10 Tips to Guarantee the Most Beautiful Micro-Wedding Reception Decor

Micro-wedding, intimate wedding, small wedding, and elopement are all wedding jargon you have heard quite a lot lately! Indeed, the 2021 wedding trend (and 2020 trend for the daring ones who braved Covid-19 and decided to tie the knot anyway!) is for small weddings, surrounded by a selection of your favorite people, while the rest joins on zoom!
Brides and brides-to-be happily welcomed this trend as it allows for more romance and less stress. And less budget, but we only get married once, so who’s really counting?

Having a micro-wedding does not mean skipping wedding decoration and aesthetics. On the contrary, small and intimate weddings are all about decor and details. Micro-wedding reception decor requires as much work as bigger weddings, just on a smaller scale! What is reduced is only the number of guests, not the expected quality, aesthetics, and experience.

So if you are planning a small wedding, keep scrolling to see the most creative and beautiful micro-wedding reception decor ideas and inspiration for your perfect Big (Small) Day! But if small weddings are not your thing, then be careful because these ideas might have you scratching names off your guest list right away…

Here are our recommendations and tips for beautiful micro-wedding reception decor, along with some really (like really) gorgeous pictures that will inspire even the most extravagant bride!

Wedding receptions are usually the favorite part for brides to plan and for guests to admire the efforts put into the decor. Whether it’s a big wedding or a micro-wedding, the decor should be well-thought out and placed according to your wedding’s theme and color scheme.
We recommend looking at every detail and following these micro-wedding ideas and tips to ensure your decor comes together without affecting your wedding’s mood and atmosphere.

1- Make sure you delimit the space of your micro-wedding reception decor

A small number of guests in a huge villa’s garden, a grove, or even in an indoor large ballroom might feel cold. Indeed with a smaller number of guests, you might end up having empty spaces. So after carefully choosing your wedding venue, make sure you delimit your dining space by using a flower-covered pergola, string lights, arches, drapings, and even trees to define your space and maintain that intimate, small-gathering feel.

Photo: Cassi Caire Photography | Venue: Fiddler’s Elbow Weddings | Planner: Copper & Chloe | Florals: Faye + Renee
Panner: Weddings In Tuscany | Photo: Kordelakos | Florals : Jardin Divers
As seen on Pinterest
Photo: Amrit Photography | Planner: Always and Forever Weddings | Venue: Fraser River Lodge – Weddings

2- Go for suspended centerpieces for your small wedding table:

Keeping good communication flow between your guests is important to maintain a festive vibe. So make sure you don’t obstruct their vision with beautiful but big centerpieces that might reduce communication.

Photo: Natalia Ibarra | Styling: NoQuiero Agencia | Florals: Távola
As seen on Pinterest
Photo: Justine Milton Photography| Venue: The Nash | Planner: Melissa Dawn Event Designs | Stationery 
The Social Page Design Studio | Florals: Meadow and Vine Floral
Photo courtesy of Art & Story Studio

3- One long banquet table, Italian wedding-style, is the way to go

To increase the intimate, “close people only” feel, a familial-style long banquet table will have everyone gather and share the meal in that warm cozy feel of Sunday family dinners.

Photo: Katie Grant | Planning and Styling : CCL Events | Venue : Villa Cetinale | Florals : Honeycomb Affair
Photo: Elias Kordelakos
Planner: Always Flawless Productions | Photo:  My Sun and Stars Co. and Morgan McCane Photo | Florals: Moonlight Floral

4- Alternatively to the banquet, and for a slightly larger number of guests, consider U-shaped or square tables:

Now a small wedding can be a wedding of 30-35 guests, in which case we suggest you keep the one table concept, but with a twist. A u-shaped wedding reception table will leave an open communication flow.

