20 Beautiful Wedding Arch and Wedding Arbor Ideas

Finding the right wedding arch will be just as important as finding the right wedding dress because your wedding arch will also be one of the main protagonists of your special day! So you’ll want to enamor your guests with one of the most inspirational wedding ceremony arches. Whether you want to make a standout statement or add a minimal touch of charm, there are many different shapes, sizes and styles to choose from to enhance your ceremony. So let us help you out with some of the most stunning options to choose from.

You can go for traditional styles for your beautiful backdrop, or get creative with original designs and materials. Whatever your vision is, there will be a wedding arch that reflects your couple style. Here are some of our favorite inspirational wedding ceremony arches.

1. Be Inspired by Nature

Let the natural environment around your wedding day influence your inspirational wedding arch by using garden roses and wild grass. This subtle blend of natural textures and neutral tones creates a stunning backdrop for your special day. If you’re going for a rustic style or a backyard wedding, this will also work perfectly to enhance your wedding theme.

Photography: The Ganeys | Design & Planning: Callista & Company | Floral Design: Gather Design Company
garden style arch
Photography: Michael Radford | Florals: Camellia Floral Design | Venue: San Ysidro Ranch | Event Design: Joy Proctor

2. A Modern Twist

Traditionally, flowers are a key part of a wedding arch, but how about leaving those on the side and letting foliage take centre stage. This can work particularly well if you’re going for a beach or tropical destination wedding, especially if you want to create a statement focal point during your ceremony. You can also mix and match different materials, such as pampas grass and dried leaves for a modern yet rustic vibe.

Photohraphy: Diktat Photography | Design & Planning: Wonderland Bali Events | Florals: Gloriosa Flower House
tropical wedding
Photography: Stewart and Connie

3. The Whimsical Romantic

If you prefer a classic style for your inspirational wedding arch, then think about how you can use flowers to create a playfully romantic yet traditional blend. You can add a few wildflowers and use pretty pastel tones throughout your arch for a charming mix that will captivate your guests. Add to this by lining the aisle as an extension to draw your guests into this beautiful backdrop.

Photography: Igor Albanese | Planning: Destination Weddings Italy | Floral Design: Flowers Living | Venue: Villa di Striano
Photography: Franklyn K | Design & Planning: Marie Chicchirichi | Floral Design: Lettre á Elise | Venue: Chateau de Tourreau

4. Focus on the Season

Some of the most inspirational wedding arches let the season of the year guide the style. If you’re planning a spring wedding, choose colors that really show off those brighter months, such as pastel pinks, lilacs, yellows and blues or vibrant hues as you near into summer. However, if your wedding day will be in fall you can go for deep earthy tones such as burnt-oranges, crimson and subtle neutrals. For a winter wedding, decorate your arch with jewel tones, dark greens, vivid reds and classic blues.

Photography: Alexandra Elise Photography | Design & Styling: Stone Fruit Studio | Floral Design: Flower Well

5. Be Adventurous

Although there are many classic inspirational wedding arches to choose from, do remember there are no rules! So you can be adventurous with your style, and even more so if that reflects you as a couple. There’s no need to go with a rounded style, you can select asymmetric shapes or even a combination of shapes. For instance, consider a square frame or a rounded arrangement of flowers.

floral wedding arch
Photography: Bird On A Wall | Flowers: A Little Bohemia
floral wedding ceremony
Photography: Katie Grant Photo | Planning: Eventoile | Floral Design: Chiara Sperti | Venue: Villa Cipressi

6. Rose Covered Wedding Arch

Roses are by far one of the most popular symbols of love. The coveted wedding flowers emulate elegance and beauty, so they make for the perfect inspiration for your wedding arch. You can create a beautiful flower arch with these fresh blooms, incorporating different sizes from large and fluffy to small and delicate accents.

Photography: Rebecca Yale Photography | Floral Design: The Hidden Garden | Planning: Pryor Events

7. Add a Touch of Boho-Chic

More and more weddings are taking inspiration from bohemian style decor, as it perfectly balances a relaxed feel with a romantic ambience. The advantage of this style is that it is as versatile as you need, for example, you can go minimal or all out chic.

boho chic wedding arch
Photography: Mathew Sacco via The Evoke Company
seasonal wedding arch
Photography: This Modern Romance
boho chic wedding style
Photography: Forester Fotógrafos

8. Circular Wedding Arch

The ultimate symbol of infinity and eternity is the perfect focal point for your wedding. Use this inspiration for your wedding to let your everlasting love take centre stage in the form of a stunning circular wedding arch.

circular wedding arbor
Photography: Elizabeth Austin

9. Be Bold

When it comes to wedding arch colors we usually see neutrals and delicate pastels take over, but be bold and incorporate bright colors to truly show off! Step outside of the box and use colors that stand out for you. It’s a great way to intertwine your colours to give an overall seamless wedding style.

