25 Stunning Fairy Lights Wedding Reception Ideas

We all know how important decoration is when it comes to weddings! One of the key decor elements that will definitely stand out during your ceremony or reception is lighting. This is where wedding fairy lights are a perfect addition! They’re a simple yet stunning way to create a romantic ambience or cosy vibe. This popular lighting option can truly transform a space and set the tone for your special day. From glamorous and opulent to laid back and rustic, fairy lights are ideal for any style of wedding.

Whether your big day is indoor or outdoor, minimalist or maximalist, there are gorgeous lighting options to suit you! Read below for our selection of the most stunning wedding fairy lights ideas.

1. Magical Canopy

This dreamy idea for wedding fairy lights creates a beautiful and magical experience. Your guests are sure to fall in love with the twinkling installation as they tuck into their meal. It’s perfect for an outdoor reception and creates a cosy atmosphere for an intimate wedding.

Photography: White On Black | Design & Planning: Julia & Evita | Lighting: Events in Santorini | Florals: RedBox Days 
canopy fairy lights
Photography: Pablo Laguia | Event Planning & Design: Paloma Cruz Eventos

2. Heavenly Archway

Lead your guests into your reception with a glistening archway of light. If your reception starts as dusk falls, this will be a stunning way to start the evening celebrations.

string light archway
Photography: Chris and Ruth

3. Rows of Lights

Fairy lights are ideal for adding character and texture to minimal wedding decor. One way to do this is with layers and rows across your venue.

wedding fairy lights
Photography: Ali & Paul Co.

4. Dreamy Dance Floor

Encourage your guests to let loose by lighting up the dance floor! Make a bold statement with lots of hanging lights that sway as the music vibrates.

Photography: Steve Steinhardt Photography | Design: Beth Helmstetter Events | Lighting:  Hawaii Island Events

5. Twinkling Heights

Make the most of your space by hanging lights around your ceremony. It’s a practical option to light up tall spaces such as a barn or a farmhouse, especially if you want your guests to enjoy a more intimate and rustic aesthetic.

fairy lights
Photography: Vicki Grafton Photography | Design & Planning: Anamarias Eventos |

6. Luminous Backdrop

Use fairy lights to enhance your ceremony or reception with a stunning backdrop. This is perfect to make different elements of your wedding stand out. For example, the altar during your ceremony, a drinks station or bar, or even a photo booth.

Fairy lights backdrop
Photography: Sarah Taylor Photo & Film
wedding fairy lights
Photography: Elizabeth Rose

7. Statement Decor

One of the most stunning wedding fairy lights ideas is to make a bold statement. Use lighting decor to create a focal point during your special day. For example, for a small wedding reception, consider designing shapes to hang fairy lights from during your meal.

Photography: Lighthouse Photography | Design & Planning: Julia & Evita | Lighting: Events in Santorini | Florals: Betty Flowers Santorini

8. Lanterns Full of Lights

For brides that are on the hunt for wedding fairy lights ideas that are more delicate and subtle, consider using empty lanterns and placing string lights inside. This unique idea is gorgeous for decorating tables, or your ceremony aisle.

wedding fairy lights
Photography: Love Life Images

9. Fairy Light Curtains

Curtain lights are another stunning way to decorate your venue. They add a magical aesthetic to your special day. You can place them across a certain section, for example, to separate the tables and the dance floor. Or if you have a bigger budget, you can enclose your entire venue with them for a dramatic look that will dazzle your guests.

curtain fairy lights
Photographer: Victoria Selman

10. Overhead Lanterns

Mix fairy lights and lanterns above your tables for an overhead spectacle. Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off the beautiful scenery.

