8 Tips For Choosing A Perfect Winter Wedding Dress

Weddings during this time of year have a beautifully romantic and enchanting feel about them, but choosing a winter wedding dress that is both stylish and warm can be difficult. The last thing you want is to be shivering throughout your ceremony and reception! That’s why we’ve put together some tips to help you choose the perfect dress. Winter brides have so many options when it comes to finding a dream gown, and there are several ways you can stay warm. From choosing the right fabric and wearing tights under your gown, to incorporating gloves into your look. There’s no need to worry, you’ll find the perfect winter bridal look for you!

As we head into the cool and crisp season, make sure you feel comfortable and confident by following our tips for how to choose the perfect winter wedding dress.

1. Large and Long Sleeved

Long sleeves will be your friends for a winter wedding. Although lots of brides like a sleeveless look to show off their arms and decolletage you don’t want to shiver down the aisle. Even if you’re not outside, your church, ceremony venue, and reception venue might not have a strong heating system. So it’s best to stay safe with longer sleeves. Nowadays, you can find lots of three-quarter lengths or long-sleeve dresses that are stunning and elegant. Think about recent royals who oozed glamour and sophistication in their bridal look. Another recommendation is larger dresses. Not only do they make you look like a princess during your winter wedding, but the layers of tulle or organza help to add warmth.

2. Select A Warm Fabric

An important point to consider when choosing a winter wedding dress is the fabric itself. You want something that won’t let any air through so that you don’t freeze while walking down the aisle or posing for photos despite being outdoors all day long. It would also be best to avoid fabrics like chiffon because they don’t provide enough warmth. Instead opt for velvet, silk mikado, moire, gabardine, and even wool, as these fabrics are known for keeping brides warm amidst the frosty air. However, they can be heavy too if they’re not made from 100% natural materials. So, make sure when trying them on that they still feel comfortable enough for you to wear all day long.

winter wedding dress
Photography: Athena and Camron | Dress: Vivienne Atelier

3. Think About Layers

You can get away with wearing just one layer in summer, but in winter you’ll need a couple of layers to brace against the cold. Choose a dress that has long sleeves, a high neckline, and thick fabric. If you’re wearing a fitted dress, make sure that it doesn’t show off your legs too much. If your legs are covered you could wear a pair of tights or even leggings that can add an extra layer of warmth while staying concealed underneath your dress. Also, look at adding layers to keep your arms and chest away from the cold. There are lots of stunning options available for example, a furry shawl, a texture shrug, a cozy poncho, and a flowing cape. Or go for a modern route and wear a leather jacket with ‘bride’ painted on the back.

4. Choose The Right Silhouette

When choosing a winter wedding dress, remember that it’s not always about how much skin you’re showing off, it’s about how you choose to reveal it. An elegant silhouette is just as stunning and stylish as something more revealing like a strapless gown or cut-out back. Ideally, your dress will be long with a higher neckline. But if you really like the idea of including a cut-out feature, you could contrast long sleeves with a cut-out back detail, or a slim slit that creates a small but noticeable effect. Another option is to use lace, instead of an open cut-out feature. This way you’re still covered, but the lace over exposed skin creates a beautifully feminine and elevated look.

5. Add Drama

Although you’ll be covered up with long lengths and sleeves you can still add drama to your bridal gown. Consider including embellishments, ruffles, and feathers to make a stunning impact. For example, add gems and crystals so that you shine and shimmer as you walk down the aisle. Or a mermaid gown with beautiful ruffles. You could also be bold by adding winter colors to your dress, such as dark jewel tones for a striking look. If you want something more dainty you could choose delicate prints and patterns. Or even add a flowing train for a high-fashion statement.

6. Don’t Forget To Accessorize

A great way to incorporate seasonal elements into your bridal outfit is with your accessories. It’s important to prepare for the cold so that you’re not uncomfortable, or worse become unwell, on your special day. But dressing for the weather doesn’t mean bundling up and not being able to show off a spectacular look. There are fashionable ways to stay warm and feel amazing. For example, beautiful knitted gloves to protect your hands, cute earmuffs with personalized embroidery, sleek gloves, and fun winter boots hidden under your wedding dress.

winter wedding dress
Photography: Ariele Chapman

7. Two Dresses

If you have a dream dress in mind that is strapless or thin, then you could wear this as your second dress for your reception. Your reception venue might have a better heating system that allows you to go with a lighter bridal look. Lots of brides are choosing to switch up their outfits even in summer, so why not give it a go in winter? Choose a warm showstopping dress for your ceremony and a more comfortable look to dance the night away.

8. Give Yourself More Time

Finding the perfect winter wedding dress doesn’t have to be hard, but we do recommend giving yourself more time to browse. As you’ll need to find extra accessories and specific fabrics it’s best to work with a longer timeframe. This way you’re not under pressure and you can visit as many bridal suites as you like. This also helps when it comes to alterations and customization for unique materials, stylish elements, and warm detailing. It’s also important to listen to your dress seller. They have experience working with winter brides and can give you the best advice.

bridal gown for winter
Photography: Summer Taylor

Make sure you feel your very best on your special day with the perfect winter wedding dress. For more wedding dress inspiration head to WedBoard. You’ll find advice and ideas for all aspects of your special day including, The Most Beautiful Boho Wedding Dresses, How To Choose Your Bridesmaid Dress Theme, and 16 Dos & Don’ts For The Morning Of Your Wedding.

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