Getting Married in Italy? How to Hire A Live Wedding Band

Hiring a live wedding band might be one of the best gifts you offer yourself on your wedding day. A good and professional wedding band will set the celebrations’ tone and ramp up the party! This type of musical entertainment is a favorite amongst brides because it is interactive and enjoyable by every demographic.
And while in general, music bands have their own styles, be it Rock, Alternative, Classical, Pop, etc., when it comes to weddings you’ll (be happy to) find that they generally offer a mix. And a great mix of styles is what you’re looking for to give each part of the wedding the mood it deserves!

Now just imagine yourself and your guests dancing to the rhymes of a wedding band playing outdoors in a lush Tuscan vineyard or surrounded by a Venetian villa’s frescoes: what a MOOD!
However, if you’re planning a destination wedding in Italy, you might find that it is hard to choose and book the right one long-distance. Indeed, in your home country, you can just go from a gig to another and pick the one you like, or just call up some friends and ask for recommendations. And this is is why you have a platform like WedBoard! We’ve prepared and gathered all the information you need in one single guide to hiring a wedding band in Italy. We promise you this will come in handy!

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Below you’ll find the essential tips and information you need to book a wedding band in Italy.

Let’s start with a few reasons why a live wedding band is a good idea for your wedding :

  • the energy of a live band is contagious
  • the interaction with the audience, i.e., your guests is incomparable
  • they’ll directly adapt to what is working for your wedding tribe
  • they might be able also to animate your ceremony & cocktail with different styles
  • you’ll have a proper mic setup: great for your wedding speeches and announcements!

Basically, a fun and dynamic band will keep the excitement going all night!

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Convinced? Here are our tips for choosing the right one:

1- Request or work with the band on a playlist:

This will help make sure you have the musical atmosphere you envision and that your favorite songs are being played (however, do keep in mind tip no. 2 for this one).

2- Remain flexible:

While you have discussed a specific set when it comes to your wedding day, the band might find that it is better to switch up some things: like reducing the time allocated for a certain style, adding songs from another musical genre, etc. At the end of the day they need to (and you would surely want them to!) adapt to your crowd and what is getting and keeping them on the dance floor!

3- Have an open mind and be receptive to suggestions:

You have planned and organized every detail of your Italian wedding, down to your playlist. But on this matter, trust the professionals and keep your playlist “loose.” They have done and seen it ALL in terms of wedding music and will be able to guide you beyond your favorite musical style or popular songs. They will also help you select the right music for every part of the wedding day.

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4- Watch a live performance (be it online or live)

Now we know that that’s the best way, but we are planning a destination wedding after all. And if you are planning to do a pre-visit, then, by all means, schedule to attend a showcase of the band to get a feel of their interaction with the crowd that goes beyond good music and sound. But if you are planning from afar, you have two options: the Internet and your Italian wedding planner! They are your best allies for a trustworthy and reliable opinion.

5- Liaise with your Destination Wedding Planner and/or your venue before making your decision

Make sure your venue has the right material available or at least the proper setting for live bands. Check how the acoustics work with the venue. For example, if your wedding is outdoor, make sure to check the availability of sound systems, and the number of electrical outlets available (your wedding planner will really help you with this). These are not details to overlook as they will impact the sound & performance of your band, the material needed, and thus your budget!
And since you are at it, check if your favorite band has already performed at your chosen venue, as this will simplify the logistics and give visibility on what to expect.

6- Communicate to your band your wedding’s mood

Make sure you share with your booked band your wedding’s mood board. This will help them adapt the playlist to the mood you are looking for, provide you with the right music, and would also give them an indication of their attire. Yes, their attire. The band members need to be dressed appropriately for both the occasion and the weather especially if it is an outdoor wedding!

7- Decide whether or not you want the band to play special requests

It is very common, especially when you have a live band for your guests to request a song they would love to hear or dance to. Now this is an innocent and easy request to fulfill, however imagine if they are followed by 15 other people throughout the night: there goes your wedding musical mood and that playlist you worked on with your band! So it is entirely up to you to decide whether you want your band to answer these requests, and if yes, then a good idea would be to limit the number of requests possible or to tell the band to only accept songs that are in line with the musical style you are going for.

