Destination Wedding Guide to Veneto’s Countryside

Weddings in Italy always look so gorgeous, don’t they? In films, pictures or in our imagination, Italian weddings have a different taste to them. It may be the wild nature, or that effortless beauty that surrounds you everywhere you look or wherever you go. In this article, we’re taking you to the countryside, and specifically Veneto’s!

The Veneto area is located in the northeastern part of Italy. That’s in the top part of the “Boot”, with the city of Venice as its capital. What makes this region so unique is how diverse it is. On one side you have a bubbly metropolitan city center with millions of tourists and booming businesses. On the other, the sweet serenity of the countryside with its green fields and gorgeous villas. What very few people know is that the Veneto countryside is only a stone-throw away from Venice! So you can easily use the city as a base for you and your wedding guests, and jump in a car and head to the countryside for your wedding!

To help you with your search for your upcoming Italian destination wedding location, we put together a small guide to Veneto’s countryside, the area between the cities of Vicenza and Verona.

A short glimpse into Vicenza and Verona

The main information you need to know about Vicenza, is how proud the city is to be the home to Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio’s world-renowned work. “The city of Palladio” even made it to the greatest hall of fame of all, by becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a city buzzing with creativity: art, culture, gorgeous architecture, museums and so much more.

Verona was propelled to fame by none other than the great William Shakespeare with his timeless Romeo & Juliet. The dramatic story of the young lovers unfolds in Verona. But that’s not all! Due to the increasing number of visitors to town, the city council created the “Casa di Giulietta” museum, or the museum of Juliet’s house, with its legendary balcony and the tomb where the unfortunate teenagers were buried.

The logistics

  • Transportation:

The international airport in the Veneto area is the Venice Marco Polo Airport.

To reach Vicenza, it’ll only take a little over an hour by car, and a short couple of hour-trip to Verona. Verona does have its own airport, but it only welcomes charter, low cost or internal flights. You also have the option of Verona’s train station that links all the northern cities together. But be careful! You can only take the train from Mestre, which is the mainland linked to Venice. As you may know, Venice is an island surrounded by water.

Our suggestion would be to rent a car; you have very well kept highways, the nature around you is gorgeous, and you will have all the freedom to take breaks and make stops along the way.

  • Venues:

The venues in Veneto’s countryside range from glamorous villas and palazzos to cozy and rustic vineyards where you can tie the knot. There’s something for everybody’s taste. If you’re looking to plan a sophisticated and elegant wedding reception, or a more provincial happy day with a pinch of countryside magic, Veneto has it!

In Vicenza, you have breathtaking venues such as Villa Valmarana ai Nani and La Barchessa di Villa Pisani. Both were touched by the genius of previously mentioned superstar Andrea Palladio, and are considered architectural jewels.

Verona holds Villa Arvedi in its green luscious arms, with its frescoes of mythological gods and creatures in its Titans’ Hall and a maze-like garden with spectacular patterns.

  • Activities:

As essential as all the preparations to your wedding are, it’s also crucial to keep your guests busy and entertained. Most of them – you included – have perhaps crossed oceans and several time zones to get to Italy. So these few days are the best opportunity to venture into all the good things Veneto’s countryside has to offer.

  1. Visiting wineries: Verona boasts with internationally acclaimed wine: Soave, Amarone, Ripasso della Valpolicella… could anyone find a better way to have fun than sit in a marvelous nature, sipping local high grade wine? We can’t!
  2. Hiking: Dating back to prehistoric times, Lessinia Regional Nature Park is a green haven for wildlife, archeological wealth and hikers! It’s located between the Small Dolomites, Verona and Monte Baldo. You can easily reach it by car or by bus, and purchase tickets online.
  3. Museums: Veneto has a multitude of museums. We’ve selected a couple for you! You can first visit Museo Del Gioiello. It’s the first jewelry museum in Italy and one of the few in the world. Or you can stop by the delicious Villa Canestrari Wine Museum. We recommend the Treatro Olimpico, one of Vicenza’s “artistic wonders”, and designed by none other than wild child Andrea Palladio.
  4. Relaxing: For those who’d simply like to have a quiet time surrounded by beauty, you can head to the out-of-a-fairytale village of Borghetto sul Mincio, with its historic fortified dam. Otherwise, you can give Parco Giardino Sigurtà a try for a therapeutic stroll in medicinal herb gardens and stunning walking trails.

To conclude our guide, having your destination wedding in Veneto will be one of the most memorable experiences you can go through in your life! You may ask, how do I execute all the above and still have time for a beauty sleep before my big day? WedBoard easily connects you with the highest quality local venues, vendors and planners to guide you through the process as seamlessly as possible!

This article was written with the precious help of WedBoard’s own Claudia Carrara.

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