Pros & Cons Of A Destination Wedding During The Winter Holidays

Many couples choose to say YES at a winter holiday destination wedding. Let’s be honest here it is the best occasion to combine a few of our favorite things: traveling, partying, and holidays!
Needless to say, the month of December is the most magical and festive time of the year! And it comes as no surprise that this celebratory month will tempt even the least romantic of us to get married.  

The destination wedding during the winter holidays trend has seen consistent growth in the last few years with more and more couples opting for end-of-year weddings. Come to think of it, what would be a better new year resolution than deciding to be with your soulmate for the rest of your life!

But is it a good idea to get married during Christmas or New Years’? What are the advantages and disadvantages for you and your guests? Let’s review together, shall we!?

Holiday Wedding Decoration Theme with Lights in Italy

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Let’s start with the Pros of a Winter Holiday Destination Wedding 

Christmas Holiday Wedding Bar decorated with warm lights and green wreath
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Think twinkling warm lights everywhere, cozy fireplace moods, cheerful music, and holiday spirit all around.
From red Christmas-themed mood boards to cozy white setups, or full-on glitter and confetti, you will be lost in holiday wedding theme wonderland!

2- Days off and Long weekends:

Your family is already planning to gather to celebrate the holidays. So why not bring them all together and give them an even better reason and motivation to celebrate? And with most people being on vacation during the holiday you will be surrounded by your family and closest friends!  

3- Awesome Holiday Cards :

You will have exceptional wedding photos in a beautiful new setting. For example, if you plan to get married on Christmas in Italy, what could be better than having the snowy majestic Dolomites as a wedding photo backdrop?

4- A unique and new experience for everyone:

You and your guests will not only get to experience new wedding traditions such as those of your hosting country (click here for an idea about Italian wedding traditions), but you also will enjoy discovering a new way to celebrate the holidays! 

5- Even the best providers might have a spot for you:

Despite being quite magical, winter destination weddings are off-season. This means more availability, time, and flexibility for you…They will be able to realize every idea you might have, no matter how original it is! 

6- The festive atmosphere everywhere:

Whether it is your parents, relatives, or friends, everyone is in party mode. All your loved ones (even providers!) will be feeling festive and ready to celebrate the night (or weekend) away!  

Christmas Holiday Wedding Cocktail Drink - Sparkling Red and Gold

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Unfortunately, and even though the pros are many, there are still a few things you need to consider before deciding on a Winter Holiday Destination Wedding.

Bride dancing at her New Years Eve Wedding - New Year Wedding Decoration
Photo by Erica Manu Wedding via Lalla Crippa Events and Weddings

1- Higher travel and accommodation costs:

This is a reality that will affect both your budget and your guests’. As you get closer to the holidays, and with the travel rush and traffic, hotels will be booked early and plane ticket prices might skyrocket, thus limiting your accommodation options and making it difficult to plan and respect your budget.  

2- Holiday financial strains:

The holiday season is the gifting, celebrating, and also constant spending season. So adding a destination wedding to the mix might make even your closest relative have second thoughts about attending.
It is wise to remain mindful of this important factor while planning your winter holiday destination wedding if you want your guests to be comfortable.

3- Smaller guest list:

A lot of people have their own holiday traditions and might prefer them over traveling during the holidays. 

4- Some services might cost more:

While enjoying the flexibility of some of your providers, you will also face another reality: others will be in high demand and fully booked. For example, great wedding bands might be already booked for the New Year’s weekend or might charge you a premium price! 

So before you set a date, consider these advantages and disadvantages of a winter holiday destination wedding. And most importantly make sure you plan your wedding very early on. Set your expectations, budget, and send your invitations months before to ensure guests turn out, avoid additional costs, and tie the knot in your dream destination!

Stay tuned, more tips, and information to help you plan your winter holiday destination wedding will be coming your way! 

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