15 Stunning And Unique Wedding Lighting Ideas That You Need For Your Wedding

When planning your wedding, everything is important: flowers, décor, music… nothing is left for improvisation. But the one thing that brides sometimes tend to forget or overlook is wedding lighting!

While it may seem too technical for some, or just a matter of décor for others, it is certainly one of the most important yet underestimated elements of your wedding. Lighting sets and affects the mood of both the ceremony & reception, elevates your décor, and guarantees beautiful photos!

Indeed, if you’re going for an intimate romantic wedding reception, you cannot have bright white lights. But then again if it’s all very dim, then your pictures may be affected. That is why you need to make sure you’re choosing the right wedding lighting vendor! He or she will know how to incorporate the lighting design you like while making it work both for your decor and your photographer. I mean, how else can you party until dawn without the proper lighting? Aha moment right here!

Lights, string lights, chandeliers, candelabras, candles… we all know the means and classic ways to light up a wedding. But do you have any idea which type to use and how to stage your lighting to have a romantic, festive, magical, or intimate atmosphere – or whichever mood you’re going for- on your wedding day?
Wedding decorative lights will complement daylight, illuminate your reception and contribute to the party’s mood, creating a beautiful and unforgettable setting for your wedding day!

Here is our roundup of the 15 most stunning and unique wedding lighting ideas that you’ll definitely want to have at your wedding!

1. Using Chandeliers for your outdoor wedding lighting décor: YES!

Who said crystal chandeliers were exclusive to indoor weddings or ballrooms? Get inspired with the below stunning weddings using chandeliers to elevate surroundings and light a wedding reception with the ultimate touch of luxury. Chandeliers add a dramatic yet sophisticated touch to any wedding décor theme even the most rustic one!

Venue: Locanda In Tuscany | Planner: Italian Eye | Photos: Jess Withey Photography | Florals: Design by Nature via Green Wedding Shoes
Photos: Katie Beverley | Planning: Sonia Sharma Events | Florals: Bloom Box | Lighting & Structure : Amber Event Production
Planner: La Dolce Vota Events | Lighting: Pantheon Service | Florist: Il FiIo D’erba | Photos Barney Walters | Venue: Borgo Stommenano

2. Edison lights, candles, and string lights make the ultimate wedding lighting mix!

Don’t be afraid to mix textures, materials, and types of lights to decorate your wedding! These couples and wedding planners weren’t afraid to break the rules! Just check out these beautiful wedding reception décor ideas involving string light curtains, simple colorful candles, and pendant Edison lights (bistro lights), creating a magical wedding lighting setup!

Planner: Lalla Crippa Events & Weddings | Lighting: CroVal Service | Florals : La Fiorellaia| Photos: Wedding Cherie & Mara Brioni

3. Unique Candlelit wedding décor designs: Romance all the way!

Nothing says love, romance, and passion as much as candles, after all a candlelit dinner is THE classic romantic gesture in almost every culture! The best thing about candles is that you can place them anywhere you want, and the more you add, the more dramatic the effect.
Candles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors (floating candles, taper candles, etc.) and can be placed by themselves, in candle holders, and any other kind of vases. The candlelit wedding decor is not exclusive to the wedding reception, why not use it to light up your wedding aisle?

Florals: Privet Flowers | Wedding Planner: Shifra Steele Events
Planning: Westcott Weddings | Photos: The Nichols | Florals: Clementine Botanical Art | Lighting: Intelligent Lighting via Style Me Pretty
Photo:  Scarlet O’Neill | Event Planning : Shannon Bellisle | Venue: Airship 37 | Floral Design: Hunt and Gather Floral
Photo: Braedon Flynn via Vogue
Planner Guya Weddings – Charming Events | Venue: Locanda in Tuscany | Photos: Martina Ruffini | Florals: Anaphalis | Lighting: Event Set

4. Draw & elevate your surroundings with whimsical string lights

Strings of fairy lights are so versatile, and can be used in so many ways. They are must-haves for creating enchanting, romantic and dreamy moods. These twinkling light strings will serve as curtains surrounding your wedding table, wrapping the trees around you, creating stunning backdrops from every angle.

Planner: Lalla Crippa Events & Weddings | Lighting: CroVal Service | Florals : Il Profumo Dei Fiori | Photos: Nunzio Bruno |
Venue: Convento dell’Annunciata
Planner: Lalla Crippa Events & Weddings | Florals : I Fiori di San Lorenzo | Photos: Gilberti – Ricca Photo | Venue: Convento dell’Annunciata

5. Unique wedding seating chart with lights: wow your guests from the start of your wedding!

Welcome your guests in style by incorporating lights into your seating chart. Now that is what we mean when we say memorable & unique!