Photography: Heather Nan Photography | Planning: Amy Abbott Events | Florals: Pina Hernandez

10. Geometric Minimalism

There’s no need to go over the top with your wedding arch if you don’t want to. If you prefer a subtle accent then minimal is the way to go! You can try out any shape you want using sleek lines and a few delicate flowers for a natural touch.

11. Timeless Elegance

If you’re looking for a wedding arch that will never go out of style, take inspiration from these timeless options. These ideas give a classic and elegant vibe to your decor. You can use soft colors, textures and lines, to create an arch that will be just as stunning for years to come.

Photography: Gianluca Adovasio | Design & Planning: Lake Como Weddings | Floral Design: Tulipina Design | Venue: Villa Balbiano

12. Think About Textures

Don’t just think about the frame and flowers, but also add in textures and materials to add to the allure of your wedding arbor. These fabrics can also help to take out the harshness of the frame and create a softer style.

classing wedding decor
Photography: Audrey Norman | Stylist & Planner: Natalie Ly | Floral Design: Vo Floral Design | Venue: Kirigin Cellars

13. Let the Flowers Do the Talking

Let your flowers take centre stage and highlight the beauty of your special day, with this stunning wedding arch inspiration. These beautiful pops of color create a mesmerizing focal point.

Photography: Sanaz Photography | Planning: All You Need Is Love Events | Floral Design: Inessa Nichols Design
flower wedding arch
Styling: Ashwdown & Bee

14. Make a Statement

In contrast to a minimal vibe, if you want to truly make a statement, try a wedding arbor that your guests will never forget. A statement arch symbolizes the opulence and glamour of your big day. No one will be able to take their eyes away!

Photography: Katie Julia | Flowers: All For Love | Design & Planning: Natalie Hewitt

15. Heart Inspired Wedding Arch

What says romance better than a heart-shaped wedding arch? This show-stopping style will be one to remember! It’s the perfect way to embrace your love and to take your arch to a whole new level.

heart shaped wedding arch
Photography: Claire Graham; Katie Julia Photography | Floral Design: All For Love

16. Wooden Elements

Add rustic elements to your wedding decor with a wooden wedding arch. If you’re having a backyard or forest-inspired wedding, this is an ideal way to enhance the natural features of your environment.

wooden wedding arch
Photography: Amanda Zabrocki Photography | Design & Planning: Elegant Affairs by Design | Florals: Ever After Vintage Weddings

17. Triangular Wedding Arch

We’ll start to see triangular wedding arches pop up throughout the year as this unique trend becomes more popular. Most triangle styles feature in boho weddings, with most using wood, pampas grass and foliage. If you get creative it can be just as versatile as the square and the circle!

triangle wedding arbor
Photography: The Analog Heart Photography | Event Stylist: Ian Nuer | Wedding Planner: Shaira Carmela
triangular wedding arch
Photography: Elsa Eileen

18. Macrame Wedding Arch

Another style that uses boho elements is the macrame wedding arch. You can keep it understated by using a wooden frame and keep the macrame design as the highlight of the arch, or add other decorative touches, such as flowers and foliage.

boho wedding decor
Photography: India Earl

19. Door Frame Wedding Arch

Door frames are a beautiful representation of the opening of a new relationship, including new family and friends to welcome into your life. This style steps outside of the box from your traditional wedding arch, and lends itself perfectly to a rustic backyard wedding or even a stylish affair.

door framed wedding arch
Photography: Muravnik Photography | Design & Planning: Spectrum Agency | Floral Design: Best Day Ever

20. Make it Your Own

Although there’s a never-ending list of stunning wedding arch ideas to choose from, don’t forget to make your wedding arch reflect you. If that means going beyond the traditional set-up and style, then go for it! Try out any shape and style you like, especially if your wedding is less traditional and you want this to show off in your wedding decor.

unique wedding arch
Photography: MemoryBox Photo | Planning: Fresa Weddings | Floral Design: Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design

There’s an endless amount of inspirational wedding ceremony arches to suit your style, so you’re bound to find one you love! For more wedding ceremony style inspiration, check out our 10 Stunning Wedding Aisle and Decor Ideas. And if you’re planning a destination wedding, head to WedBoard to start exploring and chatting with your favorite wedding venues and vendors across Italy.

Featured image: Muravnik Photography

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