A Guide to Hiring a Destination Wedding Planner in Italy

How exciting! You and your partner have decided to have a memorable, destination wedding in the beautiful country of Italy! However, planning a wedding has its challenges, even if it’s local, so imagine having to plan one from afar in a whole different country. Planning includes venue searching, choosing a florist, and organizing your reception or a post-wedding brunch. Just to name a few! Therefore, one of the best ideas is to hire a destination wedding planner to execute one of the most memorable days of your life. They are there to assist you, create a less stressful experience, and bring your wedding wishes to reality.

Still unsure? Read our complete guide on how to hire a destination wedding planner for your special day in Italy. There are numerous wedding planners we can connect you with to create the wedding of your dreams!

Should You Hire a Destination Wedding Planner?

We’re not here to tell you what to do, but hiring a destination wedding planner can be extremely helpful. Some couples even describe them as life-savers! Think about working a full-time job and planning your wedding from thousands of miles away. Creating the wedding of your dreams will need those extra hands, eyes, and expertise to ensure everything is taken care of! 

Benefits of Hiring A Destination Wedding Planner

They’re experts

Destination wedding planners are experts in the field and they know the ins and outs of planning a wedding abroad. This includes any specific laws, permits, and any legal aspects that you may not think of if you were to plan your wedding. Don’t forget this also accounts for any issues that could arise and they will be the point of contact to find solutions. As they plan your wedding, they are taking care of all the details to make your wedding day amazing.

Your own, local guide

Hiring a destination wedding planner located in Italy means you are hiring someone who knows the area well too! There are multiple wedding locations to explore all over the country and they would know the best wineries, venues, florists, and other vendors to work with for your wedding day. Maybe you want a rustic wedding in Tuscany, or a spring soiree in Lake Como, or an enchanted elopement in the Dolomites – they’ll already have an idea of where to start. This means saving time and stress!

Save some extra money

Yes, if you were to hire a destination wedding planner, definitely include the costs in your wedding budget. However, wedding planners have built connections and partnerships with various venues and vendors that can help you save money, especially if they work locally. Therefore, they could already have existing business relationships since they have worked closely with so many vendors in the past, unlike yourself.

Peace of mind

Hiring a destination wedding planner will give you peace of mind, and this could be the most important reason to hire one. Having peace of mind that all parts of your wedding are being taken care of will allow you to sit back and relax. Help your wedding planner do their job by not worrying.

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How to Find a Destination Wedding Planner

Here at WedBoard

You are only a few clicks away from discovering skilled and professional wedding planners located in Italy to help you plan your special day abroad. Review their profiles directly on the website and take a look at their work! You can even filter by city and region to narrow down your search.


Maybe you’ve already been browsing through Instagram and saw various photos of weddings in Italy. So, taking a closer look at your explore page can bring you closer to discovering more wedding planners abroad. See who has been tagged in the photos and take a deeper dive into their profiles and posts.

Asking the venue

Have you already connected with a wedding venue in Italy? It wouldn’t hurt to ask if they have any destination wedding planner suggestions. It is great to get a first-hand reference from someone local too!

Costs for a Destination Wedding Planner

It varies! Depending on the services and the type of wedding ceremony you want to have, the average is $100-200/per hour. However, be clear with what you can afford and see if there is any flexibility. However, setting aside costs to get expert advice and unique, planning skills for your destination wedding will be worth the cost! Also, if you feel good about the wedding planner you choose, this will ensure you made the right decision. 

Photo: Gabriele Fani

Your next wedding planner can be just a click away! Discover more information on how much a wedding in Italy actually costs along with helpful budgeting tips. At WedBoard, we are here to connect you with the best planners and vendors in Italy so that you can have the magical wedding you’ve always dreamt of. Look no further and get started here!

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