5 Best Winter Wedding Locations in Italy

While Italy is famously known to host spring and summer weddings, there are beautiful winter wedding locations throughout the country that shouldn’t be forgotten. These including marvelous winter wedding venues to consider for your big day! In addition to this, winter weddings in Italy can be significantly cheaper than a wedding planned during spring or summer. Imagine a white, snowy ceremony tucked in the alps or a cozy, rustic wedding in a farmhouse with all of your dearest friends and family.  Whether you’re having a “minimony” or a larger soiree, there are plenty of perfect winter wedding locations and venues to choose from for your special day!

If the winter holidays are truly your favorite time of the year, you’re a fan of the snow or cooler weather, and prefer to stay away from the busy tourist season, then a winter wedding in Italy is definitely calling out your name! Discover the best Italian winter wedding locations below!

Photo & Event Planning: Jlenia Costner

The Dolomites

The Dolomites, also known as the Dolomite Mountains or Dolomite Alps, are a prime winter wedding location in Italy. Located in northeastern Italy, this grand mountain range is also a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. While the Dolomites might be a prime destination for skiers and snowboarders, this stunning location has become very popular for fall and winter weddings. Enjoy the natural beauty of the Dolomites through various winter wedding venues. These include resorts, chalets, and charming churches – all surrounded by the majestic and breathtaking mountains. Looking for some venue inspiration? Explore a winter chalet in Bolzano and other specific winter wedding venues in the Dolomites here!

Photo: Quattrost | Event Planning: Jlenia Costner | Venue: Col Pradat Lodge
Photo: Julian Kanz | Planning: Italian Wedding Event | Florals: Malafronte | Venue: Col Pradat Lodge
Venue: Schloss Bellermont Wangen


Verona is known to be one of the most romantic cities in the world and is a perfect majestic winter wedding location in Italy. Although you won’t see much of the snowy landscape, you will be guaranteed an indoor fairy-tale wedding. Imagine being surrounded by golden accents and unique frescos. Best part? You’ll feel like absolute royalty celebrating with the love of your life and the people you care about most. Be enchanted by beautiful winter wedding venues in Verona such as Villa Arvedi, Villa Mosconi Bertani, and Villa Sigurta.

Photo: Selene Pozzer | Venue: Villa Arvedi | Planning: DAG Wedding | Florals: Monica Michelotto
Photo: Alberto e Alessandra Fotografia Italiana | Venue: Villa Mosconi Bertani | Planning: Palazzo Eventi |


Most might not think of Sicily as a winter wedding location, but think again! Sicily has wedding venues suited for the hot summers, yet also perfect for the colder winter season. These even include rustic farmhouses and sophisticated wineries. That’s right, you can even book your winter wedding in a 14th-century castle – imagine the warmth and elegance! Since Sicily is a popular summer destination, having a winter wedding could be a huge cost saving! Be amazed by this type of nature and consider Sicily a one-of-a-kind winter wedding location!

Venue: Castello Camemi
Venue: Palazzo Biscari


Venice, also known as the “The Floating City” or the “City of Canals,” is a unique winter wedding location. Due to its unique landscape, there aren’t many outdoor wedding options available in Venice. However, it makes the picturesque location ideal for a luxurious indoor wedding ceremony. With small and large boutique hotels to host any guest list size, you can get striking views of the stunning canals of Venice while enjoying the breathtaking interiors.

Photo: Mauro Pozzer | Event Planning: Brilliant Wedding Planner in Venice
Photo: Gabriella Vanstern 
Photo: Konstantin Semenikhin | Event Planning: Palazzo Eventi


Have a memorable winter wedding in the beautiful region of Liguria! This area is located in the northeastern part of Italy. Close to the sea, yet accessible to the Alps and Apennines, Liguria is also part of the Italian Riviera. Here you can choose from luxurious, historical villas or even churches for your winter wedding. With Liguria being close to the mountains, you can still experience a snowy and white landscape as you enjoy this region with your loved ones. Talk about getting the best of both worlds!

Planning: Che Chic!

These are some of the best winter wedding locations in Italy, but don’t stop here! Get more winter wedding inspiration from stunning wedding bouquets to unique winter wedding decor. Also, there’s always so much more to discover when planning your wedding in Italy! Explore other wedding locations and venues in beautiful Italy here. Whether it be winter, spring, summer, or fall – at WedBoard, you can connect with numerous wedding planners and vendors across Italy to create the wedding of your dreams!

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