20 Wedding Theme Ideas For Every Style

The question has been popped and you’ve started to think of what style and theme to choose for your big day. When it comes to wedding theme ideas, the sky is the limit! And with so many options out there, it can be difficult to pick the perfect theme that reflects your personality while also fitting your budget and style. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a selection of ideas to inspire your nuptials. So whether you’re looking for something classic and timeless, or colorful and eclectic, you’ll definitely find something for you.

From rustic charm to elegant luxury, here are some of our favorite wedding theme ideas to inspire your special day.

1. Secret Garden

A secret garden wedding theme is the perfect way to bring a touch of enchantment and whimsy to your nuptials. Imagine exchanging vows in a lush and intimate setting surrounded by fragrant blooms, towering trees, and sparkling water features. This theme is perfect for those who love the idea of a romantic, serene, and private outdoor ceremony. To bring this theme to life, consider incorporating elements such as lantern-lit paths, cascading flower arrangements, and intimate seating areas.

wedding theme ideas
Photography: Jen Huang Bogan
garden wedding decor
Photography: Le Velo |
secret garden reception decoration
Photography: The Edges | Planning: A Savvy Event | Rentals: Found Rental Co.

2. Romantic

When you’re thinking of wedding theme ideas for a romantic wedding, it’s all about creating a soft and intimate ambiance. You can do this with candlelight, roses, and soft hues as central elements. For example, one of the most popular color palettes for this wedding style is blush pink.

For the ultimate romantic vibe, also include string lights, delicate flower arrangements, and charming accents such as rose petals or love letters. You can even add touches of glitter, sparkling crystal, or shimmering fabrics for an extra effect. So whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor celebration, a romantic wedding theme is guaranteed to bring a touch of magic to your special day.

wedding theme ideas
Event Design and Photo: Sinclair and Moore and Rachel Parcell
romantic blush wedding
Photography: Leanne Peacock | Florist: Meadows and Mulberry | Stationery: Suzanne Oddy Design | Table Runner & Napkins: Mae Dae Weddings and Events
wedding theme ideas
Courtesy of: Show Me Your Mumu

3. Bright & Colorful

If you’re looking to add vibrancy, energy, and fun to your special day, then bright and colorful wedding theme ideas might be just what you’re looking for. Use cheerful flowers and lush greenery to create a blossoming and bright atmosphere. Make the most of your centerpieces, place settings, and installations to add fun pops of color that your guests will love. And if you want to go all out, you can even use brightly colored linens and fabrics to create a truly eye-catching look or add a splash of color to your wedding cake with brightly colored frosting.

bright wedding decoration
Photo: Hilary Shedd | Flowers: Elena Fiori | Planning & Design: CheChic Weddings
wedding theme ideas
Photography: Michelle Elyse Photography | Planning: Rising Fern Events 
colorful bridal bouquet
Photography: Rossella Putino | Flowers: Elena Fiori

4. Rustic Charm

A rustic theme is a stunning way to honor the natural beauty of the outdoors. Whether you’re planning a country-style wedding or an intimate gathering in the woods, there are a few things you can do to create the perfect rustic charm wedding. For instance, barns, vineyards, and outdoor parks are great choices for this style of nuptials. Incorporate natural elements into your décor to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Hang twinkling string lights, use burlap and lace, and include wildflowers for a touch of rustic elegance.

Photography and Planning: Pierra G Photography | Florals: Star and rose | Tabeltop Rentals: Beyond The Table
ceremony aisle decor
Photography: Soul Pics
rustic cake
Photography: A Stone

5. Classic & Formal

Classic and formal-style weddings are always popular and it’s no wonder why! Wedding theme ideas focus on beautiful and timeless details to give you and your guests an elegant experience. This includes traditional colors, such as black and white, cream and ivory, or navy and gold. You can also choose to use muted tones, such as pastels, patterns, or jewel tones for a creative twist. Try out classic ideas such as crystal chandeliers, traditional tiered cakes, beautiful calligraphy, gorgeous lanterns, and calla lilies or tulips.