Photography: Click and Pum | Lighting: Ledilux | Planning: Weeventos
wedding reception lighting
Photography: Aimee Silver | Event Planning: Vara Wedding

11. Illuminated Trees

Make the most of the beautiful outdoors by illuminating the nature around your venue. For boho and rustic brides, this is a perfect excuse to mix natural elements into your decor. For example, hang fairy lights from tree branches.

ceremony fairy lights
Photography: Lauren Mihae

12. Radiant Bar

If you don’t want to go over the top with lighting, then focus on certain corners of your venue that you want your guests to make the most of. For instance, a bar is always where you’ll find guests mingling and having fun so, why not make it a stunning focal point with fairy lights.

wedding venue lighting ideas
Photography: KT Merry

13. Ethereal Garlands

Wrap fairy lights around greenery garlands to create an ethereal and whimsical aesthetic. This soft decor feature fits in perfectly with a minimal, rustic or outdoor wedding. To incorporate this idea subtly you could place them on tables, or for a more dramatic look hang them above the tables.

string light garlands
Photography: Gaby J Photography

14. Twinkling Stars

Make your guests feel like they’re dreaming under the night sky! Use fairy lights to create a starry night above your venue. This wow-worthy feature will make your wedding unforgettable!

wedding lights
Photography: Pablo Laguia | Planning: Paloma Cruz | Lighting: Le Dilux | Venue: Marqués de Montemolar 
wedding lighting ideas
Photography: Morgan Hydinger

15. Aisle of Lights

Draw your guests’ eyes to your aisle with gorgeous lighting. Glistening fairy lights overhead or along your aisle are perfect for creating a beautifully romantic setting for your magical moment.

16. Illuminated Accents

Set the scene for your wedding style with a fairy light accent. These could be small additions to complement your decoration or a large focal point. For example, consider incorporating a meaningful feature that your guests can take photos with.

fairy light wedding accents
Photography: The Wedding Story

17. Lit Up Table Runner

If you’re looking for minimal or subtle wedding fairy lights ideas, add them to a table runner. Create an enchanting and elegant table decoration by incorporating fairy light with fabrics and flowers for a subtle decor.

string lights table runner
Photography: James Shirata

18. Dreamy Ceremony Arch

Fairy lights are perfect for adding style to your ceremony arch. They’re a must for a rustic or boho look to create a whimsical aesthetic. Or for a glamorous wedding with a larger budget, they can also create a fairytale feel.

wedding ceremony arch
Photography: Kate & Tommy

19. Dazzling Walls

Choose areas to drape waterfalls of fairy lights and guide guests as they enter your wedding reception. The sparkling lights create a magical atmosphere as you welcome your loved ones to your big day.

wall of lights
Photography: Ryan Ray

20. Hanging Decor

Hanging lights look effortlessly chic at any style of wedding. Blend short lengths with neutral-toned flowers for a minimal and classic look. Or use long and cascading fairy lights for a dramatic effect.

hanging wedding fairy lights
Photography: Haley Rynn Ringo

21. Radiant Cake

Add a cute detail to your wedding cake with some fairy lights. This unexpected yet charming decor element is a gorgeous yet subtle way to enhance your wedding venue decoration.

wedding cake decoration
Photography: Sasha Lee

22. Glowing Pampas

There’s no denying that over the past few years pampas grass has become the ‘it’ plant for wedding decor. So mix this gorgeously versatile element with fairy lights for a stunning aesthetic.

pampas light decor
Photography: Jorge Macias Photo | Design & Planning: Fawn Events | Florals: Joy of Bloom Florals | Venue: The Ruin Venue

23. Lit Up Lounge area

A lot more brides are choosing to include a lounge area at their wedding reception, especially for outdoor weddings. It’s ideal for guests that prefer to relax during the celebrations. So, create a cosy and intimate atmosphere by adding fairy lights to decorate this pre-wedding reception area.

wedding lighting ideas
Photography: Anna Gomes

24. Dazzling Tent

If you’re looking for original and extravagant wedding fairy lights ideas, get creative with a lighting specialist and create a faux tent. This is perfect for summer weddings or locations that have good weather all year round.

Photography: Louis Gabriel

25. Palm tree

Make the most of your tropical or Mediterranean destination wedding to place fairy lights around palm trees. You’ll add an even more romantic vibe to your stunning location as the sun sets.

destination wedding decoration
Photography: Jessica Heron
palm trees lights
Photography: Alexandra Meseke Photography

The options are endless when it comes to wedding lighting! Find more beautiful decoration ideas for your wedding over at WedBoard. You’ll find useful tips and inspiration including, The Prettiest Wedding Color Palette Ideas for 2022, 20 Beautiful Wedding Arch and Wedding Arbor Ideas and 18 Unique Wedding Seating Chart Ideas.

Featured image: Kazooieloki Photography

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