21 Gorgeous Boho Wedding Hairstyles

Boho wedding hairstyles are the perfect way to reflect the earthy and ethereal vibe of your special day. Let your bohemian wedding theme and personality shine through with cascading curls, whimsical waves and pretty plaits, just to name a few! If you’re searching for inspiration for boho wedding hairstyles, we’ve compiled a few of our favorites.
The key elements that define the boho look are the imperfect aesthetic, undone chic and free-spirited aesthetic. These hairstyles give you the freedom to be as creative as you like with gorgeous updos and headpieces, or as effortless and minimal as you want to be.

Every bride wants to look and feel amazing on their big day! Keep scrolling to discover inspiration for the most beautiful boho wedding hairstyles to suit every bride.

1. Relaxed Ponytail

Boho wedding hairstyles are defined by their beautifully effortless aesthetic. So a relaxed ponytail is perfect for this! Add in tousled waves and wrap some hair around the band for a simple but polished look. Another option, is to leave a few pieces loose around your face for a perfectly messy style.

relaxed bridal ponytail
Photography: Fennel & Fern
bridal hairstyle
Photography: Rosa und Mint
boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: A Sea Of Love

2. Floral Hairpiece

Add a truly boho touch to your bridal hairstyle with a floral hairpiece that can be as bold or subtle as you like. Best part? It’s versatile enough to work with any style! In fact, a hairpiece adds textures to any look, whether it’s a relaxed undone ponytail, tousled waves or a braided bun. You can even match the flowers in your hairpiece to the ones you’ve chosen for your bouquet or your venue decor.

bridal hairstyle
Photography: Melissa Marshall
bridal floral hairstyle
Photography: Kate Headley
floral hairpiece bridal
Photography: Ashley Sawtell

3. Loose Curls

Nothing defines boho wedding hairstyles like loose waves. This timeless option is perfect for brides who want a minimal and effortless vibe. In fact, gorgeous loose waves work perfectly with short hair and long hair so this can be the perfect look no matter your hair length.

bridal loose curls
Photography: Holtz Photography
loose bridal waves
Photography: Logan Cole
loose curls wedding hair
Photography: Jami Laree

4. Pampas Details

Pampas grass has been trending for the past few years and it’s particularly perfect for a dreamy boho setting. This charming element can be included across all of your wedding decorations and adds a delicate and ethereal touch to your hair. Moreover, the soft neutrals beautifully complement any color and hair style for the perfect boho-chic look.

boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: Foolishly Rushing
pampas bridal hair
Photography: Oleg Samsonovs
pampas hairstyle
Photography: Chloe Ellis

5. Daisy Headband

Incorporate daisies into your boho wedding hairstyles for a pretty nod to nature. Daisies give an ethereal and whimsical vibe to your look, regardless of whether you want a minimalist or maximalist look.

bridal daisy headband
Photography: Baptiste Hauville
boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: Kayla Fisher

6. Fishtail Braid

This creative braid adds texture while maintaining an effortlessly chic vibe. Particularly for shorter hair, you can make the most of flowers or greenery for an extra bohemian influence. On the other hand, if you have long hair, you can opt for a stunningly oversized braid to complete the look.

fishtail braid wedding
Photography: Captured Happiness
boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: Monika Ottehenning

7. Bright Blooms

Add in some bright flowers for a pop of color. In fact, this look adds a bold and playful touch to your boho theme. Make the most of the seasonal flowers to link your hairstyle to the time of year that your wedding is taking place.

boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: Tifani Lyn
bright floral wedding hair
Photography: Amberlee Christey
large floral wedding hair
Photography: J R Magat

8. Ribbon Details

Include an extra pretty detail with a ribbon. For instance, this addition complements cascading curls, waves and braids beautifully and also adds a sweet touch to a simple braid.

ribbon bridal hairstyle
Photography: Volvoreta
ribbon waves hairstyle
Photography: Tina Roesler
boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: Tom Leung

9. Crown Braids

Crown braids are innately and beautifully bohemian while creating a show-stopping impact. Overall, this style exudes a boho-chic edge that’s charmingly feminine while best suited for longer hair to create volume.

crown braid
Photography: C Mudlo
boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: Rachel Owens
bridal crown braid
Photography: Glitter and Twigs

