How To Choose Your Wedding Venue In Italy

Fact: every corner in Italy is a stunning destination wedding venue.
The food & wine, the historic landmarks, the latest design trends, the entertainment, the views, the people…the list of things that make Italy a great wedding destination can go on and on! 

The choices available in terms of setting, mood, and venues are endless. Do you see yourself in a glamorous and romantic setting, perhaps riding in a Gondola along the canal? Get married in Venice. Looking for incomparable backdrops? Get married in the Italian Lakes. Does your mood board involve lemons and shades of Blue? Get married in Amalfi. Or are you more into rustic setups? Get married in Tuscany.
You get the point. You can have the wedding you want almost anywhere in Italy with just the right Italian flair!

On that note, we know that choosing your wedding venue in Italy can be quite overwhelming, so here are 9 useful tips to help you decide.

Wedding in Tuscany - wedding table overlooking stunning countryside sceneryPhoto courtesy of Locanda in Tuscany

N.B. In this article, we will help you with the process of choosing your wedding venue in Italy. We encourage you to have a look at our other articles for other insights: such as where to get married in Italy, or read our wedding guides by region, like our Destination Wedding Guide to the Italian Lakes, or to Tuscany, and many more.

Wedding Venue in Itay - surrounded by lush greeneryPhoto courtesy of Chiesa Del Carmine

1- Start by listing your wedding’s Do’& Don’ts:

Before you start your search, think very well and establish the things you want to have at your wedding. List them by importance, and differentiate between the “non-negotiables”, the “must-have”, the “wants” and the “flexible”. This will help you in your decision process once things get serious!

Wedding in San Galano - TuscanyPhoto by Gilberti-Ricca

2- Pick a venue that reflects your personality and suits your Italian wedding mood board:

You most likely already have a vision of your wedding and the type of event you want to host, so seek venues that reflect both your wedding theme and your personality as a couple.
This is an important factor in your decision: if you are having an informal, chill type of wedding then there is no use looking into castles. Or if you are having a modern theme, then a private villa will be perfect to host you and your friends.
Also ask yourself as a couple, what style suits both your personalities? If you’re into arts and culture, you can go for a venue in a city like Florence or Rome where every corner is an outdoor museum. If on the other hand, you’re a nature lover, then definitely look into the Italian countryside.
No matter how gorgeous the venue is, if it doesn’t work with your wedding’s aesthetics or with your personalities, it won’t do it justice. It will be quite odd for your friends and relatives to see you in a crystal chandelier filled ballroom if you usually have more of a hipster lifestyle!

Wedding Venue in ITay - San Montano Resort & SpaPhoto courtesy of San Montano Resort & Spa

3- Take into consideration guests & logistics:

This is especially important since you are planning a destination wedding in Italy.
Choose a venue that is close to the area where your guests are staying or at a decent distance from a major airport. If your venue is rather far, make sure there is easy access or practical transportation to reach the venue, such as private buses, taxis, etc.
If your guests already traveled 6 hours or more to reach the region, the last thing you want them to do is to go through an additional 2-hour drive.
Consider elderly relatives, or guests with disabilities, and make sure the venue you choose is suitable for them as well: not a lot of stairs, suitable for wheelchairs, etc.

Wedding Venue in Italy - Villa di StrianoPhoto courtesy of Villa di Striano

4- Make sure the venue allows you to have the type of ceremony you want on-site:

Generally speaking, the civil ceremonies in Italy can only be held in venues that have the legal authority for civil ceremonies to be conducted on-site or alternatively in town halls. While more and more venues are being granted the permission, it is wiser to check this important information before committing.
However, if you have a venue-crush and are not willing to change, you can always opt for a symbolic ceremony and have your civil wedding in a town hall the day before!

Villa Vamarana Ai Nanni - Facibeni PhotographyPhoto by Facibeni Fotografia in Villa Valmarana Ai Nani

5- Your budget is important:

The best thing about getting married in Italy is that you don’t need a big budget to score a splendid venue. Even if you’re on a smaller budget, you might find the wedding venue of your dreams if you properly do your research (Smart Venue Search anyone?).
But things can add up quickly once you get into catering, light, sound, and decoration. So make sure you not only look at how gorgeous your venue is, but also at how the cost of the venue would fit into your overall wedding budget. We suggest our article on How Much Does a wedding In Italy Cost as a reference, to help you assess expenses and plan the Italian wedding you dream of.

Wedding Ceremony - Wedding in Italy - VerbanoPhoto courtesy of Verbano

6- The Weather factor:

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in Italy, then this one’s for you.
Getting married during the sunny season? Make sure you have enough shades and umbrella options available.
Planning for a spring or autumn wedding? With the unpredictable sporadic showers definitely consider a venue that has a covered Plan B.
See if the venue has an indoor alternative or a big tent that will accommodate your guests should the weather turn cold or wet. Also, make sure that Plan B won’t affect catering, entertainment, dancing. Remember to discuss and negotiate this when booking your venue in Italy to avoid budget surprises. If it all still looks good, it’s the right location for you!

Wedding venue in Italy Photo courtesy of Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin

7- Look into the T&C of renting the venue:

Some venues can have strict rules, like specific timings for outdoor music, no fireworks policies, a specific list of providers to choose from… Ask about their terms and conditions in detail, and share your vision about your wedding: you need to be sure the venue can host you and comply with your wedding plans. For example, some areas of your venue might not be included as part of your wedding day and will therefore not be accessible to you and your guests.

Villa Rezzonico - Wedding venue in ItalyPhoto courtesy of Villa Rezzonico

8- Read & Listen to advice and recommendations:

Read reviews on your wedding venue for extra and honest insights, you never know, you might find interesting ideas you hadn’t previously considered!
And most importantly work with a Wedding Planner that you trust. Choose a wedding organizer that specializes in the region you chose; an Italian wedding planner will help you make the best decision according to your vision and will ensure you’re getting the best service from any provider you choose.
On WedBoard, you can choose from the best Wedding Planners in Italy, that specialize in your preferred region and that reflect your style. This way, you can guarantee that your destination wedding runs smoothly and seamlessly!

Photo courtesy of Camin Hotel Colmegna

9- And MOST IMPORTANTLY listen to and trust your gut feeling!

Look at the venue, close your eyes, and imagine yourself walking down the aisle or dancing the night away with your soulmate… Does it feel right? Is it aligned with your expectations? Then this is it! This is the perfect wedding venue for you!

Bianca Relais - Wedding Venue in ItalyPhoto courtesy of Bianca Relais

In conclusion, look at your venues as a whole package, not only as a beautiful location. Know what you want, stand your ground but do keep an open mind, and you will surely be happily surprised!
Stay tuned, more tips and information to help you plan your destination wedding will be coming your way!

Feature photo courtesy of Locanda in Tuscany

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