Wedding Pictures: The Top Moments You Need To Capture

Your wedding photos are what will immortalize the special moments of your Big Day and convey the beauty and emotions of your wedding, leaving you, your family and friends with treasurable and precious memories. It is no secret that you need to capture these fleeting, beautiful moments, but how do you make sure you end up with photos that reflect the beauty of this day?

You already know the traditional wedding photos and classic wedding portraits you need to take on your wedding day, such as the photos of you getting ready, pictures of you walking down the aisle, and snapshots of the ceremony, the table décor, and the venue, etc. But besides these wedding photo essentials, make sure not to miss out on other equally beautiful moments by ensuring your wedding photographer captures the candid and raw emotions of you, your groom, and your family and friends. And this is exactly what we are helping you with here!

We rounded up some of the wedding photos you need to have in your wedding album to eternalize the smiles, the happy tears, and the festive mood! So make sure to show this list to your wedding photographer to complement your wedding pictures checklist.

Caution: Emotional happy tears ahead!

Getting ready with your mom and bridal party

These natural wedding pictures are a peek of what really goes on behind the scenes of the bride getting ready for her big day. Some bubbly with the bridesmaids, showing off the wedding dress and wedding look, some glam, putting on the dress with mom’s help, the laughs and the tears; those are the little moments you want to cherish forever, so make sure they make it to your wedding photo album!

Photo & dress: Darius Collection
Photo: Olga Plakitina | Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal | Planner: Happy Moments Collector
Photo: Kenzie D. Photography
Photo: Eric Cheng | Planning: oweddingsandevents | Florals: Ashton creative | Wedding dress: Felichia bridal

The emotional first looks of your family and wedding tribe

Yes, the first look pictures with your groom are literally EVERYTHING. But imagine having an everlasting memory of your father, mother, or bridesmaids’ look the first moment they saw you in your white dress? PRICELESS!

Photo: Paola Calamarà
As seen on Pinterest
Photo: Daniel Kim Photo

Photos of the groom getting ready : the emotional edit

We can’t deal with these sweet, sweet pictures that show the softer side of grooms. Let’s be real here, we’re all thinking there must be a lot of beer and champagne happening on the groom’s side of things. But that’s not the only thing happening. These picture will show you the real deal!

Photo: W&E Photographie
Planning & Design, Venue & FLorals: Casa Privata | VGroom’s attire: The Black Tux | Photos: Quattro Studio Photography
Photo: Jonathan Canlas | Planning: Amorology Weddings

Pictures of the groom’s face: the first look

Is there any word that can express the magic of these moments and reactions other than a big AWE!!! These photos are making us melt as we’re sure !

Photo: Summer Leigha Photography | Venue: The Manor House | Florals:  Honeycomb & Co | Wedding Dress: Kathryn Conover
As seen on Pinterest
Photo: Three Region Photography | Wedding Dress: Mary Elizabeth’s Bridal | Florals: Amy Harvey
Photo: Amethyst Image

Pictures of your guests’ faces and reactions during the wedding ceremony

Only a good photographer will make sure to capture these very precious but often forgotten reactions, so make sure you include them in your wedding picture ideas and checklist. You will certainly enjoy seeing the look on your friends’ and families’ faces!

Photo: Daniel Colvin Photography
Photo courtesy of Photobug Community
Photo:  Lelia Scarfiotti | Florals: Fluida Design | Wedding Stylist:  Fluida Design and Carly Bennett Creative | Venue: Borgo Stomennano

The emotional moments during the ceremony

Bright happy smiles, knowing glances, holding hands or wiping little tears on your loved one’s cheek are all beautiful precious gestures. They are the real testimonials of the bond and care you and your husband share.

Photo: Sergio Eblo Films
Photo: Gilberti – Ricca Photo
Photo: Cinzia Bruschini | Wedding Stylist: The LANE | Planner: L’Evento | Venue:  Real Collegio | Video:  Happy Wedding Films

Leaving the ceremony

Rice and confetti everywhere, laughs, applause, guests taking pictures (Hello Instagram)…make sure your photographer captures every moment! The emotional smiles (and happy tears) you will find, will say it all!

Photo: Street Wedding Photography
Photo: Infraordinario Wedding | Venue: Antica Corte Ortalli | Dress: Laure de Sagazan | Florals: Le Jardin de Delphine | Catering: Osteria del 36
Wedding Dress: Poesie Sposa | Grooms attire: Linneo | Photo: Margherita Calati |
Planning, Styling & Florals: Il profumo dei Fiori | Venue: Castello di Paderna

The cuteness of the little ones on your wedding day

While many couples hesitate to invite the little ones, these pictures of children at weddings will certainly make you want to invite every little cute kid in the family – including your 3rd degree little cousins. Such pictures are really worth it!

Photo Matteo Lomonte Photography
Photo: Paola Calamarà
Photo: Matteo Lomonte Photography
Photo: Matteo Lomonte Photography

The laughter and crazy dances

Yes, obviously you’re going to take pictures of the dance floor. But make sure to take photos like the below “in-the-moment” pictures that really reflect the festive and fun party mood. Don’t forget to include the speeches and toasts!

Photo: Stefano Cassaro Photography
Photo courtesy of wedding planner: Dazzled
Photo: Cinzia Bruschini | 3rd Photographer: Paolo Manzi | Wedding Dress:  J’ Aton Couture | Florals: La Rosa Canina
Wedding Planner : Exclusive Italy Weddings | Venue: Masseria San Domenico
Photo: Jules Bower Wedding Photographer

The last kiss or the ending

These make epic last kiss wedding picture ideas! The last kiss with a background of fireworks, happy guests, and everything nice. Frameable material here!

Photo:  Benjamin Wheeler | Florals:  Flower Addicted Angelica | Planner : Impression Villa & Weddings |
Venue: La Residenza Masseria Pettlecchia
Photo: Lilly Red Creative | Venue: : Villa Regina Teodolinda| Event Design & Planning: Benevent Planner | Florals: Chiara Sperti
via Wedding Forward

Other little candid moments

Little moments here and there. From sweet to funny, these improvised and candid wedding photo shots are for the books!

Photo: BHStudio di Gianfranco Bernardo
Photo: Matteo Crescentini Studio
Photo: Matteo Lomonte Photography
Photo: Cinzia Bruschini | Wedding Stylist: The LANE | Planner: L’Evento | Venue:  Real Collegio | Video:  Happy Wedding Films

Having amazing wedding pictures heavily relies on having an awesome wedding photographer, so we highly recommend you head to our article on How to Hire The Right Destination Wedding Photographer. Meanwhile stay tuned for more wedding tips & inspiration!

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Feature Image Credentials: Photo: Lisa Poggi | Florals: La Rosa Canina | Planner : Tuscan Dream | Venue: La Selva Wine Resort

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