Beautiful Wedding Centerpieces You’ll Want To Have

You imagined your big day, booked your venue, and chose your wedding theme. Now comes the time to translate your vision into your wedding ceremony and wedding reception décor, which means a stunning tablescape is key. And the devil is always in every little (decorative) detail. In this article, we will tackle wedding centerpieces and go through the most inspiring ones!
So if you’re in the process of planning your wedding, you’ve landed on the right page: our wedding centerpiece ideas will certainly make their way into your mood board!

Get ready to be inspired with this selection of the most beautiful wedding centerpieces we have seen:

Wedding Centerpieces with Lanterns or Candles

Dim soft lights combined with flowers are definitely a winning combination. Think lanterns in a wedding centerpiece or a tablescape made of flowers, chandeliers, and candle wedding centerpieces: drama, intimacy, and romance will be the theme of your reception!

Photos: The Edges Wedding Photography | Florist: Michael Daigian Design | Planner: So Eventful
Photos: Lelia Scarfiotti | Planner : Super Tuscan Wedding Planners | Lights: Wedding Music & Lights

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Given how popular (understandably so) the rustic wedding theme is, you won’t be short on beautiful rustic wedding centerpieces ideas. Whether you’re going for a full-on barn wedding vision or would like to incorporate some rustic elements for that countryside vibe, you will find what you are looking for. Think branches, wildflowers, green garlands, mason jars, bottles, and even fresh fruits on a statement wooden table!

Planner: Guya Weddings – Charming Events | Photo: Serena Genovese
Florist: Flowers Living | Photo: Stefano Santucci Studio | Planner: Super Tuscan Wedding Planners
Planner: Jlenia Costner Weddings and Events | Stationary: Grafica Matrimoni ed Eventi | Venue: Chaletpia Dolomites |
Videographer: Silvia Sartori Video su Misura | Florist: Anneris Flower Farm

Simple Wedding Centerpieces

Elevated simplicity is a favorite for many. However, going for simple wedding centerpieces doesn’t mean playing it safe! It is all about privileging statement pieces (like vases, stands, etc.) that make an impact and then combining them with your favorite florals.

Photos: Katie Harmsworth | Planner & Stylist: Weddings Italy | Venue: Castello Di Vincigliata via The Lane
Planner: Lalla Crippa Events and Weddings | Photos: Mara Brioni | Florist: I Fiori di San Lorenzo |
Venue: Convento Dell’annunciata | Banquet: Love Banqueting

Beach Wedding centerpieces

Think shells, corals, pearls, and even seaweeds! And to elevate these beach wedding centerpiece must-haves, mix them with delicate flowers, ropes, airy fabrics, and soft pastel hues like blush, light blue, and all shades of white. Fresh yet sophisticated holiday vibes all the way!

Planner: Jet Set WEd | Photo: KMD Photo FIlm
Photo: Landon Jacob Photography via Southern Weddings

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

You might wonder why we’ve dedicated a special section for Mason jars. Well, these guys have earned it: they’ve made their way to the top and have become a rustic wedding decor must-have! Wildflowers, dried flowers, and gypsophila are flowers that will instantly elevate a mason jar wedding centerpiece. They are also the way to go if you are more into a DIY wedding and looking for a DIY wedding centerpiece!

Photo as seen on Home Edit
Photo: Benfield Photography | Florist: Jules Design Events

Greenery Wedding Centerpieces

Non-floral wedding centerpieces are now all the rage. Brides love these lush palettes of greens and how they complement and blend into any surrounding (yes any, even indoors!). They are very versatile and can be incorporated into any theme and can come in any shape: tall centerpieces, geometric, pots, vases, jars, lanterns… you name it! And don’t forget about a very cool and quite trendy new comer: succulent wedding centerpieces!

Photo: Lucas Rossi Photography
Photo: Vue Photography via Inside Weddings
Photo: Hello Love Photography via The Wedding Community

Boho-chic Wedding Centerpieces

Whimsical vibes, blooms, pampas grass, natural feel…Boho-chic weddings are dreamy! Boho wedding centerpieces are a delicate mix of all of these that will adorn your table and make your whole reception area feel intimate and enchanting.
Bohemian has never looked so chic!

Planner: Lalla Crippa Events and Weddings | Photos: Nunzio Bruno | Florist: Il Profumo Dei Fiori | Venue: Convento Dell’annunciata | Banquet: Love Banqueting | Lighting: Croval Service
Photos: Courtney Simpson Photography LLC. | Planner: Elevee & Co. | Florist: Tame Florals

Unique Wedding Centerpieces

You are exceptional, and so should your wedding be! Including your centerpieces, of course. Express your and your groom’s personality, taste, and creativity in every little detail, not only the overall wedding theme. There are no rules here, only a promise: a memorable and stunning tablescape!

Planner: Strawberries & Champagne | Photos: Pulse Production

Italian style Wedding Centerpieces

Italian wedding themes are very popular and not only for couples getting married in Italy. Italian decor is a theme by itself because of the many beautiful elements and colors one can incorporate: lemons, olive oil, old-world, etc. are all design elements that are great material for a stunning wedding theme!

Florist: Capri Blossom | Planner: Capri Moments
Photo: Gianluca Adovasio | Planner: De Plan V

Elegant Wedding Centerpieces

Elegance is timeless. And an elegant wedding is not about using expensive linen and crystal chandeliers. It is about adding tasteful touches to a cohesive color scheme and using elements that create a refined atmosphere. By incorporating in your wedding centerpiece elements like glassware, mirrors, candles, etc., you will elevate and contribute to the sophisticated mood you are going for… from every angle!

Planner: Federico Caneshi | Catering: Preludio Classe Catering Preludio Divisione Noleggio | Wine: Tenuta Canto alla Moraia |
Lights: Wedding Music & Lights | Florist: Flowers Living
Florist: Preston Bailey | Photos: The Day by Ita Lippke | PLanner: State of the Art Enterprises

Vibrant Colorful Wedding Centerpieces

Nothing reflects happiness like fresh, bold, and bright colors. So why not express your joy and excitement for your new life with vibrant and colorful wedding centerpieces? Fun and positive vibes guaranteed!

Florist: West Virjeni | Photo: Jenny B Photography | Venue: Goodstone Inn | Planner: SRS Events

Tree Wedding Centerpieces

Tall centerpieces are classic. Take them to the next level by replacing them with trees. yes, you heard that right: Trees! We will let the following pictures speak for themselves.

Photo:  Jerry Yoon Photography |
Planner:  Tessa Lyn Events | Photos: The Big Affair Photography

And that’s a wrap, only because we have to stop at some point! You can stay tuned on WedBoard for more pretty & inspiring things coming your way!
Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out our tips on how to choose the right wedding florist or head to WedBoard to start planning your destination wedding in Italy by connecting with the most talented wedding vendors and planners Italy has to offer. Happy wedding planning!

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Feature Image – Florist: MartaB allestimenti floreali | Photo: Paola Calamara

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