Photography: Sophie Kaye Photography | Florals: Adam Leffel Productions 
classic wedding theme ideas
Photo: Kendra Elise | Flowers: Rust & Thistle
tulip bouquet
Photo: E&M Photography | Floral Design: WeDecor

6. Pretty Pastels

A pretty pastel wedding theme is one of the most popular choices for modern couples. It’s a stunning way to decorate your venue at any time of year, but especially during spring. Pastels can be used to create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere or a bright and bold statement. Choose a few pastel shades that complement each other for a soft and romantic feel, such as lavender, blush, mint, peach, light pink or light blue. You can also drape pastel-toned fabric over chairs, use pastel-colored flowers to decorate the altar, decorate the tables with pastel-colored linens, or even choose a cake in one of your pastel colors!

wedding theme ideas
Photography: Playful Soul | Event Planning & Design: Dee Lee Designs | Flowers: Shawna Yamamoto
pastel wedding cake
Photography: Dawn Derbyshire | Cake: Alex Robba
pastel bridesmaid dresses
Photography: Sandra Morlet
pastel chair decoration
Photography: Terralogical | Florals: IAMFLOWER

7. Eco-Friendly

An eco-friendly wedding is a conscious and responsible choice for couples who care about the environment. To make your wedding more sustainable, consider using locally sourced and organic food and flowers. Also, try to use recycled and biodegradable materials for decorations and table settings. Another idea is to leverage reusable decor elements that you and your guests can take home such as potted plants. And when it comes to favors, consider natural and organic items, such as handmade soap, seeds, and homemade treats.

wedding theme ideas
Photography: Nathan Westerfield | Floral Design: Wildflowers LLC | Planning & Design: Social Ambitions Events
eco-friendly wedding
Photography: Emily & Steve
homemade guest favors
Photography: 1985 Luke

8. Destination Wedding

A destination wedding theme allows you to bring the beauty of a foreign land to your special day. One way to create a true destination feel is to incorporate traditional or cultural elements that are specific to your chosen destination. You can also use local flowers, food and drinks, and entertainment or activities that are native to the area to add a unique touch. For example, citrus elements such as lemons for a wedding inspired by the Amalfi coast, or delicious cannoli for a Sicilian-themed wedding.

italian style wedding
Photography: Aurelia D’Amore
destination wedding
Photography: Ken Kienow Photography | Planning: The Ultimate Bride | Dessert: The Graceful Baker
greek wedding
Photo: Lifestories

9. Blissful Summer

If you’ve chosen a summer-themed wedding, it’s important to create an atmosphere that feels warm, vibrant, and full of life. To achieve this, use bright and bold colors such as yellow, orange, and pink. Include seasonal flowers, such as sunflowers and roses, or fresh fruit to add a pop of color and a touch of nature to your decor. Take advantage of the summer sun by hosting the ceremony and reception outside. Also, incorporate outdoor lighting options such as lanterns and string lights, to create a magical and romantic vibe in the evening.

summer wedding
Photo: Lena Mirisola | Planning: Contagious Events | Florals: Flou(-e)r
summer wedding cake
Photo: Helen Russell | Cake: That Cake

10. Immaculate White

A white-themed wedding is the epitome of timeless elegance and sophistication. This theme is all about creating a clean, crisp, and classic ambiance, with white being the dominant color. Consider adding elements such as white floral arrangements, white linens, white aisle runners, and white furniture. If you want to mix it up you can also include a few metallic accents like gold or silver, and elegant extras like crystal chandeliers.

white wedding place settings
Photography: Kathrin Krok | Design & Planning: Marie Alsleben | Florals: Shabby Chic Events
white reception decoration
Photography: Rebecca Yale Photography | Design & Planning: Simply by Tamara Nicole | Florals: Wild Bloom Floral

