What To Do the Week Before Your Wedding?

It’s the final countdown! After a long planning process, the week before your wedding has finally arrived. You’re close to the special day, but there are still some last-minute details to tie up. These might be important tasks that need to be signed and sealed or smaller issues that pop up. But don’t worry, most brides will have several things to do during the week leading up to their wedding so it’s normal if you feel overwhelmed. Just make sure to ask for help. After all, you’ll need to be flexible, reduce your stress and most importantly, focus on the excitement of celebrating your nuptials!

Find out what to do the week before your wedding, and tick off the finishing touches with our ultimate wedding week checklist!

Check in With Vendors

One of the most important things that you’ll have to tick off of your task list is checking in with your vendors. Without them, the pieces of the wedding puzzle won’t come together to create your stunning day. Send them all an email, text or call to make sure that everything is okay on their end and to confirm times. Make sure to do this for ALL of your vendors, from catering and florist to entertainment and glam team. Anyone that will be working on your wedding! This includes talking to your photographer and videographer to submit your shot list and going over any final details about what moments you want them to capture. You’ll also have to check through your contracts and make sure that your final payments are on time.

Organize Guest Details

By the time the week before your wedding comes around, you should already know how many guests will be attending. But there might be a couple of people who have forgotten to RSVP. So give them a call to confirm your final headcount. This way you can also give your seating chart a final once over. Also, take this time to organize any special arrangements for guests. For example, checking any wheelchair access, or making sure you’ve double-checked allergies with your caterer. You’ll need to go over any transport logistics to ensure that everyone will get to the right location on the right time!

Talk to Your Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner will have been on this journey with you from the beginning, so it’s likely you’ve been talking regularly. But the week before your wedding, make sure to check in with them to see what final details need to be solved. Having a professional to help you plan your big day, will definitely come in handy this final week. Most brides will be nervous, especially as your wedding gets closer and closer, so having someone who knows exactly how to handle any hiccups will be a weight off your shoulders. They’ll also be the person to contact your vendors and make sure that everyone knows the exact schedule. Don’t forget to make sure that everyone has your wedding planner’s or coordinator’s number in case anything goes wrong on the day. You don’t want to be solving logistics as you prepare to walk down the aisle!

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Ceremony Rehearsal

The ceremony rehearsal will usually take place a couple of days before the big day. It will be your opportunity to run through everything, including anything that could go wrong. During your rehearsal, your bridal party will get to see exactly where they need to be and what to expect. It’s also the perfect time to answer any questions and iron out any issues. Although it might feel like an extra thing to organize, you definitely need to make time for a ceremony rehearsal. It’s a key element the week before your wedding to relieve stress and make sure your special day is as flawless as possible!

Practice Your Vows

Now is a good time to go through your vows and ease any jitters. You might need to do some edits or work on memorizing them for your big day. So definitely don’t leave practicing your vows until the night before. If you’re going for traditional vows and you don’t need to write anything, it still helps to go over them out loud. Ask one of your bridesmaids to help you out, or you can even practice in front of the mirror. Work on your pace and make sure you’re talking confidently and not too quietly.

Brief Your Bridal Party

Have a get-together, virtually or in person, with the key people in your bridal party to make sure that they all know what they need to do during the big day. It will help to designate specific duties to different people so that you know important tasks are covered. For example, have someone in charge of gathering people for photos, someone to pack up your gifts and belongings after the reception, and someone to help out any guests find where they should be sitting. If you don’t have a wedding coordinator on the day, then it’ll be useful to have a couple of people who can be the contacts for vendors and guests so that you don’t have to worry. You’ll also need to check that everyone has done a wardrobe check, knows the final itinerary and knows when they’re making their speeches.

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Prepare Last-Minute Venue Decor

During the week before your wedding, you’ll need to drop off any decoration items at your venue. This includes items such as welcome bags, favors, place cards, seating displays, and guest books. Your wedding venue should let you know when the best time for this is. But try not to do this the day before, just in case you forget anything as you’ll already have plenty to do that day! You might even delegate a friend or family member to take the items over.

Prepare Your Gifts

You’ll need to pack up the gifts you’ve prepared for your bridal party. Typically, the bride and groom will give gifts to their bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsmen, parents or any other special relatives. Some couples will also prepare gifts or notes for each other. You definitely don’t want to forget this token of appreciation for the people who have been by your side and helping make sure that your wedding is the amazing day you dream of. Take the time to wrap them up beautifully and add in a cute heartfelt note to show how truly thankful you are. This is also a great moment to make sure that any thank you cards for guests and vendors are ready.

Try on Your Dress

The week before your wedding, you’ll need to go through a wardrobe rehearsal to check that everything is perfect. you should have your outfit sorted but it doesn’t hurt to have a run-through. Try on the whole look, including all accessories, to make sure that you’re totally happy and comfortable with the finished outfit. If you’re changing your outfit for your reception, test drive that one as well. But don’t forget to be careful with any makeup! It’s also useful to walk around to break in your wedding shoes and ensure nothing falls out of place. You’ll be excited to wear your brand new shoes, but everyone knows they can be a pain to walk in for the first time. Avoid the risk of being uncomfortable and being distracted from enjoying your day just because of your attire!

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Pack Essential Items

An emergency kit with essential items will definitely be useful on your big day. So have this ready to go, with any important items such as band-aids, nail files, pain killers, lip balm, toiletries, makeup and hair clips. You’ll feel relieved if you have these items close by, in case you have an unwanted blister or a broken nail. Keep your kit in a dedicated location, or give it to someone you trust to look after. Also, pack your wedding day bag with any extra clothes, pyjamas, skincare, phone chargers and even any snacks for your wedding night.

Confirm Your Honeymoon Details

Go over your honeymoon logistics during the week before your wedding. This includes confirming flight times, check-in details, hotel bookings and any activities you’ve got planned. If you’re jetting away for your special break straight after your wedding then you’ll need to have everything packed before your special day. Even if you’re going away a few days after, still try to pack before your wedding so you don’t have to think about anything during those days. You can just enjoy the newlywed bliss!

Beauty Pamper Treatments

Prepare for the big day by having any beauty treatments a few days before your wedding. This will be perfect to have a moment to yourself to relax. You’ll want to feel pampered and your have your best self ready for your special day. Or you can have your bridesmaids or mom join you to spend some time together. If you’re not one for beauty treatments, then use this time to have a massage, do yoga or do an activity that makes you pause and rest.

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Now that you’re all set, all you need to do is relax! Make sure that you’re truly rested ready for your special day! Also, don’t forget to spend some quality time with your partner to remember why this is all happening. For more wedding tips and tricks head over to WedBoard. You’ll find help with all parts of the planning process such as how to have a Smooth Wedding Rehearsal or The Biggest Planning Mistakes to Avoid, so you make sure that your wedding is the best it can be!

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