Planning a Destination Wedding in Italy during a Coronavirus Pandemic

If you’re a couple planning a destination wedding in Italy during the Coronavirus pandemic, your tension levels may be running high as you continue to worry about all the “what if” scenarios that could possibly take place to ruin your plans. But it’s important to remember that the current coronavirus pandemic is not a permanent reality. Eventually, you will have your dream destination wedding happen! Travel restrictions will be lifted and you will finally have a chance to celebrate the most important day of your life with your friends and family. In fact, many couples are optimistic that their destination weddings can proceed as planned, albeit in a perhaps slightly ‘different form.’

In this article, we dive into several tips and practical advice on how you can tweak your destination wedding plans and still have that special day you’ve been longing for!

Tip #1: Consult with a local destination wedding planner

In the current unpredictable climate, having a destination wedding planner on the ground in Italy to guide you through the planning process is invaluable, especially someone who is familiar with the local laws and periodic updates that are often released by the regional governments. They will help you navigate the local climate in Italy, especially since you’re probably based outside the country. And that in itself is a lifesaver! Additionally, your local wedding planner can help negotiate specific Coronavirus policies with your selected vendors in order to avoid any big financial risks on your side should there be a change in your plans.

Tip #2: Plan for a smaller guest list 

If you’re planning to get married in 2021, it’s important to be aware of where most of your guests are traveling from. This way you can figure out if you can cut down on your guestlist and avoid any potential issues with travel. You want to share your big day with your family and loved ones and you’ve probably been waiting for this moment your entire life! So it’s important to make sure that those closest to you are able to make it to your destination wedding. The priority is to celebrate your love in a way that keeps your family and loved ones safe and comfortable.

One way to help with this would be to consider cutting down your guest list to 30-50 people at most. This will help give you peace of mind while keeping your special day between a close circle of friends and family without the additional risk of travel complications or a potential Coronavirus scare at your wedding.

Tip #3: Consider a countryside venue away from the busy city center

If possible, consider countryside wedding venues that provide a refreshing escape from busy city centers. Italy has no shortage of stunning wedding venues in the Tuscany or Veneto countryside to choose from. So plan to leave the buzzing cities and their large crowds, and head to Italy’s gorgeous countryside where you and your guests can be outdoors, breathing the fresh air, at a venue exclusively booked for your party.

Tip #4: Plan for an à la carte reception

As you may know, buffet service has been canceled across the globe at gatherings and weddings. Some countries have even restricted guests from dancing. But don’t worry, you can still plan for a lovely pre-wedding cocktail dinner à la carte with the closest people to your heart! And instead of music and dancing, you can ask them to pamper you with funny or emotional speeches. It’s time to get creative!  

Tip #4:  Follow travel and transportation guidelines for Italy

Coronavirus is a global pandemic that’s still a mystery to international health organizations. From travel bans to quarantining, travel requirements keep on changing depending on new finds, and of course, the number of new cases. Our recommendation would be to keep checking your local Italian Embassy or Consulate for updates. Another reliable source of information is the Italian Ministry of Health. Their website is updated regularly with new reports and official decrees, with a very helpful FAQ section. You can check it on the following link.

Tip #5: Practice extra hygiene and ask your guests to take a PCR test before your wedding

If you do opt for a small intimate wedding, it does come with its perks. One of them is being able to be completely transparent with your close circle and asking them to take a PCR test before your wedding day. As uncomfortable as it may be, a negative PCR result helps put your guests at ease so that everyone can have a worry-free happy day! It’s also become quite common to have weddings that include a few cute items to help promote safe hygiene, including bride and groom signature wedding masks and hand sanitizer gel bottles.

Tip #6: Plan ahead and consult with your wedding vendors 

Having a Plan B and C in life is crucial. So imagine not having a backup for one of the biggest days of your life! Our advice: an open and transparent discussion with your wedding planner and all your vendors about Coronavirus! Work on having flexible agreements. They will be understanding about your situation, which will also have a less painful financial blow on your budget. Ask your wedding venue and vendors for flexible policies and payment terms! This will allow you to move dates without an additional cost. You’ll be surprised, your destination wedding team will be as eager as you to help you have your big day!

Tip #7: Keep your wedding guests updated

The more you keep your wedding guests in the loop regarding both your wedding and travel guidelines, the safer they’ll feel. It is a thoughtful way of letting them know that you have them covered in all aspects. One way is creating a wedding website that helps notify them of any new information. You can also have a small email group to send out quick notifications for any potential changes that may occur. Either way, your guests will appreciate it and you can rest easy knowing that everyone is in the know!

Tip #8: Stream your wedding virtually for your elderly guests

With the current global pandemic, it’s only natural that some of your elderly guests may choose not to travel and rightly so! Your guests’ health is the most important thing so with today’s technology, that should be no problem at all as you can stream your wedding live over Zoom so that grandma and grandpa don’t have to miss out on the fun!

Of course, if you’re planning a destination wedding in Italy for 2021, there may be a lot of things running through your mind right now. And since the situation with Coronavirus is constantly changing, you will need to adopt a flexible approach to planning and try to take each day as it comes. Stay up to date with the latest news and maintain an open dialogue with your wedding vendors and guests.  

No matter what, take care of yourself and keep an eye on your final goal: to have a beautiful destination wedding in Italy! You will celebrate your special day and it will be unforgettable. And most importantly, you will be surrounded by love! It’s just a matter of when!

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