Wedding Cake Trends: Top Stunning Wedding Cake Designs

Awaited by the guests, your wedding cake will share some of the spotlights upon its entrance! It is one of the key moments of your reception that marks the end of the meal and the official start of the party! Simple traditional wedding cakes are no longer the only option on the table so choosing your wedding cake design is one of the most important things you can decide on!
If you’re looking for some wedding cake design inspiration, then read on for our round-up of the most beautiful wedding cake trends that we’ve been seeing.

But before you continue scrolling, here are some things to consider before choosing your cake design:

  • Make sure to choose the right provider and try to include a wedding cake tasting session (which by the way, is also another excuse for a small celebration with your wedding party. Yay!)
  • When discussing your wedding cake idea and design, your pastry chef will need to know: the number of guests, your wedding theme and mood and of course, your flavor preferences
  • During your first meeting with your caterer, pastry chef, or cake designer, do not hesitate to share elements that will allow him or her to have a more precise idea of your preferred wedding cake design

Going back to our favorite topic: Wedding Cake Ideas to inspire you. Here is our round-up!

N.B. words cannot express how hard it was to choose between these beautiful wedding cake styles!

All-white Classic Wedding Cake Designs

Dessert trends come and go but nothing takes the place of a classic all-white wedding cake! Whether your cake is naturally iced or adorned with delicate floral decorations, you can never go wrong with a traditional white wedding cake. After all, it is a loved classic and these gorgeous wedding cake designs are proof that some things never run out of style!

5-Tiers classic all-white wedding cake design as seen on Pinterest

Tall all-white wedding cake photographed by The Ganeys via Martha Stewart Weddings

White Wedding CAke with Cherry Blossom designs

All-white 2-tiers wedding cake with cherry blossom flowers details by The Pastry Studio | Photo by Sherri Meyer Photography

Classic white tiered wedding cake

Elegant white wedding cake by Sweet Bakes

Delicate wafer paper technique for a unique yet timeless wedding cake by  Venus Kwan Cake via Fab Mood


Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

Your wedding day should be all about showcasing your unique personality as a couple and what better way to express that than through an extraordinary wedding cake design? Ready for some inspiration? Check our top picks below! Whether you’re thinking of an out-of-box dramatic creation or just an alternative option to a classic wedding cake, these unique wedding cake designs will have you inspired.

Intricate wafer paper unique cake design technique by Hey There, Cupcake

Elegant colors mixed with texture for a unique wedding cake design by Kouture Cakes

Airy drapings of wafer paper for this unique wedding cake design – photo courtesy of C Magazine

Unusual and unique wedding cake matching the Italian Dolomites background – photo courtesy of Jlenia Costner Weddings and Events

Boho-Chic Wedding Cake Ideas

A boho-chic wedding cake design is all about bringing in a dainty whimsical style with a touch of luxury. Think vibrant colors, patterns, and fresh flower buds – all culminating into that perfectly laid-back but chic style that makes this one of our favorite (and yummiest) wedding cake trends!

Sweet notes and dainty flowers on this Bohemian Wedding Cake Design by Amy Swann

3 tier textured boho chic wedding cake design by Butter & Bodoni

Edible flowers on this unique boho chic wedding cake idea by Loria Stern


Rustic Wedding Cake Designs

Drawing inspiration from nature, rustic wedding cake designs incorporate wildflowers, natural elements, branches, leaves, and forest fruits. Whether naked or fully decorated with earthy colors, rustic wedding cakes have a homey, convivial, and warm vibe. It comes as no surprise that rustic wedding cakes have remained a popular wedding cake trend over the years!

Simple rustic wedding cake design with daisies – photo courtesy of A Charleston Bride

Rustic wedding cake design with red fruits and berries by Delizie Delizioce Catering

Rustic romantic wedding cake design with dainty wildflowers by Little Button Bakery

Timeless Simple Wedding Cake Designs

When it comes to a simple wedding cake design, the beauty is in the small details. Simple can be in the form of single-tiered, two-tiered, or even three-tiered wedding cake, as long as your cake design has just the right balance of simplicity with aesthetic decor. Think gorgeous lace ribbons, delicate floral structures, or even a simple hand-designed art. We just can’t decide between these stunning wedding cake design options!

