summer wedding. This flower comes in a wide variety of colors from soft yellows to intense reds, and the best part is it’s affordable!

summer wedding bouquet
Photography: Cassidy Parker Smith

16. Soft Textures

Create a soft and ethereal summer wedding bouquet by mixing cosmos and peonies. These delicate flowers add a modern twist to a summer wedding with a subtle pop of color. Go for a neutral toned arrangement to complement any style of wedding.

summer wedding bouquets
Photography: Winsome + Wright

17. Citrus

Nothing says summer like some gorgeous citrus tones. Take inspiration from a Mediterranean destination with these bright tones. Inject color to your special day with bright yellows, and intense oranges.

Photography: Logan Cole | Florals: Of the Flowers

18. Tropical

Make a summer statement with a tropical wedding bouquet. It’s perfect for a tropical destination wedding to highlight an exotic or beach location. Make sure to incorporate striking blooms such as anthurium, anemones, orchids, and leafy greens.

tropical bridal bouquet
Photography: Terri Pashley

It’s no surprise that summer weddings are so popular, especially with the endless selection of stunning bouquets to choose from. If you need more inspiration for your summer wedding, head over to WedBoard. You’ll find everything from our favorite Beautiful Wedding Ideas for Summer and Stunning Summer Wedding Centerpieces to 10 Tips for the Perfect Summer Wedding Make Up.

Featured image: Karra Leigh Photo | Florals: Good Seed Floral | Design & Planning: Mae and Co Creative

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