The Most Beautiful Wedding Bouquets and Styles

In addition to the traditional and fun (yet at times dangerous) bouquet throwing, wedding bouquets are a style accessory that will complete your bridal look.
Your bridal bouquet should match your wedding’s theme and add that beautiful extra touch to your wedding look, without taking the spotlight from your dress and you. Basically, your wedding bouquet is a delicate mix of floral artistry, wedding décor, and a key fashion accessory! Now that is a lot of responsibility for such a small element!  

Before our round up of the prettiest wedding bouquets we’ve seen, here is our 2 cents on how to choose yours:

Photo courtesy of Alessandro Pardi Wedding Films

Always choose your wedding dress before you start thinking of your wedding bouquet design:

If your dress for example, has a patterned skirt, then choosing a cascade bouquet is not the best idea as it will hide your dress’s best feature.
On the other hand, if you’re going for a full princess style gown, carrying a big wedding bouquet will add unnecessary volume, while a tiny wedding bouquet will make your dress look even bigger. In this case, the best way to go is with a medium-sized bouquet!

Your wedding bouquet’s design should match your wedding theme:  

Just imagine holding a pampas grass wedding bouquet, while walking down a crystal-studded aisle. Makes no sense, right?
While you don’t always have to carry the same flowers as your centerpieces, staying in the same color scheme and overall floral variety is a guarantee for good taste and decor harmony.

Florist: Jardin Divers | Photo: Matteo Crescentini Studio | Venue: Dimora Buonriposo Farmhouse

 Think of the wedding bouquet’s base design:

Wrapped in ribbons, silk, or just bare stems? This is where you can incorporate symbolic or emotional items like an heirloom brooch or even your “something blue”! Think outside the box!

Choose a bouquet that’s comfortable to carry:

You will be holding your wedding bouquet for a big chunk of the day, so make sure it is not too heavy or awkward to carry and its handle is well proportioned and fits in your hand.
Also don’t forget about fragrances, as strong scents can make you feel lightheaded after several hours.

Photo by Caroline Tran | Dress: Jenny Yoo

Now you’re ready to get inspired with our selection of the prettiest wedding bouquets grouped by theme to make choosing your bridal bouquet that much easier!

Rustic wedding bouquet ideas

Opt for a natural bridal bouquet that doesn’t look structured or geometric, and go for an uneven, imperfectly perfect design. As for the choice of florals, think of mixing wildflowers (daisies, chamomile, lavender, etc.), branches and greenery (rosemary, eucalyptus etc.) all wrapped in burlap or other earthy materials. Don’t be afraid to throw in a couple of more classic flowers like roses or lilies to give that extra chic feel! As for your color palette, there is no restriction here, for rustic wedding bouquets what matters most is the shape and type of flowers used.

Florist: Flowers Living
Planning: Guya Weddings – Charming Events | Photo: Vanity Wedding
Florist: Florale Werkstatt | Photographer: Paola Colleoni | Planner: Jlenia Costner Weddings and Events
Photo courtesy of Jlenia Costner Weddings 

Colorful wedding bouquets

Bright, fresh, and bold happy colors! What’s not to love in these beautiful wedding bouquets inspired by spring & summer! The secret for a stunning colorful bouquet is not only in a tasteful and cohesive color mix but also in the carefully selected shapes and sizes of the types of flowers that will take any simple bouquet to the next level. What a lovely way to add color to your white dress!

Florist: Fiori Fiori | Planner: Bianco Rosa Wedding | Photo: Giuseppe Giovannelli | Venue: Villa Scorzi
Florist: Anneris Flower Farm | Photo: Enrico e Eleonora | Planner: Di Punto In Bianco | Dress: Palasposi Couture
Florist: Pretty Flowers | Photo: Alina Indi Photo

Warm toned wedding bouquet ideas

Warm and deep color palettes add that dramatic layer to your overall wedding look! Especially when getting married in the winter or fall. Vibrant shades of red and orange, deep colors, and earthy tones are key for the perfect autumnal, cozy vibe. Your wedding bouquet will radiate that intimate and warm romantic feel!

Florist: Anneris Flower Farm | Photo: Sizan Padovan and Dana Studio
Photo as seen on Pinterest
Florist: Flowers Living | Photo: An???? & ????????

Romantic Classic Wedding Bouquet styles

Traditional, classic bouquets have stood the test of time with their elegant, often structured composition. Their classy and simple color palettes, and their pretty and chic flower varieties. Nothing will say bride and embody that sweet, pretty and dreamy feel more than flowers like peonies, hydrangeas, lilies and roses to name a few mixes with leaves and dainty tiny flowers.

Florist: Sanjski Šopek wedding florist
Florist: Tra Terra e Cielo | Photo: Fabrizio Guerra
Planner: Claudia Carrara Wedding Planner & Event Designer | Florist: Anneris Flower Farm | Photo: Daniela Katia Lefoss

Boho-Chic Wedding Bouquet Ideas

A bohemian bridal bouquet composition is effortless yet chic. A typical boho-chic wedding bouquet is composed of a mix of dried flowers, antique tones, etc. arranged together into a beautiful earthy and romantic cascading wedding bouquet. Think pampas grass (and some more pampas grass because what is a boho-chic wedding without them?), feathers, soft color palettes, and an overall airy and light feel. To make your bouquet stand out, why not wrap your handle with vintage-y materials like macramé or woven yarn.

Photo: Mirco&Anisa Wedding Videographers | Florist: Anthea Studio – Floral Design
Florist: Jardin Divers | Photo: Kathrin Krok | Planning: Con Amore | Venue: Villa Catignano
Florist: Anneris Flower Farm | Planner: Un Giorno Su Misura | Photo: Alberto e Alessandra | Dress: Atelier Dorio

Greenery Wedding Bouquet Styles

It is all about the simplicity of foliage, and the variety of its shapes, sizes, and shades of green. A greenery wedding bouquet can have touches of flowers (whether white or colored) as long as lush greens are dominant! A favorite among minimalistic, simple, or rustic brides, the leaves and foliage trend is certainly here to stay. Plus it can be also adapted to most wedding themes, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

 FLorist : Pretty Flowers | Photo:  Hunter Ryan Photo
planning:  Ema Giangreco | Dress: Silvia Valli
Photo by Caroline Tran | Dress: Jenny Yoo
Photo courtesy of Magnolia Rouge via Pinterest

Unique wedding bouquet styles

Why not opt for a different and unique wedding bouquet? An alternative wedding bouquet doesn’t have to mean an eccentric choice of elements, your bridal bouquet can be equally unique with its shape. Don’t hesitate to break the codes and unleash your creative side (while still trying to match your theme!) you will certainly find the wedding bouquet idea that will make your wedding look memorable!

Flowers : Flowers Living | Photo: Stefano Santucci Studio |
Florist: Flowers Living | Photo: Lucrezia Senserini Fotografa
Flowers: Mad Lillies
Photo: Matteo Crescentini Studio | Florist:  Simone Sardelli Fiori | Planner: Planner: Bianco Rosa Weddings

We hope you got inspired and are ready to choose your wedding bouquet style! Stay tuned for more features are coming your way to help you with every little wedding detail. And don’t forget to check out our helpful wedding guide on how to choose and hire your wedding florist, or if you’re still looking for the perfect wedding cake design, then you should head to our article on The Most Stunning Wedding Cake Designs.

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