7 Italy-Inspired Wedding Ideas to Make Your Wedding Extra Italian

You’ve decided that Italy is where you’re going to say your I DOs!! 

Now you’re researching mood boards, themes, and ideas to make sure you have the Italian wedding of your dreams. But how can you take your Italian wedding theme to the next level? Well, the answer is in all the additional touches that will make your destination wedding in Italy extra Italian. Rest assured, there will be no Italian cliches here we promise!
Your guests will also appreciate every effort you’ve made to help them have a memorable experience – one that will make their trip even more worthwhile!

Below we’ve curated a mix of subtle details, traditional touches, and out-of-the-box ideas to inspire you in planning a memorable wedding in Italy!

1- Customized Wedding Stationery that reflects your wedding’s mood :

Your Save the Date, official invites, place cards, seating charts, and menus will help you set the tone. And the beauty of having a wedding in Italy is the endless sources of inspiration that are available all around you!
You can go for designs that are inspired by the region, venue, or area you will be celebrating in and that reflect the beauty of the destination.
Think colorful prints if you’re having your wedding in Sicily, greenery, and lemons if you’re opting for a wedding on the Amalfi Coast, or natural rustic-style stationary if your wedding is in the Tuscan vineyards…

Italy Wedding Stationery

Photo courtesy of My Wedding Paper

Photos courtesy of Auca Design

Wedding Stationery with an Italian Theme - WHite, blue and pink with green leaves

Photos courtesy of Officina Dei Matrimoni

2- Italian-inspired wedding decoration and table setup:

A splendid & diverse nature, a unique architectural wealth, historic venues, local produce… Italy’s beauty can be found everywhere.
And your wedding should totally convey this richness by incorporating elements from the region’s traditions, nature, and offerings. Beware it will be so hard to decide which way to go, as they are all SO gorgeous, romantic, elegant, and yet fun!
Consider long banquet tables for an Italian family gathering feel. Incorporate elements of nature like vines and grape leaves if you are in Tuscany, Lemons if you are in Amalfi… Foliage, lush green garlands will elegantly complement your table setup.
And don’t forget wedding favors that can also make a beautiful additional decor item to your table, like miniature olive oil bottles, soaps…

Long Vanquet teable setup in a wedding in Italy
Gold plate and lush green foliage for an Italian Wedding Table setup

Photos courtesy of La Dolce Vita Events

Italian themed wedding table with small olive oil bottles favors
OLive OIl Wedding favors and table setup for a Wedding in Italy

Photos courtesy of Agricola Belpoggio

3- A captivating traditional Wedding Cake (or dessert)

We know you’ve been closely following the latest wedding cake trends and are looking forward to having one of your own. But why not go down the traditional Italian route that will be no less exceptional?  A few equally delicious options:
–  Millefoglie: literally a “thousand layers,” with cream and berries that can be assembled right in front of you and your guests, making the experience a hundred times more memorable and special!
– Cannoli Tower: a cannoli by itself is a reason enough to drool, just imagine them stacked up into a perfect Italian wedding dessert?
– Gelato Cart: yes, you read well, fresh gelato served straight from a gelato cart by an Italian professional. Memorable for everyone! 

Italian Wedding Cake - Cannoli tower with flowers
Traditional Italian Wedding Cae

Cannoli tower via Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Hey Wedding Lady 

Limoncello Cart in an Wedding in Italy

Photo courtesy of Alex Paul

4- The classical, traditional, and ever so pretty “Bomboniera”:

Aside from the usual olive oil, biscotti bags, lemons, and small spirit bottles to name a few, there is an Italian wedding favor that will always remain a favorite: The Bomboniera.
These sugar-coated almonds come in different colors and flavors and are given to guests in small fabric bags as a thank you gift. Make sure to always gift an odd number of these “confetti” as the tradition instructs. Indeed, this small bag represents the marriage union that shall remain undivided.

Photo courtesy of Telatrovoio

Italian style wedding favor - Bomboniere - White and simple

Photo via Etsy

Photo courtesy of Ricameria Marco Polo

5- Italian style bar with a twist:

Yes, everyone knows about Limoncello & Prosecco and Italian wine. So how about incorporating these classics and must-haves for a real Italian wedding experience, in a modern surprising display? Just have a look at this prosecco bar for inspiration or these limoncello shots. Tempting. We know.

Prosecco wall decor for a wedding in Italy

Photo courtesy of Amy Arrington Photography

Prosecco Cart

Photo courtesy of Bubble Bar

Flute Champagne Wall

6- After-party Italian food cravings:

Heels are off, the atmosphere is beyond festive…While the party is still going strong, most guests are probably starting to get hungry. Here comes the antipasti, frittura, and bruschetta’s served right on the dance floor…Italian till the last minute! 

Photos courtesy of L’erba del re catering

7- “Not-so-cliché” cliché Photobooth with an Italian Flare:

Nothing says Italian cliché more than a gorgeous & mythical pastel-colored Vespa or Fiat 500. We are not suggesting you ride in either. Instead, use this essential Italian touch to make the photobooth of yours and your guests’ dreams! We mean, why is it always the bride and groom who get to enjoy these gorgeous Italian-style photos? Your guests will be thrilled to take home an “authentic” wedding picture next to a Vespa in any of the gorgeous Italian venue backdrops! 

Italian Vintage car decorated for a wedding in Italy

Photo courtesy of Burnett’s Board

Wedding phtobooth decor setup with a White vintage Fiat
Bride & groom taking pictures on a red vespa - Wedding in ITaly


Photo courtesy of Lea Fery

Now that you’re here, which ideas will you incorporate to make your destination wedding in Italy extra Italian?

There are certainly more ideas and details you can incorporate, especially that Italy’s culture and traditions are so diverse. So consider our selection a head start, and stay tuned for more ideas, tips, and information, like our roundup of the best Italian wedding traditions! You can chat anytime with our creative and experienced wedding planners to get even more inspired!

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