10. Natural Texture

Reflect the natural elements of a boho theme by going for natural curls. Feel the free-spirited aesthetic by letting your natural hair shine and by adding a striking hairpiece or flower crown for a finishing touch.

natural curls bridal
Photography: Kelly Giarrocco

11. Floral Details

If you prefer minimal touches, opt for a few floral details, such as pops of baby’s breath, greenery or minimal blooms, rather than a full-on floral crown. This will add subtle color and texture to your waves while matching a boho aesthetic perfectly.

boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: Karin Lundin
boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: Kristen Kilpatrick

12. The Messy Undo

An updo is a classic style for any theme, but you can add a boho twist with an undo. Take out a few curls from your bun to frame your face which adds to the messy and undone look. This hairstyle leans perfectly into the free-spirited nature of a boho wedding.

messy bridal bun
Photography: Austin Gros
bridal undone bun
Photography: Jenna Kathleen

13. Half Up Half Down

The half up half down hairstyle is one of the most classic romantic looks. You can really play with it to make it as simple or as creative as you want. For instance, try combining it with loose waves, undone curls and balayage highlights for a gorgeous look!

bridal half up half down hairstyle
Photography: Olivia Markle
half up half down bridal
Photography: Jennifer Stieler

14. Side Florals

One of the key features of boho wedding hairstyles is the undone and romantically edgy vibe. So add in a side floral to give an asymmetric and off-balance look to your hair. This style perfectly portrays an effortless look while still maintaining a gorgeous and chic aesthetic.

side floral hairstyle
Photography: Samantha Clarke
boho bridal hair
Photography: Magnolia Rouge

15. Beachy Waves

Beach waves are a perfect option for minimal boho wedding hairstyles. If you’re looking for something simple with little effort, this one is for you! Make sure to leave the ends out when curling, and lightly pull your hair for the beachy look. Also, try using a texturizing spray for volume while maintaining a messy chic vibe.

beachy bridal waves
Photography: Anna Delores
boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: Beckley Photo

16. Flower Crown

Make your hair instantly bohemian with a flower crown. Nothing says boho chic quite like it! Include earthy-toned flowers for a trendy vibe, such as baby’s breath. It’s a gorgeous contrast to your hair and can even replace a bouquet!

flower crown hairstyle
Photography: Ready Luck
boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: Sarah Joy

17. Pretty Plaits

For a simple and easy style, go for a traditional plait and add in greenery or dried flowers for a bohemian feel. For instance, you can do one large plait, or a few mismatched small plaits to complement your loose waves.

wedding hair plaits
Photography: Feather and North
boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: Kristin La Voie

18. Braided Updo

Mix glamour into your boho wedding hairstyle with a braided updo. This super-romantic style is ideal for any bride! It works for both reserved brides who want a clean look, and brides who want to make their hair a focal point with dramatic oversized braids and large florals.

bridal braided updo
Photography: Mayfield
boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: Sawyer Baird
braided updo
Photography: Lindsey Pantaleo

19. Statement Accessory

Make a statement with an eye-catching accessory. Create a boho-chic aesthetic with a hat, beads, jewels or embellished chain. In fact, this is a great option if you’re not as keen on flowers! The best part is that it works with all hair textures to create an eye-catching hairstyle.

boho bridal hair
Photography: Lansen Photo
bridal hair chain
Photography: Jillian Bowes
boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: AHR Photos

20. Waterfall Braid

The main element of this style is loose curls that flow seamlessly from a plait to create a gorgeous waterfall effect. This relaxed look adds a perfectly whimsical style to highlight your boho theme.

bridal waterfall waves
Photography: Kaity Brawley
waterfall braid wedding hair
Photography: Katherine Dalton

21. Bubble Braid

For a quirky and creative boho wedding hairstyle, try a bubble braid. This look is super easy to do if you’re looking for something simple, yet still looking to maintain the boho element of undone chic.

boho wedding hairstyles
Photography: Alicia King
bridal bubble braid
Photography: TMT Weddings

Now that you’ve got your wedding hairstyle sorted, you’re closer to celebrating your special day! If you need extra hairstyle ideas, check out our roundup of Wedding Hairstyles For Every Type of Wedding Theme, or discover decoration inspiration for your Boho-Chic Wedding. In the meanwhile, you can find more inspiration for all aspects of your wedding over at WedBoard.

Featured image: Adam and Grace

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