21 Enchanting Wedding Lighting Ideas

As brides-to-be, we know you’ve been dreaming about your big day and meticulously planning every detail. But have you thought about the wedding lighting yet? If not, let’s take a moment to flip the switch on that idea! Lights are the subtle heroes of weddings. They set the mood, highlight those magical moments, and transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary settings. From romantic candlelit ceremonies to enchanting outdoor receptions adorned with fairy lights, discover creative ways to create a magical ambiance for an unforgettable celebration. Let’s make your special day shine!

Brighten your special day with these gorgeous wedding lighting ideas to suit any setting!

1. Fairy Lights

Draping fairy lights create an enchanting, starlit atmosphere, perfect for outdoor or barn weddings. These tiny, twinkling lights will make your guests feel like they’ve entered a magical realm. They’re versatile too – hang them overhead, wind them around trees, or drape them over tables.

wedding lighting ideas
Photo: Lauren Miles

2. Edison Bulb Lighting

For a warm, vintage vibe, try Edison bulbs. These can be hung in strands or incorporated into centerpieces for a touch of industrial elegance. The soft yellow glow of Edison bulbs creates a cozy, welcoming atmosphere that’s hard to resist.

bulb lighting wedding decor
Photo: Richard Skins | Decor & Hire: Taddle Farm Tents

3. Geometric Hanging Candles

These modern and chic additions make a bold, contemporary statement. The geometric shapes provide a stark contrast to the soft flicker of the candles within, creating an eye-catching blend of modern design and romantic ambiance. Suspended above tables or along walkways, they’ll add a unique and mesmerizing lighting element to your wedding decor.

geometric wedding lighting
Photo: Lena Mirisola | Planning & Design: FourNineteen Weddings | Floral Design: Botanics Wedding Flowers

4. Marquee Letters

Illuminate your love with oversized marquee letters of your initials or a sweet message like “LOVE” or “I DO”. These glamorous additions are not only illuminating but make for fantastic, personalized decor. Position them as a stage backdrop, by the dance floor, or at the entrance for a grand statement.

wedding letters
Photo: Thunder and Love | Decor: Goeters

5. Chandeliers

For a grand, traditional feel, nothing beats an opulent chandelier. Dangling above the dance floor or the dining area, chandeliers give an upscale look to your venue. And don’t feel limited to indoor use – chandeliers can make a stunning statement at outdoor venues as well.

wedding chandelier inspiration
Photo: JuMi Story | Stylist, Planner, Creative, Director: Meissa Ortanez Events

6. Paper Lanterns

Asian-inspired paper lanterns can create a soft, romantic glow. Mix and match sizes and colors for a dynamic effect. They can be hung from trees or ceilings or even floated in water. For an extra touch, consider adding LED lights inside to make them glow.

7. Candlelit Centrepieces

A classic choice, candles bring an intimate, romantic ambiance to your tables. Whether arranged with flowers or alone in varied heights, candlelit centerpieces add a warm, soft glow that’s incredibly inviting. They’re perfect for enhancing that fairy tale wedding vibe.

candle centerpiece
Photo: AMP Photography | Planning & Design: Simpy Beautiful Events

8. Uplighting

Use uplighting to highlight architectural features and change the feel of your venue. By casting beautiful colors onto walls, columns, or drapery, uplighting can dramatically alter the mood of a room. It’s also a fabulous way to tie in your wedding colors in a subtle yet impactful way.

wedding uplighting
Photo: Jacoby Andrick | Florals & Decor: An Affair to Remember

9. Neon Signs

For a modern, chic wedding, consider custom neon signs with your names or fun phrases. A vibrant sign can serve as a focal point for your decor and is a fantastic way to inject some personality into your wedding design. Plus, it doubles as a great photo backdrop for you and your guests.

wedding neon sign
Photo: Epic Love Story |

10. Illuminated Backdrops

Light curtains or backlit panels can create a stunning stage for your vows or a photo booth. They create an impactful visual and can turn even the simplest venue into a dreamy, romantic setting. Experiment with different colors to create an atmosphere that suits your wedding theme.

wedding day backdrop
Photo: Abbie Sizer | Planner & Stylist: Willow and Hunt

11. Lantern-lined Aisle

Guide your way to your loved one with a lantern-lined aisle. This provides a warm, inviting path and helps focus all eyes on the bride as she makes her grand entrance. Lanterns also add a charming touch to your wedding photos.