Photo: Carol Oliva Photography | Venue: Glen Oaks | Planner: Big Sur Weddings | Florals: Christine Cater via Green Wedding Shoes
As seen on Pinterest

5- Don’t overlook table setting details like glassware, crockery, and linens

As we already mentioned, micro-weddings are all about details, so don’t overlook even the smallest ones. Enjoy the preparation and design, as they will be greatly appreciated by your guests and take your table to the next level. Think personalized beautiful glassware, interesting plates, soft linens, and an overall style and color palette that matches your wedding’s mood

Photo:  DeRay & Simcoe Photography | Styling:  Blonde and Blue | Stationery:  Lala Design | Florals: Rose and Bud via Polka Dot Wedding
Photo courtesy of Dish It Out Amelia
Photo:  Rosanna Lilly Photography | Planner: Wild Ones Community | Stylist, Planning, & Stationery:  Mille Papillons | Florals: La Floreria

6- Always go for personalization, especially when it comes to stationery like menu, programs, and place cards

A micro-wedding is about being surrounded by your favorite people. To add to that family vibe, personalizing your wedding decor and stationery is key. Go for handwritten menus, detailed programs and have fun picking pretty (and why not useful) place cards?

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart
Photo: Justine Milton Photography| Venue: The Nash | Planner: Melissa Dawn Event Designs | Stationery 
The Social Page Design Studio | Florals: Meadow and Vine Floral
As seen on Etsy

7- Don’t be afraid to go all-out or do the complete opposite by throwing a picnic style laid-back (but elegant) dinner

Whether you are going for a dinner with a backyard vibe or a picnic feel, don’t be afraid to go for a laid-back, relaxed style. You are all friends and family, so you don’t have to follow traditions. That being said, it is still a wedding celebration: so yes, do go for a picnic vibe but do it in style!

Photo courtesy of Happily Grey | Florals: Bloomist
As seen on Pinterest

8- Don’t stick to traditional timings like lunch or evening, have fun planning a brunch or sunset micro-wedding reception

You’re with your tribe and there will be no judgment or protocol to respect. Leverage this occasion and plan a brunch wedding reception, or a sunset wedding reception instead of the classic wedding dinner. Great mood guaranteed!

Planning & Design: Stella & Moscha Weddings | Forals & decor: Wedding Wish | Photo: Phosart | Venue: Grace Hotel
Florist: Flowers Living | Photo: Tali Photography | Planner: Lisa Giolo | Venue : Villa Agape |

9- Consider adding a lounge area next

To add to the familial and intimate feel, consider adding a lounge area. Since you are a small group, go all out and have a proper chill-out relaxing corner where your guests can take in the view, admire your beautiful micro-wedding reception decor and sip their cocktails! It’s bonding time in the classiest way, right before or after dinner, or even for a break from dancing!

Photo: The Edges Wedding Photography | Planner: A Savvy Event | Florals: Chestnut & Vine Floral Design | Venue: Meadowood Napa Valley
Photo courtesy of Something Vintage Rentals
Photo: Anna Delores Photography | Designer & planner: Wild Heart Events | Florals: Idlewild Floral Design 

10- Don’t hesitate to add big wedding elements like chandeliers or elegant chairs to your micro-wedding reception decor

Who said chandeliers are exclusive for black-tie weddings and big extravaganzas? Adding elements like chandeliers, velvet chairs, and armchairs will add sophistication and elevate your small wedding decor! It is the best opportunity to add as many dramatic elements as you wish since the cost won’t be high given the smaller number of seats and tables.

Planner: Samantha Joy Events | Photo: Megan Noll Photography  | Florals: Daisy Stone Studios
Florals: Siloh Floral | Venue: Belmond Hotel Caruso | Photo: Rebecca Yale Photography | Planner: Amorology
Photo: Jess Withey Photography | Venue: Locanda in Tuscany | Event designer & planner: Italian Eye | Florals: Design by Nature

Like what you saw? Want more micro-wedding decor inspiration and tips? Stay tuned as there are a lot more micro-wedding decor ideas coming your way!

And if it is a destination micro-wedding or elopement you are looking for, then head to our 10 Tips to Plan The Perfect Destination Micro-Wedding in Italy to get inspired and start planning!
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Feature image details: Florals: Color Theory Design | Wild flowers: Wild Folk | Designer & Stylist: Mae&Co Creative

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