Wedding Cake With Ribbon Sash

Wedding cake with a ribbon sash by A Bake Shop

Classic Wedding Cake Stye - Cream Fondant with Flowers

Classic Wedding Cake with Wildflowers by Lael Cakes | Photo by Lauren Volo

Delicate flowers on an elegant classic wedding cake via Burnetts Boards

Classic wedding cake style with a handpainted bride by Le Dolci Magie Di Taty

Classic Style Blush Wedding Cake

Blush wedding cake with delicate flowers as seen on Pinterest

Metallic Wedding Cake Designs

Gold, silver, and copper leaves will transform any cake into a statement wedding design. This shimmery addition can be paired with other colors, design elements like flowers, leaves, or can even sit on its own to add a shimmery accent to any cake. Metallic wedding cakes have a modern feel mixed with sophistication, that will add that extra sparkle to your wedding day!

Silver eaf Wedding Cake

Simple elegant silver wedding cake design by Faye Cahill

Metallic gold leaf and shades of pink cake by Cake Ink

Floral and metallic cake design by Cake Ink


Colorful Wedding Cake Ideas

One thing is for sure: these cakes are fun as well as pretty. Colorful wedding cakes can suit the most traditional bride who still wants that original detail, as well as the craziest funky bride who wants to go all out on her wedding! Choosing the right color is essential when going for this wedding cake style, as it can make or break your wedding.  If your mood board is all about earthy tones and nude colors, then you should definitely skip this section. The color palette can vary from soft romantic pastels to bright happy colors that adapt to you and your wedding style!

Semi-Naked ColorfulPink Wedding Cake

Fresh hot pink semi-naked colorful wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Elegant, fresh, and colorful wedding cake designs by Cake Ink

Soft light blue wedding cake design by Superfine Bakery as seen on Pinterest

Warm and unusual color palette on this colorful wedding cake design by Coppelia Cake Design | Photo by Emily Mae Photography


Dark Colored Wedding Cake Ideas

Black, navy, and plum are now colors that we see on wedding cakes. This bold choice of colors adds a lot of personality and a dramatic effect to your wedding cake. Think moody, romantic wedding vibe. Just make sure to always pair it with a luminous accent to avoid mistakenly going for a gothic look (unless this is what you’re looking for!). Dark wedding cake designs have bright days ahead (no pun intended)!

Soft yet dark wedding cake design idea by  Vanilla Bake Shop | Photo Stewart Uy via

Navy base with touches of beige dark wedding cake inspiration as seen on Fab Mood

Sophisticated black and white wedding cake design by Cake Talk


Modern Wedding Cake Ideas

Who says your wedding cake needs to look ordinary? These modern cake designs boast an artistic style and feel that will surely make a memorable statement. Think sleek lines, original geometric shapes, and decorative accessories that create the perfect contemporary look for your modern wedding cake.

Blush and simple contemporary wedding cake by Hey There, Cupcake

Mosaic modern wedding cake design with mint & blush hues – photo courtesy of Daylynn Designs

Scalloped contemporary wedding cake design by Crummb Store


Marble Wedding Cake Designs

Yes, you read that right: Marble wedding cakes. The stony design that we’re traditionally used to in grey-and-white, and part of our kitchen counters, is now a trendy wedding theme. Indeed, this chic, coveted design often symbolizes luxury and refinement, so why not add a touch of marble to your wedding? Marble wedding cakes come in many shapes and colors, adding a touch of modernity and character without overlooking romance.

Soft and romantic marbled wedding cake design with flowers by Rosalind Miller Cakes

Colored marble wedding cake design by The Abigail Bloom Cake Company

Marble 2-tiered wedding cake – photo courtesy of Fab Mood

Geometric Wedding Cake Designs

The geometric wedding cake trend can be adapted to everyone’s taste. No matter your wedding style and theme, geometric elements and shapes will definitely add modernity and edge to your wedding cake! Your color palette can either accentuate or soften the overall feel of this gorgeous wedding design.

