Wedding Cake Trends for 2021

The internet is filled with gorgeous pictures, in all shapes and colors, ready to inspire brides on the lookout for that perfect wedding cake!
From all the details that create the perfect wedding celebration, 2 items take center stage regardless of trends: the bridal bouquet and the cutting of the cake. Although there have been a few attempts to replace the wedding cake with cupcakes or donuts, all these have been in vain; the cutting of the cake is still one of the defining moments of the celebration as a whole! But why is the traditional cake still a wedding favorite?

In ancient times, the brides were offered a cake made of honey, flour and sesame: a traditional symbol of fertility. The round shape represented the protection that the goddess would bestow upon the couple. The layered structure is believed to have illustrated the married life, with its ups and downs. All in all, the wedding cake does embody joy, sharing and communion.
Traditionally, the Italian version is either a sumptuous fruit tart or a mille-feuille, that is often put together by the pastry chef  right in front of the couple and their guests. As every other element, the wedding cake has to be in harmony with the overall mood. So it’s important to weigh all of your options, to make sure that the final result is beautiful, original, and of course, delicious!

Let’s go through the list of 2021 wedding cake trends!

Colorful Wedding Cakes

What comes to your mind when you think of a colorful wedding cake?  Maybe it’s a classic naked cake with different colored fillings between the layers or perhaps it’s a bold colorful shade that fits the overall style of your special day. Either way, a colorful wedding cake is a happy, off the charts one that highlights your wedding color palette in a creative way!

Edible Flowers Wedding Cakes

A popular new trend includes edible flowers, that come in many versions. They can either be pressed or made through several techniques, such as the wafer paper sheets or by molding the butter cream. As an alternative, edible rice papers can also offer a large range of floral prints that can be used to coat the wedding cake. Depending on the overall style of your wedding, your choice of floral design can completely transform your cake into a work of art!

Picture Perfect Wedding Cakes

Can a wedding cake be too beautiful to eat? Some wedding cakes incorporate hand painted elements that will transform them into floral works of art! Before talking to your pastry chef, you should first become familiar with the most popular types of wedding cake decorations. It’s only then that you’ll be able to explain exactly what you want for your big day, and you’ll connect with your baker by speaking their language! Most of us have a sweet tooth, and a good party deserves a good cake. So let’s celebrate the first dessert of married life with a stunning wedding cake design and a delicious flavor! Pastry techniques are currently so developed that it’s easy to combine beauty and tastiness. And in some cases, the final results are breathtaking pieces worthy of being framed!

Geometric Wedding Cakes

This kind of cake is perfect for those who love a clean, linear style but dare to go for something bold, both in terms of shapes and colors. On the same note, the floating tiers cakes boast amazing 3D effects that will make your guests’ jaws drop!

Geode Wedding Cakes

For the couples keen on something unusual and sparkly, a geode cake is the answer. As the name suggests, these desserts are a reproduction of geodes, a specific kind of rock whose interior is filled with crystals and shiny minerals. They simply rock!

And what about fillings? We all know the classics: the Chantilly cream with fresh fruits, the crème pâtissière, or any kind of chocolate filling. Yet, there are newer and fresher alternatives full of inventiveness! What about an Earl Grey cream for instance? The exclusive Champagne rosé, or even better, fillings that recall some of the most popular cocktails, such as the Mojito or the Moscow mule?

And that’s a wrap my friends! I hope this inspired you to go beyond the beaten paths, and to consider exciting new options for your wedding cake. Interested in exploring your own personal creations? Check out some of our favorite wedding pastry chefs that will transform your dream wedding cake to reality!

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