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But where can you find a live wedding band in Italy? And how do you book them?

Step 1. Define your budget

Yes, we know. We always start every process by asking you to define your budget. But unfortunately, this least fun task will be the basis of your decision as it will help you estimate the duration of the show, the number of musicians and instruments, etc.

Step 2. Learn about the types of wedding bands you can hire

There are many types of music bands and a lot of excellent ones. But not all are suitable for weddings, and you have to cater after all for a quite diverse audience! Most bands that work in the wedding industry are used to it and can play a wide variety of songs and musical genres. But you can also go for a certain specific type of music for a part of the night; the most commonly used types or genres of bands are Swing, Jazz, Rock, and Pop, to name a few. Commonly hired musicians include String quartets (two violins, a viola, and cello) or solo musicians like saxophonists, pianists, and violinists that are usually hired with a singer. The different genres differ between the ceremony, cocktail, and reception time, but most wedding bands are used to this variety and will accommodate you for all!

Step 3. How and where to look for the right wedding music band in Italy

Since you are having an Italy destination wedding, you cannot go about town scouting or hiring that live band you follow everywhere! Luckily, you have other trustworthy and reliable sources that curate the best wedding vendors in Italy and help you communicate with them.
A platform like WedBoard will showcase a curated list and directory of the best wedding vendors in Italy by region, including the best live bands! You’ll be able to directly reach your favorite musicians and bands after going through their portfolios and chatting with them commitment-free (more on what you should talk about in step 3!).
To help you take your search further, don’t hesitate to reach out to your wedding planner. And if you have read our recommendations, you probably already hired the best destination wedding planner in Italy!

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Step 4. Meeting & asking the right questions

Meeting your band and chatting with them will help you clarify what they can do and allow you to share your vision of the wedding and discuss every little detail. To conclude a successful meeting and have all the right elements in hand to make your decision and hire the right wedding music band, make sure you ask the following questions:

  • Are they familiar with your wedding venue? Have they ever worked there?
  • What is the style they are most comfortable with?
  • Can they accommodate special requests?
  • Do they have their own sound and acoustic equipment? If so, will the speakers and other equipment be adequate enough to cover the size of your wedding venue?
  • How many breaks do they usually need? Can they take care of the music while they are on a break?
  • Do they take on more than one event per day?
  • Can they play ceremony and cocktail hour music?
  • What type of outfits do they usually wear for their performances?

Step 5. You are done!

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How much does a live wedding band cost for a destination wedding in Italy?

The approximative range for the cost of wedding music in Italy is between EUR2,000 to EUR 4.000 on average. It all depends on the type of musicians you hire, the number of performers, and whether you opt for a combination between a band and a DJ. The number of hours requested is also a big variable. Do keep in mind that a live band will most likely cost more than a DJ because of the extra headcount, types of equipment, and installation required.
If you want to know more about the cost of wedding music and the cost of a destination wedding in Italy in particular, then click here!

Give your wedding that extra-Italian vibe with these italian wedding music ideas:

As we said, you want your music to resemble you and match your wedding’s mood. But you are getting married in Italy after all, and music is part of the experience. So how do you mix both your musical style and that Italian touch?
How about including here and there some traditional Italian songs and some famous Italian pop songs (if you think about it, we all know quite a few)? Here are a few ideas to help you add that extra Italian touch to your wedding music:

  • A Neapolitan band with Tarantella dancers: everyone will enjoy this fun and easy-to-learn traditional dance. Watch it here, and if you want, you can even learn your steps here!
  • An Opera/tenor will sing for you the most famous opera songs like O Sole Mio, or some songs from La Traviata and other famous opera songs. These rhythms are perfect for your sunset cocktail hour or during dinner!
  • Famous Italian love songs and pop songs like That’s Amore, Funiculi Funicula, Te Amo. We all know these songs, can sing along to them (or let’s be honest, we can at least sing lalalala to them!)
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We highly recommend considering our tips and guide before hiring your wedding band for your destination wedding in Italy. Choosing the right live wedding band is important because your wedding music can make or break your wedding mood!
If you need more information and help choosing the best destination wedding vendors in Italy like florists, photographers, wedding planners, we suggest you head to WedBoard’s blog for more destination wedding insights.

Stay tuned for more!

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