24 Unique Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

When planning your wedding reception entertainment, you want to make sure that you have something that is unique and memorable. So we’ve put together a list of ideas to inspire your big day and keep your guests talking for weeks after the special day. Your wedding reception is not only about food and drinks but also about making sure your guests have the best time at your wedding. So you’ll need to consider the right entertainment.

If you want fun alternative entertainment you could think big and ‘wow’ your guests with circus performers, fire dancers, and fairground rides. Or align with an elegant and sleek wedding theme and opt for mixologists, live painters, or garden games. You could even find a way to incorporate a favorite hobby or interest into your wedding reception.

Make your special day truly unforgettable with these unique wedding reception entertainment ideas that are sure to impress your guests!

1. Mixologist

A cocktail bar is a classic wedding reception feature that you can incorporate into any wedding theme. But you can add a unique flair by hiring a mixologist to teach your guests how to make signature cocktails and provide special insider secrets. Depending on the size of your wedding, you can offer this in different-sized groups throughout the night. Your guests will love to create their favorite drink to dance the night away.

2. Giant Vintage Games

Add some nostalgia to your nuptials with giant family favorite games. For example, giant Jenga, chess, or Connect 4. Set these up around a lounge area for guests that are too shy to show off their dance moves, or for older guests and children to enjoy.

3. Spin The Wheel

Keep your guests entertained with this classic idea. You can find plenty of rustic-style ready-made wheels, or have a go at making your own! Put different dares or activities on each slice and watch how your guests get to know each other and have fun all night long.

4. Treasure Hunt

This is another unique way for your guests to have a good time throughout the evening. Give your guests a list of items they have to tick off, such as ‘find the word love hidden around the venue’, or ‘find someone wearing something blue’. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen can help by providing clues. Don’t forget to prepare a prize for the winner!

5. Photo Booth

A photo booth is always a hit at any wedding reception. Your guests will get some great memories from their time spent creating fun photos with friends and family. Leave lots of different themed props for some funny selfies. You can even try out a unique photo booth such as a 360 booth, vintage vans, a slow-motion booth, or a green screen booth. Another option is to make a DIY version with a backdrop or fun cut-out frame.

6. Live Painter

Capture special moments during your reception with a live painter. This idea is perfect for a formal or elegant celebration. Everyone can also have the chance to take home beautiful pieces of artwork.

7. Dancing Lessons

Having dancing lessons at your reception is another great way to get everyone involved and have fun together. This is especially true if you’re having an all-inclusive event where everyone will be staying overnight at a hotel or resort where they can continue dancing until late into the night!

8. Karaoke

Everyone loves karaoke! If you’re looking for something amusing that everyone can participate in together, this is an option that will provide plenty of laughter. You don’t have to worry about finding singers either, it’s definitely not about talent.

9. Impersonator

Do you have a favorite singer or actor that all your guests know you love? Then invite them (sort of) to your wedding by hiring an impersonator! Whether it’s Elvis, Aretha Franklin, or Beyonce, a tribute artist is a great way to provide fun for any age. Your guests are bound to enjoy singing along to their iconic songs.

10. Fireworks Display

End the night with a showstopping fireworks display. There are plenty of professionals that can prepare this spectacular entertainment idea for you. Everyone will love the photo opportunity too! The best part is that they work for all types of celebrations from small and intimate to large and extravagant. Add in some of your favorite songs to make the most extra special.

11. Bouncy Castle

This idea is perfect for a summer wedding. Although a bouncy castle is associated with kids, you can bet the adults will have fun too! It’s also a great excuse to take some comical and lively photos.

12. Magician

Get your guests’ minds working with some magic tricks. You can keep things casual by having your magician perform their skills on different groups around your venue.

13. Prosecco Pong

Level up the traditional beer pong and choose prosecco pong to entertain your guests. The same rules apply, but you’ll give your entertainment a sophisticated twist. It’s also a budget-friendly option to set up!

14. Psychic

If you and your partner love to engage with the supernatural side of life, then why not give your guests an introduction to your special interest? Hire a psychic to provide tarot card readings, crystal ball readings, and more. This is a great way to add a touch of fun and curiosity to your celebration. Your guests will be talking about their readings all night!

15. Caricaturist

Give your guests a totally unique keepsake from your special day with a caricature. Hire an expert to inject some playfulness into your evening entertainment. This is ideal for a casual event where you want to let loose and have fun.

16. Wine Tasting

One way to keep your guests entertained during a destination wedding is with wine tasting. This is perfect if you’re hosting your special day in Spain, France, or Italy where you can make the most of local wineries. Your guests are sure to enjoy learning new facts about these foreign wines, flavours, and processes.

17. Table Games

This is a great wedding entertainment idea for your guests to break the ice and get to know each other. Place a few games around your table depending on the size of your wedding. For example, cards with conversation starters, dares, questions, and trivia. You could even DIY these games if you have a tight budget.

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18. Petting Zoo

If you’re planning an outdoor farmhouse or garden-style wedding then this unique wedding reception entertainment idea is for you. It’s a charming way for all ages to enjoy your celebration, especially if you have a lot of younger guests.

19. Casino Tables

Transport your guests to Sin City by putting casino tables around your venue. This is ideal for a formal and elegant celebration. There are lots of companies that provide tables and croupiers for your wedding reception entertainment. Prepare some prizes for your guests too!

20. Synchronized Swimmers

This idea perfectly suits a destination wedding venue that includes a pool. Hire talented performers to carry out amazing choreography that your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off.

21. Silent Disco

Keep the party going even if you have a noise curfew with a silent disco. Your guests can dance along to their favorite hits while wearing headphones. They can even go beyond the dancefloor and still enjoy the music playing.

22. Fairground Rides

If you want to go all out with your unique entertainment hire fairground rides. You will need a big venue, but it’s definitely something your guests will have rarely seen at other celebrations. Include favorites such as dodgems, a Ferris wheel, and a carousel. Your guests won’t want to leave!

23. Fire Dancers

Add some striking drama to your reception with fire dancers. These exciting performers are bound to make a unique impact on your special day with their extraordinary tricks. They’re perfect for a fall or winter wedding when night falls earlier. Your guests will be talking about the marvelous and unforgettable experience for years to come.

24. Circus Performers

Bring a ‘Cirque du Soleil’ vibe to your day with circus performers. ‘Wow’ your guests with aerial performers, acrobats, stilt walkers, jugglers, tightwire dancers, and more.

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Get creative and opt for less conventional acts for your big day with these unique wedding reception ideas. For more wedding advice head over to WedBoard. You’ll find tips and inspiration for every aspect of your planning including, 20 Romantic Winter Wedding Ideas, How To Plan A Micro Wedding, and How To Plan The Perfect Wedding After-Party.

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