Italian Castle Weddings: Why Get Married in a Castle in Italy

Yes, you heard that right! You can – and totally should – get married in a castle in Italy!
Italy boasts several middle ages and renaissance castles that are now turned into wedding venues. You will never regret hosting an Italian castle wedding: fairytale-like setting, fascinating sceneries, and an incredible and unique experience for you and your guests. And make no mistake, whether you dream of an intimate or lavish wedding, you can still have it in a castle: these estates provide endless possibilities, and are not only for royal wedding themes (Thank God!).

So if you are a bride looking to get married in Italy and wondering what type of Italian venue to book, this one is for you! We understand with the multitude of equally gorgeous possibilities, choosing only one option is no easy task.
So with no further ado, let us take through a beautiful trip around Italian wedding castles. If you want more, you can browse on WedBoard the most beautiful wedding venues in Italy, or check out these articles on How to Choose Your Wedding Venue in Italy, The Best Regions in Italy to Get Married, as well as our wedding guides in Italy by region.

So, let’s get started and go through the reasons why a wedding in an Italian castle is such a great choice.

Photo: Lissa Ryan Photography | Venue: Badia Berardenga Castle

Italian + castle: need we say more? Hosting your wedding in a location like a castle is one great way to make everlasting memories, leave your guests speechless and add your own beautiful love story to the thousands of years of stories and special celebrations. And that fairytale touch definitely won’t hurt!
But if you need more reasons, here are our top reasons for having an Italian castle wedding.

The fascinating surroundings

If castles in Italy all have one thing in common, it would be the fabulous backdrops to perfectly frame your wedding and wedding pictures, whether indoors or outdoors.
Castles are usually located on top of hills and offer majestic panoramic views of their surroundings. Surrounded by luscious nature or overlooking a lake, you and your guests will enjoy fascinating scenery every way you look.
Your wedding pictures will undoubtedly be out of this world with the many locations, backdrops, nature, towers, arches alleyways, to only name a few. Talk about having a perfect album and wedding portraits!

The history & architecture

You will be saying your I DOs with family, friends, and thousands of years of old walls as witnesses (no pressure here).
These locations have witnessed historical events, served as homes for noble families, and held ancient secrets.
In addition to the rich historical heritage, Italian wedding castles boast unique and beautiful architecture, from stone staircases, arches, towers, and chimneys on the outside to majestic hallways, frescoed rooms, and opulent furniture (we are talking paintings, tapestries, fireplaces, and chandeliers). The European old-world feel of the indoors and the majestic outdoors will surely make for an outstanding wedding location.

Venue: Castello di Montignano

The same location for the wedding ceremony & reception

Castles offer you the best opportunity of having both your wedding ceremony and reception in the same place. With the many and different spaces available, you can even host your pre-wedding party or post-wedding brunch there!
After years of being booked for weddings, most castles in Italy allow for several types of ceremonies, whether religious, symbolic, or civil. Some castles also have smaller ancient chapels that will make your religious ceremony even more intimate and emotion-filled.
Getting married in a castle in Italy and hosting your events in the exact same location is a sought-after feature because of the ease of logistics and planning as well as making the most of the stunning site! Believe us, when seeing these castles, you will want to throw in as many events as possible to make the most of every corner and enjoy the romantic, beautiful journey till the last bit!

The spaces & rooms: indoors, outdoors & gardens

You certainly cannot beat that! As we said before, castles boast several corners and areas suitable for so many events and themes.
Indoor rooms and ballrooms are perfect for hosting dinners from the most intimate to the most extravagant. The gardens offer luscious green and well-maintained surroundings for the ultimate alfresco reception or outdoor ceremony. Just close your eyes and imagine long and beautifully decorated banquet tables, with a backdrop of ancient stonewalls under the warm sun or thousands of majestic lights. *Insert sigh* because we really have no words.

Venue: Castello La Leccia

The exclusivity and uniqueness

Castles have retained their magic and splendor throughout the years. And imagine having all these exclusively for you for a couple of days. One of the major reasons why castles are a popular option for Italian destination weddings is that they can often be booked exclusively, which allows for private celebrations, unique activities and intimate moments with your favorite people.
Opting for a castle as a wedding venue is such a unique choice that will take the destination wedding experience to a whole new level and certainly leave your guests speechless. A beautiful way to repay them for taking the time off from their busy lives, to travel halfway across the world and celebrate your love!