11. Tropical

A tropical-themed wedding is all about transporting your guests to an exotic and lush atmosphere. To set the tone, use tropical flowers and leaves such as hibiscus, orchids, and birds of paradise in your decor. Incorporate palm fronds, bamboo, and natural fibers to bring the tropical vibe to life. Choose a venue that can hint to a tropical vibe, such as a beachfront resort or garden. And use bright, bold colors like yellow, green, and pink to complement the lush greenery and bright blooms. Also, consider adding a tiki bar or a rum station to give guests a true taste of the tropics.

tropical wedding
Photography: Hunter Ryan | Planning & Design: Carrie Darling Events | Floral Design: Kaleidoscope Floral
tropical bridal bouquet
Photography: iFloyd Photography | Flowers: Ocean Dreamer
tropical wedding invitations
Photography: Finding Light Photography | Planning: Gina Marie Weddings & Events | Stationery: Nocturnal Press
tropical tablescape
Photography: Magdalena Studios | Planning & Venue: Akiin Beach Club | Flowers: Pentaflor Event & Flower Design

12. Bohemian

Planning a bohemian-themed wedding means focusing on earthy elements and a carefree, eclectic vibe. To create this free-spirited atmosphere, you can use natural details such as dried flowers, linen, and burlap in your decor. Incorporate vibrant and eclectic accents, such as dream catchers, macrame, and beaded curtains. Also consider using warm, earthy colors like burnt orange, deep red, and forest green to complement the natural elements or adding a vintage touch with retro furniture and patterned textiles.

boho wedding decor
Photography: Emily Battles | Planning: Sweet Magnolia Weddings | Floral Design: The Funky Shack
boho bridal hair
Photography: Ana Posadas Creative | Hairpiece: Papaver Flower Co. | Hair Stylist: Barb of the Pine Petaluma
boho bridesmaid dresses
Photo: Abby Rose | Wedding Dress Boutique: Norman’s Bridal | Bridesmaid Dresses: Pretty Lavish & Baltic Born

13. Countryside Kitsch

A countryside theme celebrates the natural beauty and simplicity of rural life. This theme typically incorporates organic elements, such as rustic wood, wildflowers, and vintage accents, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Use earthy colors including soft greens, beige, and muted blues and consider rural wedding locations, such as barns, farms, or open fields.

14. Modern Minimalist

A modern and minimal wedding theme is perfect for couples who want a sleek and effortless celebration. This theme is all about embracing clean lines, neutral colors, and simple yet stylish details. Include simple table settings, neutral colors, and industrial details. You can also add a touch of drama with modern lighting fixtures, bold geometric shapes, or unexpected accents like large-scale artwork or sculptural pieces. With its understated elegance, a modern and minimal wedding theme is a beautiful choice for couples who want a chic celebration that is all about simplicity and sophistication.

modern wedding decoration
Photography: Jo Bradbury | Venue: Blackfriars Priory | Planner & Stylist: Rebecca Marie Weddings | Textile Design and Fabric Installations: Mia Sylvia
minimal welcome sign
Photography: Kellie Jane Creative | Signage: Paper Cliché | Planning & Design: Weddings by Sabrina | Flowers: Still Carnations
minimal wedding decoration
Photography: Holly and Lime | Backdrop & Styling: This Old Home

15. Whimsical

A whimsical wedding theme is the epitome of playfulness, charm, and magic. Consider incorporating elements such as playful florals, whimsical lighting, and enchanting accents like paper lanterns, balloons, or fairy lights. This theme is ideal for couples that want to create a lighthearted, fun, and joyful atmosphere that is both charming and unforgettable.

wedding theme ideas
Photography: Lauren Sutton | Event Design: Jordan Weaver Events | Florals: Pia & Jade
whimsical bridal bouquet
Photo:graphy Kevin Chen
whimsical ceremony aisle
Photography: Lucy Cuneo

