13 Elegant Wedding Cake Ideas for a Winter Wedding

The winter season brings in the sweetest and most decadent desserts – and your winter wedding cake should be one of them! There are many ways to have a festive winter wedding cake yet still remain elegant. Choose from a sleek, snowy, and all-white cake or go for a romantic red & green floral design. There are also tasty flavors ideal during the holiday season such as peppermint chocolate, chai spice, or amaretto nutella. Sounds delicious, right?

From the unique, festive designs to the holiday flavors, there is a winter wedding cake ideal for every couple! Discover 13 winter wedding cake ideas perfect for your sweet and memorable celebration!

1. Classic All-White

An all-white wedding cake gives a pristine look and is a classic option that’s perfect all year long. Best part? An all-white design is the perfect combination of class and elegance and is reminiscent of fresh, white snow. You can’t go wrong with this simple, yet beautiful winter wedding cake design!

2. Enchanted Forest Vibes

Incorporate elements from the forest into your wedding cake, such as fresh pine cones and pine leaves. Have your tasty dessert reflect the style of your enchanted wedding venue tucked in the snowy mountains!

Design & Planning: from Sophie with love

3. Sultry, Dark Colors

Make a bold statement with your winter wedding cake by choosing a sultry, dark color. Pick from a burgundy red, a solid black tone, or even a royal, plum color. Your wedding cake will still be festive enough for the holidays while creating a unique romantic vibe. Win-win!

Photo: Gabrielle Desmarchais Photography | Design & Planning: Le Coeur Boheme |

4. Dried Florals

Adding dried florals to your winter wedding cake gives a mystical and rustic aesthetic while creating the most romantic look, even for a wedding cake! The end result? A work of art!

5. Gold, Shiny Drips

Gold is a timeless color and will make your wedding cake feel more festive. It is a color that is commonly used for big celebrations just like your wedding. You can request dramatic drips or shiny gold specks to make the color pop!

6. Pick a Holiday Flavor

Peppermint hot chocolate, anyone? Warm spice chai tea? Think of your favorite holiday flavors and include them in your winter wedding cake. Choosing a unique cake flavor is a fun way to celebrate the holiday season at your wedding. Be sure to ask about holiday flavors during any fun, cake tastings!

Photo & Cake: The Little Epicurean

7. Festive Berries

The natural colors of berries bring a festive touch to a wedding cake. Consider bright red strawberries or deep-colored blueberries for your tasty cake! This will also add a touch of natural flavors that your wedding guests will definitely enjoy!

Photo: David & Kathrin | Design & Florals: Tabea Maria-Lisa

8. Metallic Accents

Think rose gold, silver, or anything sparkly! There’s something about bright and shiny accents that make almost anything more festive – including your winter wedding cake. Another great thing about adding metallic accents to your wedding cake is that a little goes a long way!

9. Single-Tier

Picking a single-tier wedding cake is one way to keep it simple and affordable. This is ideal for an elopement or a “minimony” during the winter season. Share a smaller, yet totally delicious winter dessert with a smaller, more intimate group of your loved ones!

10. Simple Greenery

Adding simple greenery to your winter wedding is an effortless way to make your wedding cake more festive. Consider cascading green leaves or simply top your cake off with all-natural, green accents from Mother Nature. You can’t go wrong with this design for your winter wedding cake!

11. Elegance with Emerald Green Tones

Add a different shade of green to your winter wedding cake and still be festive. The deep, emerald green is an elegant and tasteful color that continues to bring in holiday cheer. Nothing says ‘winter’ like a green toned cake.

12. Textured Prints & Patterns

Adding holiday patterns and prints is a subtle way to make your winter wedding cake more festive! You can choose a textured pattern with a white-on-white design. The pretty, little details will have a memorable impact on your special day!

13. Red & Green Florals

Red and green are the traditional colors of the holidays and you can still have them as part of your wedding cake in an elegant way! Picking florals with bold green leaves and romantic, red roses will have your cake stay festive in a beautiful way.

Any of these winter wedding cake ideas will make your winter reception feel more complete! Looking for more ideas? Discover winter wedding decor ideas along with more cake inspiration. In the meanwhile, if you’re looking to to plan your destination wedding in Italy, head to WedBoard to explore and connect with your favorite wedding venues and vendors! Happy wedding planning!

Featured Image: Hello Sugar Photography

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