The 6 Types of People You Will Meet at a Destination Wedding

You get an invitation in the mail, you open it and turns out you were one of the lucky ones who made it on your friend’s destination wedding guest list! You forget all about the stress of buying an outfit, accessories and organizing travel logistics, because this is the opportunity for you to take a few days, or maybe even a week off, and fly to a gorgeous sunny country! What could be better than that?

On the one hand, destination weddings are often fun, entertaining and a perfect time to disconnect from work and focus on getting that tan that your colleagues will be jealous over! On the other hand, we guarantee that you will meet the most bizarre characters that, believe it or not, can be found at almost every single destination wedding around the world!

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the most common characters that you will meet at a destination wedding.

  1. The childhood friend.

He or she is that person that no one has ever met. They belong to the bride’s or groom’s early days. They’ve lost touch but send each other the occasional holiday message. This friend was invited for the nostalgic value and as a fond reminder of childhood days. They know themselves to be an outsider and that’s why they make an extra effort to try to fit in and tell weird outdated stories about their childhood.

  1. The desperate single looking for their soulmate.

This person is someone who’s watched so many romantic comedies, that they believe they can find their perfect match at someone else’s wedding. They think: the single people will be emotional, they will see the newlywed’s happiness and will want the same for themselves. The mood is set for the hunt!

  1. The party animal.

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As a start, these people will arrive drunk from the airport. They will be drinking at breakfast, they will get shots for everybody during lunch time, and will continue partying all night long until it’s breakfast time again. They will also participate in every single activity that the happy couple has planned for, with one priority in mind…you guessed it, how to get more drunk!

  1. The mother of the bride/groom.

A “child’s” wedding day is a time where emotions run very high. When we say “child”, we mean a grown adult, mature, responsible and financially independent enough to tie the knot. But as all mothers around the world will say, their grown “child” will remain their little baby for all eternity. Hence you will meet the over emotional mother of the bride/groom. She will be checking up on everybody and everything, making sure that their offspring is having the best day of their life! Sidenote: she will be the one constantly fixing her make-up that won’t stay put because of all the tears.

  1. The eternal nagger.

This guest is the person you will want to avoid during your stay. They probably won’t like the food, they will fuss about the weather – too cold or too hot, and they will irritate everybody with their constant negative feedback about every detail of the holiday.

  1. The one with the speech.

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This aspect of the destination wedding can take several directions. It can be a hilarious speech that puts the bride or groom on the spot about some of their darker, private and more awkward moments – I call this the crowd pleaser. It can be the never-ending speech, where each time you think it’s finally over, you realize that sweet bliss can never come so soon – the purgatory in other words! Or finally, it can be the emotional/sentimental speech – a favorite. This is usually delivered by the best friend, the grandmother or even the fun uncle. From the moment they pick up the microphone at the wedding reception, till the second they return to their table, you will be shedding tears like there was no tomorrow!

Now that we’ve covered all the different personalities that you might encounter at this year’s destination wedding(s), consider yourself ready! You’re well-armed, locked and loaded to face the crowd. Don’t forget to have fun! Destination weddings bring with them some of the most memorable and cherished experiences, both for the newlyweds and their guests. So happy wedding!

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