Seating chart lighting by: Pantheon Service
Photo seen on Pinterest

6. Vintage candelabras and crystal chandeliers: Old world Italian all the way!

Nothing can complement a historic venue more than candelabras and -the often already there- crystal chandeliers. Channel historic Italian villas by incorporating these elements to highlight and elevate your venue’s architecture, murals, or frescoes without overshadowing them!

Planner Guya Weddings – Charming Events | Venue: Casa Colombani | Lighting: Event Set | Photos: Luisa Veronese
Photo and lighting by Villa Rezzonico
Photo courtesy of Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin

7. A new take on wedding lanterns

We have seen it all in terms of wedding paper lanterns: the Chinese lanterns, the colored paper lanterns, the geometric etc. But what about incorporating metal and modern lanterns? This will add a unique an out-of-the-box touch to your wedding while keeping the dimmed light atmosphere and intimate mood. Also, don’t forget wooden and rattan lanterns will add that extra vibe to your boho-chic wedding.

Lighting and photo by: Pantheon Service
Planner Guya Weddings – Charming Events | Florals: Simone Bianchini | Lighting: by: Pantheon Service | Photos: Giulia Pini
Planner: Bianco Rosa Weddings | Photos: Facibeni Fotografia | Venue L’Arancera di Villa Grabau | Florals: Simone Sardelli Fiori |
Lighting: Mixar srl

8. Create your own magical enchanted forest mood with fairy lights

Think twinkling lights everywhere you look. Surrounding your wedding venue with fairy lights will create an enchanting, incomparable fairytale atmosphere that will have every single guest bask in romance! *MAJOR SWOON*

Photo courtesy of Enzo de Gasperi
Venue: Chateau Rweiss | Florists: Rose Dew | Photos by DAZL by Chady Khalaf | Lighting: Bacchus Production | via DWP insider

9. Wedding floral suspensions and bistro lights

Keeping the lighting suspended is a great way to create an intimate mood while brightening up your indoor space. The bistro lights will also give that certain edge to your suspended floral arrangements. In this wedding, the lighting on the ground is kept simple and discreet to set a dimmed light romantic atmosphere,

Planner: A.Renee Weddings | Photos: Noelle Johnson | Lighting: Crimson Haze | Venue: Fremont Foundry | Florals: Althauser Design

10. Marquee Lights and neons for a personalized touch!

There is always room to express yourself, your love or send a message (fun or emotional) to your guests! Take awesome portraits next to your initials, create a photo booth with fun quotes like “Drunk in Love”, and many more ideas with this unique and very creative way of lighting and brightening every wedding corner!

Planner Guya Weddings – Charming Events | Design: Officina dei Matrimoni | Lighting: Pantheon Service | Photos: Vanity Wedding
Light up letters by Love Lights The Way

11. Create a unique wedding marquee tent with string lights

Celebrate in style under a 1000 lights by setting up your own wedding marquee using string lights. What an original and gorgeous way to create an intimate mood that will bring everyone together, creating a more personal and large family dinner vibe.

Photo by Austin Gros
Photo by  Monica Relyea Events 

12. Light up your wedding backdrop and photo booths !

Lining your wedding backdrop with string lights or filling your photo booths with various kinds of lighting will guarantee you creative and original photos, away from the traditional and seen so many times classic photo booths. These photos will certainly make it to your wedding album!

Photo by Chris and Ruth Photography
Photo booth seen on Pinterest

13. Underlighting and Uplighting: the ultimate sophistication

Nothing adds more of a sophisticated and luxurious feel than going for this type of lighting to illuminate your indoors, outdoors, or even your venue’s facade! You can choose to have one color, several colors, or even change colors gradually throughout the evening. The photos below do speak for themselves!

Photo: Milanes Photography | Wedding Planner: EllyB
As seen on Pinterest

14. Italian alfresco dining vibes with string lights

If you’re looking to give your wedding that typical Italian feel, or if you’re simply planning a destination wedding in Italy, then hanging string lights over your outdoor wedding reception is the way to go! Nothing says countryside Italian wedding more than this!

Photo curtesy of Villa Ivana
Photo courtesy of Borgo Colognola

15. Shabby Chic vibes with antique globe chandeliers

Using antique globe chandeliers is a great way to add a vintage touch to your wedding. These chandeliers elevate your wedding décor by giving it a luxurious yet authentic touch! Pairing them with soft pastel hues or dainty flowers will provide understated elegance to your wedding decor.

Planning: Haute Couture Events | Photos: Sakosan | Lighting : Amber Event Production | Florals: Petals LA
Lighting: Pantheon Service

So do you already have that twinkle (no pun intended) in your eyes? We really can’t get enough and will be diving again into the world of wedding lighting and wedding fairy lights, so stay tuned for more inspiration. Meanwhile, you can head to our blog for all-things weddings like wedding ceremony décor ideas, wedding reception decor ideas, unique wedding favor ideas and so much more!

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