How To Plan The Perfect Post-Wedding Brunch

The wedding is over and you’re officially married, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Spend more time with your guests after your special day by planning a post-wedding brunch. Treating your friends and family to this indulgent event is the perfect way to say farewell. Everyone will be on a high from the evening before, so it’s a great excuse to unwind and talk about your favorite moments from the beautiful ceremony and reception. In fact, more couples are choosing to add this extra element to their wedding weekend, but it does require some more planning so we’ve put together our top tips for a blissful post-wedding brunch.

Follow our complete guide below on how to plan a post-wedding brunch to keep the celebrations going after the big day!

What is a post-wedding brunch?

If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, you’re probably thinking about which extra events to host. Although these are mainly before the wedding, one of the most common events after the wedding day is a post-wedding brunch. This is an intimate event that is supposed to be a fun and laid back way to close off the celebrations. It means you can share your newlywed bliss with your nearest and dearest for a little longer before everyone heads home. It’s especially ideal if you’re having a destination wedding. You can also get immediate feedback from your guests, listen to their stories, and look at the cute moments they captured. And of course, who can resist a delicious breakfast spread!

Who is invited?

It’s typical to invite your most VIP guests and wedding party. This includes parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen and your closest friends and family. It can be tricky to decide who should and shouldn’t be invited. Try to stick to the idea that you’ll want an intimate setting to catch up with guests, especially as you might not have had time during the reception. If you have the budget and you want to invite everyone, then go for it! But you definitely don’t have to. Also, make sure that you’re being fair with both families, just like your wedding guest list. Keep in mind that just like other extra events and even the wedding itself, there might be hurt feelings, but ultimately stay true to who is important to you.

When and where should the post-wedding brunch take place?

Most couples will host a post-wedding brunch in the morning. It usually starts around 11 am and lasts a couple of hours. If your wedding reception is going late into the night, then consider starting in the early afternoon, to give your guests time to enjoy a lay in. However, the disadvantage to having your brunch in the afternoon is that some guests might need to leave early to go home. So think about any travel commitments your guests might have when choosing a time. It also helps to have the venue near your reception venue or near accommodation, so that you and your guests don’t have to worry about transport.

how to plan a post wedding brunch
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Is there a dress code?

You don’t need to have a specific dress code for your brunch. But it would be useful to give your guests a guide on what to wear. No one wants to feel uncomfortable undressed or overdressed! You might want to use the same dress code as your wedding to make things easier. Or if you really want to create a relaxed affair, then insist on informal clothing so guests can lean into the laid back ambience.

Who plans the after-wedding brunch?

It’s common for the couple or their family to host the post-wedding brunch. But if someone else is planning the event, then make sure they still talk to you so that you can communicate exactly what your vision is and who you want to invite. If you have a wedding planner for your ceremony and reception, then you could also delegate this event too. Whoever hosts the event tends to pay. If this is family, they might ask others to contribute. But if you’re paying, don’t forget to make room for it in your wedding budget.

How to choose your style?

The easiest way to choose your style is to follow your ceremony and reception style. You can even recycle your flowers and decoration from the day before. But if you want to go for something different, think about the fresh and casual vibe of a morning brunch. Consider a down-to-earth and rustic aesthetic, bright flowers, and light and airy hues. Or if you’re having an out-of-town or destination wedding, get inspired by the local area.

how to plan a post wedding brunch
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Ideas For Your Post-Wedding Brunch

1. Mimosa Bar

No brunch is complete without some mimosas! This classic drink is also a great way to add color to your event. You can mix it up by choosing different juices, such as grapefruit, cranberry or mango. Add some garnishes for a pretty touch!

post wedding brunch
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2. Coffee Bar

If your guests enjoyed themselves the evening before, they’ll definitely be looking for some coffee in the morning. Have some to-go cups available for your guests to continue drinking on their way home.