The amenities and accommodation possibilities

Italian castles come usually with a full wedding package. Most wedding castle venues in Italy allow you to have your ceremony and party, get your own wedding suite, accommodate your guests (depending on the size of the castles you can accommodate from the closes family remember to most of your guests), and even host your pre-and post-wedding parties. Having your guests stay at the same accommodation saves you time and stress, as well as guarantees a great time for everyone! What’s better than spending your wedding weekend in a beautiful setting than spending it all surrounded by your loved ones?
Italian castle weddings often have pools, playrooms, and many activities like horse riding or historical activities like archery. And depending on the location they are most likely surrounded by beautiful sightseeing opportunities, winery tours, road trip options and so much more. You are in Italy after all!

Venue: Castello Dal Pozzo

So how much does an Itaian wedding castle cost?

Generally speaking, a wedding venue amounts to 50-60 % of your total destination wedding cost in Italy. Several factors affect the price of a wedding venue in Italy, including booking fee, catering cost (if included), and guest accommodation (if included).

Castles are exclusive venues, especially in places like the Italian Lakes and the Dolomites, whilst castles in Tuscany and Umbria might have more options which means more price points. On average, you can expect general venue rental fees ranging from as low as EUR 3,000 (typically venues that already include guest accommodation) to as high as EUR 15,000 (in more exclusive locations), and Italian castle weddings follow the same logic with determining factors like size, location, exclusivity, and services included.
One good thing to note is that often Castles are ready for weddings and would have internal kitchens, service options, and lighting elements that you can use and thus save some expenses. Another thing is that castles are so splendid on their own and in their raw state that they often require less decoration in order not to overshadow their splendor.

Planner: Bianco Rosa Weddings | Venue: Castello del Trebbio | Photo: Pure Wedding Photography | Florals: Fiori Fiori 

Where to find these castles and our 7 favorite Italian wedding castles to get married in

As destination wedding professionals and major Italy fans, we are sharing with you our 7 favorite castles to get married in Italy, grouped by region for an easier decision process.

If you are getting married in Siena, Tuscany, you should definitely check out Castello La Leccia and Badia Berardenga Castle. You will enjoy medieval castles surrounded by vineyards and luscious nature, excellent local Tuscan cuisine, and of course the region’s staples: local wine tasting and winery tours.
Florence, the region’s beautiful capital, has the famous Castello del Trebbio, a 900-year-old fortress with a courtyard, chapel and garden. The venue offers a splendid terrace with breathtaking views of the local vineyards as far as the eye can see. With on-site villas to accommodate all wedding guests, the estate offers the perfect destination wedding experience.

Venue: La Rocca di Narni

On the other hand, if you are looking for Italian wedding castles in the Umbria region, La Rocca di Narni is a strategically located medieval fortress that offers an authentic charm while Castello di Montignano is a castle that boasts old stone arches, and impressive gardens that provide the perfect combination of historic elegance and stunning landscapes.

Venue: Castello Dal Pozzo

If your heart is set on the Italian Lakes, then Castello Dal Pozzo on Lake Maggiore will take your breath away with its gothic elegance and romantic charm. With its gorgeous architecture and luxurious interiors, the castle is an obvious choice if you’re looking to create a fairytale-like wedding.

Castel Fragsburg Paternum, besides being located in the unique region of the Dolomites, is a magnificent castle built in the 14th century with wood-paneled knight’s halls and magnificent chandeliers. Best part? The castle offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains that look like a scene from a postcard.

Venue: Castel Fragsburg Paternum

With these 7 castles to get married in Italy, you will certainly host the wedding of your dreams and celebrate like a true royal!
By now we can all agree that while anywhere in Italy makes an awesome wedding location, castles have that certain incomparable charm and magic that make them a unique and incredible wedding venue type.
Need more information on planning a destination wedding in Italy? Head to WedBoard where you will find everything you need to plan the perfect romantic experience, including the best destination wedding vendors in Italy and the most beautiful Italian wedding venues!

Feature image credits: Photo:  Stefano Santucci Studio | Florals: Stiatti Fiori | Venue: Castello di Meleto | Planner & Stylist: Alessia Brocollini

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