The Most Beautiful Destination Wedding Invitations

Your destination wedding invitations will be your guests’ first glimpse into the wedding style you’ve chosen. The main reason for your invitations is to provide important information, but you can still make them as creative as you like! Make sure that you create an invite that suits your wedding aesthetic and sets the tone for your nuptials. So whether you want to go for elegant, modern and sleek, fun, or romantic, let your style shine!

What information do you put on your destination wedding invitations?

Wedding invitations need to include essential information about your big day. If you’ve decided on a destination wedding, the main element will be the country and city your guests will be jetting away to. So make sure to put the exact address, including the closest city so that guests can figure out nearby airports and train stations. Also, one tip is to include a map, so your guests can get an easy visual. Then you’ll need to put the venue name, including the ceremony and reception if the events are taking place in separate venues. Next, put the date, and make sure it’s written out to avoid confusion. That goes for the time too, make sure that ‘a.m.’ or ‘p.m.’ is specified. And finally, make sure to add the deadline for RSVPs along with any hotel info, if applicable.

When do you send out destination wedding invitations?

It’s best to give your guests as much notice as possible when it comes to your destination wedding. If you’ve already sent out your Save the Dates, then your guests will probably have started checking out flights, but there are several logistical details they’ll still need to organize. So make sure to send out your invitations further ahead of time than you would for a local wedding. Three to four months before your wedding day should give guests time to prepare their travel and accommodation arrangements.

Read below for our selection of of the most inspiring destination wedding invitations to give your guests a taste of what they can expect on your special day.

1. Beach Inspired

Emulate the relaxed ocean vibe for your beach-inspired wedding invitations. Use hues of blue and green to replicate the sea and yellows or golds for the sun and sand. You can even include cute nods to your beach destination with palm trees, seashells and marine wildlife.

Photography: Ana Hinojosa, Sergió Sandona | Stationery: Julie Song | Design & Planning: Mindy Weiss Party Consultants
beach wedding stationery
Beach wedding stationery: Mospens Studio
destination wedding invitations
Wedding invitation: Samantha Sanford Design

2. Floral Details

One way to pay homage to your destination wedding location is to opt for invitations with a floral theme relevant to the local area. For example, bring out the gorgeous bright tones to add a bold aesthetic for a summer wedding, or keep it minimal with some pretty pastels in spring. In fall or winter, you can use beautifully rich jewel tones or you can even add some dried petals for a dynamic effect.

floral wedding invitations
Luxury Floral Invitations: Margo and Bees
Photography: Ryan Ray Photography | Stationery: Julie Song

3. Postcard Inspired

Lean into the traveling element of your destination wedding by creating a postcard style invitation. This will be sure to get your guests excited for their holiday trip! It also lets you be quirky and fun with your invitations.

postcard wedding invitation
Wedding Invitations: Ceci New York
destination wedding invitations
Wedding Invitation: Anticipate Invitations
postcard wedding invitation
Photography: Lacie Hansen Photography |

4. Use the Landscape

Take note of the landscape around the destination you’ve chosen to incorporate these elements into your invitations. You might be getting married in the beautiful Italian Alps, the breathtaking Lakes or the charming Amalfi coastline. So let your guests visualize what’s to come!

italian wedding invitation
Stationery: Louise Richardson

5. Tropical prints

If you’re whisking your guests away to a tropical destination, take inspiration from these unique stationery ideas. For example, you can include tropical plants and flowers on your invitations and add bold colors for a contemporary aesthetic.

tropical print invitations
Photography: Rebecca Yale Photography | Wedding Stationery: Lotus & Ash | Design & Planning: Moana Belle Events
tropical wedding invitations
Wedding Invitations: Marry Me by Amoretti

6. City Guide

Take inspiration from the city you’ll be heading to, by including a mini city guide or map in your invitations. Your guests will love this useful element and it’s bound to make them more excited for your upcoming nuptials.

destination wedding invitations
Wedding Stationery: Lucy Says I Do
city map wedding invitation
Wedding Stationery: Wolf Whistle Studio
wedding stationery design
Wedding Stationery: Holly Hollon

7. Custom Design

Make your destination wedding invitations unique to you and your partner with a super personalized creation. For instance, create your own fonts and illustrations that match your style perfectly. You’ll need to dedicate extra time for this type of invitation, but you’ll be guaranteed a beautiful one-of-a-kind design.

unique wedding invitation
Photography: Hey Beloved | Stationery: Isidore and Augustine

8. Romantic Charm

Highlight the romance surrounding your special day by using beautiful rose hues and dreamy fonts for a stunning aesthetic. You can even include rose petals and soft pieces of fabric to add an extra layer of charm.

romantic wedding invitations
Stationery: Margo & Bees
romantic wedding stationery
Stationery: Margo and Bees

9. Minimal and Sleek

If you want to keep your destination wedding invitations simple, then choose a sleek and sophisticated design. This minimal aesthetic is adaptable to any wedding style in any location. On the other hand, it’s also a great option if you want to keep your wedding style a secret, and wait for the big day to surprise your guests.

destination wedding invitations
Photography: Sally Pinera
destination wedding invitations
Stationery: Brittney Nichole

10. Breathe in Nature

Bring in natural elements to your wedding invitations. Set the tone for your outdoor countryside wedding or garden wedding with a whimsical and natural aesthetic. Consider wooden details, greenery, dried flowers and beautifully cursive fonts.

Photography: Erich Mcvey
nature inspired invitations
Photography: Braedon Photography

11. Seasonal Elements

Incorporate the time of year with seasonal elements. Chose colors that work with the season that your wedding day falls into, such as gorgeous burnt orange hues for fall, pretty pastels for spring and crimson red, emerald green or navy blue for winter.

spring wedding invitations
Photography: Megan Kay
navy blue wedding invitation
Photographer: Cristina Ilao
spring wedding stationery
Photography: Ryan Rae Photography

12. A Touch of Fun

Inject your personality into your invitations with some fun and quirky creative details. Add in playful touches to keep your guests excited for your nuptials. For example, you can relate it to an activity you’ve organized for your destination wedding, such as a wine tasting tour.

fun wedding invitations
Photography: Sammy Taylor
fun wedding invitations
Wedding Invitations: Seahorse Bend Press

13. Modern

To add a contemporary feel to your wedding invitations, include geometric prints and contrasting colour combinations. These modern design details will show your guests what to expect from your wedding.

14. Travel Based

Use the fact that you’ll be flying off to a beautiful destination to inspire your wedding invitations. Your guests will be there to celebrate your nuptials, but they’ll also be adding in a holiday so get them excited with a fun passport or boarding pass invitation.

Stationery: Margo and Bees

15. Unique and Unexpected

Add an unexpected twist to your destination wedding invitations that will surprise your guests. Think outside of the box and create an invitation that your guests are bound to remember, such as an acrylic or origami design.

unique wedding invitations
Photography: Dawn Derbyshire
unique wedding invitations
Wedding Invitations: Copper Willow

16. Bold Brights

Make your invitations stand out just as much as your destination wedding will. Use expressive bold colors and fonts to draw attention to your invitation. Your guests definitely won’t forget to RSVP!

bright wedding invitation inspiration
Photography: Anais Possamai

Discover more inspiration for your wedding invitations with The Most Beautiful Wedding Stationery & Wedding Invitations. You can also head over to WedBoard for more useful tips and recommendations for your wedding decoration and planning, including our roundup of the most Unique Wedding Seating Charts and The Most Unique Wedding Favor Ideas.

Featured image: WhiteLaceDesign / Etsy

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