What Your Bridal Party Should Pay For

Avoid confusion by knowing exactly what your bridal party should pay for and what you should pay for. Money is always an uncomfortable part of the wedding planning process, especially when it comes to asking your bridal party to pay for certain things. They’re probably being a huge support for you, and everyone just wants to enjoy celebrating your beautiful nuptials. So it’s important to make sure that there’s open communication from the beginning to make your wedding planning experience a lot easier.

Although there are no set rules, we’re here to help you navigate this tricky element. Keep reading below for tips on what your bridal party should pay for.

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridal Party

One of the most important expenses that your bridal party should pay for is the bridesmaid dresses. It’s also one of the most difficult topics because it’s usually the biggest cost. In some cases, brides are very generous and foot this bill. But most of the time, bridesmaids will need to add this to their budget. As the bride, you can make this financial responsibility more manageable, by offering dresses with a range of prices as well as rental options. Nowadays there are so many different affordable styles that look identical to high-end options. However, if you’re keen on a specific dress then it’s the etiquette for you to pay for this one. As you’re already paying for so much, then it’s best to try to be flexible. Give your bridesmaids some guidelines to follow including color and style. This way, they can choose something within their budget while making sure you both love it!

Travel & Hotel: Bridal Party

Typically, the bridal party and guests will pay for their travel to the wedding location. Unless it’s a destination wedding, and you’re able to treat your party to an international getaway! Or, if you’re having an intimate wedding with a few close friends and family, then this might be something you can cover. But the general guideline is that the bride and groom shouldn’t pay for this. Your bridal party will completely understand that you already have enough to think about! You’ll also find that most hotels will offer a discount if your party books with them, so make sure to check this out early.

bride and bridesmaids
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Bridal Shower: Bridal Party

The bridal shower will largely depend on who the host is. If your friends and family decide to host the event, then this is something the bridal party should pay for. In general, the maid of honor and bridesmaids will host this event, and split the cost of the shower between them. Sometimes even the mother of the bride will put herself forward to host. As the bride, you might choose to offer an amount to help them pay for certain things, for example, food and drinks, as a ‘thank you’ gesture.

Bachelorette: Bridal Party

As with the bridal shower, your bridal party will be expected to pay for your bachelorette party. They’ll be the ones surprising you with the best party to celebrate your upcoming Big Day. Your bridal party will also split the cost with other guests that attend. Don’t worry about this cost being awkward, everyone will be so excited for the fun nights planned, that no one should have a problem with covering the cost. You’ll be repaying their efforts when it’s their special day! However, if your maid of honor and bridesmaid decide on a weekend away then you’ll have to pay for your travel and accommodation expenses. But they’ll make sure that’s all you pay for!

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Wedding Gift: Bridal Party

It’s a tradition to give the bride and groom a present on their big day. So, it’s a given that guests should pay for any wedding gifts. Some might decide to group together for special gifts, or if they have a lower budget. But guests will usually choose an individual present for the happy couple. However, it’s not expected that the bridal party will get a wedding present. A lot of bridesmaids say that there’s no need, given all of the extra costs and support that they have already given the bride. So, as the bride don’t be offended if you don’t receive one from your bridal party. Instead, consider all of the details and elements they’ve worried about during the planning process to make sure you have the most amazing day!

Bridal Shower Gift: Bridal Party

As with the wedding gift, your maid of honor and bridesmaids might get you a joint bridal shower gift. In some cases, your bridal party will get you a wedding gift or a bridal shower gift. They do have to cover quite a bit! Bridal shower gifts are usually smaller, and act as more of a thoughtful detail alongside the event. It’s definitely not an obligation to give the bride a bridal shower gift.

Hair & Make Up

Now this is a tricky one! It’s a hotly debated topic, and can cause friction, especially if you don’t give your bridesmaids enough notice. Some bridal parties expect the bride to pay for this, especially as for most people it’s considered quite the treat! But it might not fit into your budget. So a happy medium is to give your bridal party the option to do their own make up, if they want to save. Or if you really want a professional look, then it’s expected for you to pay, or at least cover half of the cost.

bridal hair and make up
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Florals: Bride

Anything to do with flowers will be down to the bride. Your floral budget will need to include bouquets for the bridesmaids and any corsages for best men, as these are elements that complement your overall wedding style and decor. Depending on the size of your bridal party you might want to cut costs here by opting for smaller bouquets. Also, consider how many bridesmaids you’ll want especially if you’re paying for their outfits too.

Bridesmaid Gift: Bride

Bridesmaids gifts aren’t essential but they are a perfect way to show how grateful you are to your girl squad for their help and support during the wedding planning process! From organizing your bridal shower, to helping you choose your dream dress and being there for any last minute challenges, your bridesmaids have been there for you through all of it. Although the wedding is about you and your partner, it’s a thoughtful touch to appreciate your friends and family who will be standing next to you at the altar. Try to find personal gifts that show you’ve really taken the time to think about each bridesmaid individually.

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Transport: Bride

Usually the bride and groom will pay for the bridal party’s transport from their accommodation to the wedding, this includes between the ceremony venue and reception venue. You want to make sure they’re all present for both, so it’s down to you to organize and pay for these logistics. You don’t want any bridesmaids showing up late because they couldn’t find a taxi! But this doesn’t include transport to their hotels from their original destination.

Meals: Bride

If your bridal party will be together for the day, then traditionally the bride will make sure that breakfast is organized for the bridesmaids. If you’re getting married in the evening, then you’ll have to think about lunch too. You want to make sure that none of you have to think about where you’ll be able to grab a snack, and instead just focus on the excitement of the day. You could organize a graze table or buffet style set up for people to have something when they feel hungry. Of course, the evening meal will be paid for by the newlyweds. Make sure you don’t forget to eat before your nuptials too!

The Night Before Accomodation: Bride

Traditionally, whoever is paying for the wedding will cover the cost of the bridal suite and newlywed’s room. It’s down to the bride and groom whether they decide to add in accommodation for the bridal party for the evening before their wedding too. If you want your bridal party to spend the night in the same hotel, then you should pay for this. It might be easier to have everyone in the same place as soon as the day starts, or if there are last minute problems the day before. It’s also fun to spend the last few moments before the big day with your bridesmaids! If you don’t mind where they’re staying, as you’re organizing their transport to where you’ll be getting ready, then the bridesmaids will have to usually pay for their own accommodation. It would be amazing if you can pay for their stay, but everyone understands that it can’t always be part of the couple’s budget.

Now the only thing left to do is to have fun! The best part of your wedding planning experience will be the fun times you spend with your closest friends so make the most of it! In the meanwhile, If you need more tips for your wedding planning such as Unique Seating Chart Ideas, Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid or choosing your vendors for your destination, head to WedBoard where you’ll find everything you need to plan the perfect wedding.

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