16. Fall-Inspired

A fall-inspired wedding captures the warm, cozy, and rich hues of the season. Some ways you can include nods to this time of year is by using rich colors such as golden hues, deep reds, and burnt orange, as well as natural elements like wood, leaves, and moss. You can also add touches of elegance with metallic accents like gold or copper, and rich fabrics like velvet or corduroy. A fall-inspired wedding is a beautiful choice for couples who want a warm and romantic celebration that’s inspired by the beauty of autumn.

fall bridal bouquet
Photo: Cassie Rosch | Event design: Root + Gather Events | Florals: Plume + Furrow 
fall tablescape
Photography: Demi Design

17. Quirky & Alternative

A quirky and alternative wedding theme is perfect for couples who want to create a celebration that is truly one-of-a-kind. Show off your individuality by incorporating unique and non-traditional elements into your special day. For example, bold colors, creative signage, geodes, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, or unconventional lighting. You can also go for fun and alternative wedding themes such as a festival and retro, or venues such as rooftops, museums, and adventure. This unconventional approach is an ideal way to incorporate your quirky personality that your family and friends will instantly recognize.

festival wedding
Photography: Elsa Campbell
wedding theme ideas
Photography: Elvira Kalviste | Planning: Elizabeth Hall Events | Florals: Whisper and Brook Flower Co
wedding theme ideas
Photography & Styling: Samantha Grigg Photography | Design & Planning: Studio Plaxco | Florals: Seeded Events & Design | Car: Charlotte the Figgy

18. Vintage

To capture a vintage theme wedding, consider incorporating elements such as vintage decor, classic florals, and elegant details like lace, pearls, and crystal. You can also add touches of glamour with vintage-inspired lighting fixtures. This theme is the perfect choice for couples who want a celebration that truly embodies old-world elegance and sophistication.

vintage wedding
Photography: JuMi Story | Stylist & Planner: Melissa Ortanez Events
wedding theme ideas
Photography: Let’s Frolic Together | Event Styling: Pow Wow Design | Planning: Weddings by Lisa Nicole 
wedding theme ideas
Photography: Amanda Lynn Photography | Florals: William’s Florist

19. Glamorous Luxury

If you’re planning a glamorous luxury wedding theme, focus on creating a grand and elegant atmosphere. Incorporate luxurious elements such as crystal chandeliers, plush velvet decor, and opulent flower arrangements. For this theme, the intricate details make all of the difference. You can also opt for an opulent venue, such as a ballroom or a historic mansion, to host the event and serve high-end cuisine and premium drinks to enhance the lavish experience for your guests.

luxury wedding ideas
Photo: Duke Images
glamorous reception decor
Photo: Mango Studios | Floral Design: D&D Floral Designs | Planning: Something Different Events

20. Winter Wonderland

A winter wonderland wedding theme is a magical and enchanting way to celebrate your nuptials. To create the ambiance, incorporate winter elements such as snowflakes, icicles, and twinkling lights and choose a venue with a natural winter setting. For example, a ski lodge or a scenic winter landscape work perfectly for this type of theme. Also, include winter vibes in your reception with hot beverages and warm comfort food to keep your guests comfortable during the event. Or add a touch of whimsy with a hot cocoa bar and s’mores station to finish off the evening.

winter wedding tablescape
Photography: Simply Love
winter wedding
Photography: Annamarie Akins

No matter what style you’re consider, there are countless wedding theme ideas that will match your unique vision beautifully. In the meanwhile, head to WedBoard for tips and advice on how to plan your destination wedding. You’ll find stunning wedding venues across Italy to choose from and talented vendors to connect with for your destination wedding. Also, find more inspiration for your special day including, 20 Romantic Winter Wedding Ideas, 13 Beautiful Peach Wedding Theme Ideas, and 34 Stunning Ideas for a Rustic Theme Wedding.

Featured image: Alexa Poppe

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