10 Reasons To Have a Winter Destination Wedding

The question has been popped, and you’re thinking about where and when to celebrate your nuptials. So why not consider a winter destination wedding? It’s no surprise that spring and summer have traditionally been the go-to seasons, but in recent years there’s been a growing trend to opt for the more underrated winter season.

Winter can add a special, original, and elegant touch to your special day. From better rates to stunning photos and dramatic color palettes, there are plenty of reasons for choosing to tie the knot during the cooler months. So make your special day even more magical by celebrating it during the most wonderful time of the year!

Keep reading here to find out why a winter destination wedding could be for you!

1. Off-Season Travel

If you choose a winter destination wedding, it means that you and your guests can escape the crowds. You can make the most of popular tourist areas without the hustle and bustle that comes with summer. You’ll also be able to enjoy the beauty and culture of your chosen destination up close. In fact, the whole travel experience starting from the airport is likely to be much smoother.

2. More Flexibility

One of the advantages of getting married during a less typical time of year is that you’ll have much more flexibility. There won’t be a lot of weddings happening at the same time, or package holidays in the same location, so there’s a higher chance of your chosen dates being available. This also includes more options for guest accommodation. You’ll also have first pick of availability for activities if you’re hosting a weekend celebration. For example, spas, wine tasting, restaurants, and much more. Another advantage is that there will be fewer tourists around so that you’ll have more privacy during your wedding.

3. Better Prices

The cost of traveling during winter is much less compared to the warmer seasons. For weddings, this can add up to a significant amount of savings, especially if you have a higher guest count. This is also an advantage for your guests who will need to budget for travel, accommodation, and any extras. You’ll notice better prices across all aspects of your winter destination wedding including the venue, catering, decoration, flowers, transport, and entertainment.

winter destination wedding
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4. Reduced Stress

Weddings are infamous for the stress that can arise. Brides are always looking for tricks and tips to keep the stress at bay and stay calm. A winter wedding is one of the best ways to do so! The fact that you’ll have more flexibility, more savings, and fewer crowds will do wonders to make you feel more at ease. The magic of the season and the beauty of a winter destination will inevitably keep everyone in a great mood too.

5. A Breath Of Fresh Air

Lots of people have their calendars booked up between May and September for attending weddings. This can cause guests to feel fatigued and worn out from traveling from celebration to celebration, especially if there are any overlaps. So, choosing to get married during the winter season will be a breath of fresh air for your guests. They probably won’t have any other weddings to attend, which is ideal for traveling further afield. Also, your guests are bound to be pleased that you’re giving them an opportunity to escape the monotony of winter to enjoy your special day.

6. Easier Decoration

Most venues will already be decked out with gorgeous decorations for the holiday season. They’ll have beautiful foliage, greenery, bows, lighting, candles, and more. So you’ll be able to take advantage of this and utilize onsite details, as well as reduce the costs of adding decor. If you want to include your own wintery decoration, you’ll also be able to find unique inspiration to impress your guests. You’ll also have a selection of winter flowers to choose from that aren’t available in the summer months.

7. Stunning Color Palettes

A winter destination wedding means that you’ll be able to choose from a stunning array of color palettes. You can make the most of beautiful colors and tones that transform your special day into a winter wonderland. As well as the traditional festive shades such as red, green and navy, there are dramatic combinations that heighten the elegance of your nuptials. For example navy and gold, burgundy and blush, blue and gray, champagne and silver, copper and green, teal and gold, black and white, or deep purple hues.

8. An Unforgettable Holiday

Winter is already marked by the magical holiday season, including Christmas and New Year. So why not make it a year to remember by hosting your wedding during this time too? You’ll be able to celebrate the popular holidays while you’re abroad with family and friends. For example, you could even include holiday-themed pre and post-wedding activities. A memory you’ll all hold on to forever!

9. Sunny or Snowy

One of the best reasons to get married during the cooler months is that you’ll be able to choose between stunning snow-covered destinations or sunny tropical climates. There are lots of dreamy winter wonderland locations such as Alaska, Finland, Switzerland, and Northern Italy. Or you can escape the cold and opt for a warm winter wedding in stunning beach destinations such as Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South Africa.

tropical destination wedding
Photography: Brooke Couch

10. Festive Food & Drinks

Make the most of the comfort food season to incorporate delicious festive food items into your wedding menu. For example, roasted seasonal vegetables, beef wellington, baked mac and cheese, french onion soup, baked camembert with cranberry, and nut roast. Also, include fun desserts such as individual berry cobblers, s’mores, creme brulee, gingerbread bundt cake, cookies, mince pies, and panettone. And make sure not to forget cozy winter drinks too! For instance, mulled wine, Irish coffee, orange and cranberry margarita, apple spice cider, cinnamon bourbon, and a hot cocoa bar are the perfect additions to a winter destination wedding.

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Tie the knot during the most magical season with a winter destination wedding. For more tips and advice head to WedBoard. You’ll find more inspiration for all aspects of your special day including, Top Tips To Plan a European Destination Wedding, How To Plan A Micro Wedding, and 10 Top Tips For A Rainy-Day Wedding.

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