3. Buffet

A buffet is perfectly in line with the casual feel. Have a grazing table filled with delicious sweet and savory foods, including a charcuterie board with hams, chorizo, local cheese, and fruits. The mix of colors also makes for a beautiful decoration piece.

wedding brunch charcuterie board
Photography: Bonnie Jenkins

4. Donut Wall

This fun decoration is a great way to keep things casual. Your guests can also use it as a selfie backdrop! Choose different flavors of donuts with pops of color and various toppings to make them extra eye-catching.

Photography: Morgan McCann Photo

5. Cereal Station

Use cute mini bowls with various types of everyone’s favorite cereals. This nostalgic breakfast option is sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces. Make sure to provide both dairy and non-dairy milk.

wedding brunch cereal bar
Photography: One Love

6. Mini Pancakes

Your guests will love this cute take on a classic brunch element. You can have different flavoured pancakes such as cinnamon, oats, gingerbread or chocolate, with fresh and sweet toppings.

post-wedding brunch ideas
Photography: Greg Petersen

7. Waffle Bar

Make a “build your own waffle” bar. Include a variety of toppings and sauces so that your guests can customize these sweet treats, such as strawberries, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, marshmallows, cornflakes, smarties, almond flakes and whipped cream. This is ideal for younger guests!

8. Finger Sandwiches

Add some elegance to your post-wedding brunch which some high tea inspired food. Create delicate finger sandwiches with different fillings.

wedding food inspiration
Photography: Lisa Renault

9. Bagel Station

Make sure to include a mix of sweet and savory snacks. One delicious savory option for your guests to enjoy is bagels. Choose different fillings, such as cream cheese and smoked salmon, avocado, bacon and egg, ham and cheese, or salad.

post-wedding brunch ideas
Photography: Anneli Marinovich

10. Mini Pastries

Add an arrangement of pastries such as croissants, cinnamon rolls, pretzels, strudels and cannoli. There are lots of different delicious sizes, shapes, flavors and textures that you can offer your guests.

wedding brunch pastries
Photography: Jenny Williams

11. Parfaits

Provide some healthier options with individually prepared parfaits. Use seasonal fruits, organic granola and flavored yogurt.

wedding brunch ideas
Photography: Brian Leahy

12. Smoothie Shots

After a night of celebrating ,your guests will probably appreciate some fresh antioxidants. So include fresh-pressed juices for guests that are looking for healthy options.

post-wedding brunch inspiration
Photography: Belathee

13. Drink Dispensers

As well as being aesthetically charming, drink stations are a great place for guests to mingle. Have some refreshing infused drinks with lemon, lime, strawberry and mint.

Photography: Cavin Elizabeth Photography

14. Bread Display

A bread display works perfectly to align with a rustic feel. Use local bakeries for this charming carb-loaded stand. Make sure you have different kinds of butter available.

15. Picnic Style

Use picnic benches or place blankets around your venue to give a truly laid back vibe. It’s also ideal for an intimate gathering with your friends and family. There are different sub-themes you can choose from for a picnic-style brunch including, cottage core, boho chic, tea party and beachy.

wedding brunch decoration
Photography: Natalie Watson

Extra Tips For Your Wedding Brunch

1. Takeaway Bags

Have some bags and Tupperware boxes ready for any guests that need to leave early. They’ll definitely appreciate the thoughtful touch on their journey home.

2. Informal Food Service

A post-wedding brunch doesn’t need to be a formal occasion with a sit-down meal. This is why an open-ended al fresco buffet is best, for people to come and go as they get ready to leave the hotel. Encourage your guests to pop in for a chat, but don’t make them feel obliged if they have to get home.

3. Host In The Same Venue

Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors for discounts or packages that include a post-wedding brunch. If you host your event in the same venue as your reception or use the same caterer, you might be able to keep costs down.

post wedding brunch
Photography: Claire Eyos

Most importantly, don’t forget that the aim of your post-wedding brunch is to say thank you and goodbye to your guests. Keep things casual, calm and stress-free!
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