12. Gobo Lights

Project monograms or patterns onto the dance floor or walls for a personalized touch. You could project your wedding logo, a monogram of your initials, or a pattern that matches your theme. This gives your venue a bespoke look and adds a touch of sophistication.

wedding monogram lighting
Photo: Mustard Seed

13. Illuminated Globes

Floating illuminated globes in a pool or pond adds an unexpected touch of magic to your venue. The water reflection doubles the beauty, creating an impressive display as day turns to night. These globes also add an elegant, mystical glow to any outdoor setting.

outdoor wedding lighting
Photo: Memory Box Photography | Planning & Design: Angelina Cardenas Events | Design & Styling: Maria Limon | Lighting: Riviera Events

14. Lighting in Potted Plants

Small lights hidden in foliage can make your greenery sparkle and shine. It’s a subtle way to incorporate lighting, especially for outdoor or garden-themed weddings. These twinkling lights add a touch of whimsy and magic to your floral displays.

potted plant fairy lights
Photo: Apryl Ann

15. Hanging Mason Jar Lights

For rustic weddings, these wedding light ideas are a charming addition. Filled with fairy lights or candles, they can be hung from trees or rafters to create a rustic, country charm. They’re perfect for barn weddings or any rural, outdoor venue.

16. Crystal Candelabras

Add a touch of sophistication with crystal candelabras on your tables. The way they reflect light will create a stunning effect, making your tables look like they’re bathed in candlelight. Plus, they make a beautiful statement piece in the middle of your tables.

wedding candelabras
Photo: Roey Yohai | Planner & Design: Lawrence Scott Events

17. Fireworks or Sparklers

End your night with a bang with a fireworks display, or a more intimate sparkler send-off. This not only lights up the night sky but adds a wow factor to your wedding festivities. It’s a fantastic opportunity for a memorable group photo, as well!

18. Illuminated Dance Floor

Light up your first dance with an illuminated dance floor. It adds a unique, modern touch to your venue, and can sync with the music to create a nightclub feel later in the evening. Plus, it draws everyone’s attention to your sweet moves!

Photo: Aimee Silver | Planner: Vara Wedding

19. Pinspot Lighting

Highlight your cake or centerpieces with targeted wedding lighting. This technique can make your décor elements shine, drawing your guests’ eyes to the carefully crafted details. It’s a fantastic way to ensure your beautiful cake or floral arrangements don’t go unnoticed.

centerpiece lighting
Photo: Love Life Images | Lighting & Decor: Revolution Event Design

20. Wine Bottle Torches

For an outdoor evening reception, wine bottle torches can add a warm, inviting glow. They’re a great way to repurpose used wine bottles and add a rustic charm to your venue. Plus, the flickering firelight creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

wedding reception lights
Photo: Suzanne Karp | Event Planning: Lovely Day Events | Event Design & Decor: Pottery Barn

21. Twinkle Light Canopy

A canopy of twinkle lights creates a dreamy, starry night effect indoors. This setup is perfect for dance floors, dining areas, or even over the aisle for a dramatic entrance. The result is a sparkling, celestial canopy that adds a unique touch to your venue.

canopy wedding lights
Photo: Artiese Studios | Event Planning: White Eden Weddings

Let your love story shine bright with these enchanting wedding lighting ideas. For more help with your special day head to WedBoard where you can explore and price out stunning wedding venues across Europe. You’ll find more inspiration and ideas for every wedding details including, 22 Charming Spring Wedding Centerpieces, 21 Beautiful Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas, and 25 Stunning Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas.

Featured image: Jonny Gouldstone

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