Mauve and gold hues fr this geometric wedding cake design by Frost It! Cakery | Photo by Krista Mason Photography

Fun and original colors and shapes for this geometric wedding cake design by Malarkey Cakes

Marble and watercolor mix for this geometric shaped wedding cake design by Whisk & Whittle as seen on Green Wedding Shoes


Mini Wedding Cake Designs (Individual Wedding Cakes)

Think beautiful cakes that can also be used as wedding favors (one that your guests will actually eat in this case!). This might not be an option for a 250 guests wedding, but it would be a great addition to any smaller wedding or elopement. Mini wedding cakes can also be the ultimate decorative accessory for your wedding table.
P.S. This might be the only wedding cake that every single guest will actually taste!

Amys Sweet Bake Shop - Individual Wedding Cakes

Individual wedding cake design with fruits and flowers by Amys Sweet Bake Shop | Photo by We Laugh We Love

Miniature Individual Minimalistic Wedding Cake – Photo courtesy of Sons & Daughters Photography via Bridal Musings

Miniature individual marble cakes by Love Wedding Cakes | Photo by Salsabil Morrison


Hand-painted Wedding Cake Designs

Hand-painted detailing on wedding cakes is a trend that’s been gaining momentum over the last few years and we totally get why! Whether it’s watercolor or full-on painting with buttercream, this gorgeous trend has so many options to choose from and can be the best way to personalize your wedding cake! From pretty florals to hand-designed prints, these stunning wedding cakes below have earned their seat on the dessert table!

Emily Hankins Hand painted wedding cake

Soft colored painted flowers on this than painted wedding cake design by Emily Hankins

Hand-painted florals painted on this watercolor wedding cake design by Sweet Sister~Chic Sister

Hand-painted with watercolors wedding cake by Le Dolci Magie Di Taty

Elegant colorful hand-painted wedding cake by Sweet Bloom Cakes

Geode Wedding Cake Ideas

A geode cake is created to appear like a geode or crystallized rock and who says you can’t use this gorgeous design to add a little something extraordinary to your wedding cake? Whether you’re going for a boho-chic look or craving something a little more luxurious, you can’t go wrong with a geode wedding cake as you can pick and choose almost every color and design to fit your wedding mood!

Amethyst geode wedding cake idea by Whipped Bakeshop

Emerald geode wedding cake

Emerald geode wedding cake with touches of gold by Rachel Bakes

Metallic geode wedding cake design by The Cake That Ate Paris | Photo by Ivy Road Photography

Minimalistic Wedding Cake Designs

Crisp, clean, sleek, and airy lines are what would describe a minimalistic wedding cake design. Many would think a minimalistic cake should be white, small, and maybe slightly boring? But they would be wrong. To achieve a great minimalist design you need a true artist that will create a structure, and add small decorative elements that will subtly convey the wedding theme while elevating the cake. And when we see cakes like the ones below, we’re sure the minimalism trend is here to stay!

Minimalistic Wedding Cake

Photo courtesy of Wedding Wire

Minimalistic elegant wedding cakes –  Photo on the left courtesy of Wedding Sparrow | Photo on the right courtesy of Wedding Wire

Minimalistic White Wedding Cake

Photo courtesy of Noiva Ansiosa


Naked and Semi-Naked Wedding Cake Ideas

Possibly the most delicious of all wedding cakes, the naked or semi-naked wedding cake (depending on your personal preference)  is dripping with personality – both inside and out! These creative confections are packed with frosting on the inside, leaving the outer part of the cake to reflect the personal style of your wedding. Whether you’re opting for a rustic style wedding affair or a more glamorous event, the naked wedding cake is a top favorite and we totally get why!

Semi-Naked Wedding Cake with berries and figs by The Little Pickle – Photo by Samuel Docker

Pastel pink-colored semi-naked wedding cake by Avant Garde Cake Studio | Photo by Annabel Farley Photography

Fresh flowers and dainty leaves on this naked wedding cake design by Jackson’s Catering via Love Inc.

By now you most likely understand why it is SO hard to refine our selection of cakes! We hope you got inspired and are ready for more features coming your way to help you with every little wedding detail. We invite you to also check out our other inspirational selections like the most beautiful wedding arches on WedTips, or if you are still looking for your wedding cake then you should head to our article on 2021’s wedding cake trends.

Stay tuned!!

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