10 Breathtaking Winter Wedding Bouquets

Who says winter wedding bouquets can’t still be bright and merry during the cold winter! When thinking of your winter wedding floral decor, start by exploring non-traditional holiday colors such as purples, pinks, and blacks, especially since it’s your wedding day, and your bouquet is a significant part of that day! There are also many ways to keep your bouquet and wedding ceremony florals not-so-festive, while still remaining elegant and beautiful.

Here are some breathtaking options to create the perfect winter-inspired wedding bouquet!

1. Add some greenery & woodsy elements

Adding greenery to your winter wedding bouquet is an easy way to create a style fitting for the cold season. The calming shades of green create a more “natur-esque” vibe. You can even have a leafier bouquet by adding fragrant eucalyptus. Also, consider using similar plants and trees that are already part of your winter wedding venue. This could mean incorporating some pine leaves and pine cones – a creative way to keep your wedding, decor, and florals all in sync!

2. Go for deeper reds

Embrace shades of red like burgundy and red wine when you’re going for deeper colors for your wedding day. There’s something utterly romantic about the color red, and thankfully there’s a wide spectrum of memorable shades to choose from. While you can still opt for a bright red color, consider mixing and matching the different shades of red together to give a festive, yet alluring look.

Photo: Lilly Red | Florals: María Limón

3. Embrace white on white winter wedding bouquets

Thinking of a winter wonderland style wedding? Try going for a classic white on white wedding bouquet because nothing is more elegant or versatile than classic white. It’s also very reminiscent of fresh, white snow that softly lands on the ground. Even if your ceremony isn’t tucked in the snow, your white florals and bouquet can create beautiful, snowy vibes and mirror a magical, winter wedding!

4. Consider hints of blue

Just like a soft wintery evening, there are soft shades of blue that reflect from the starry night sky onto the fresh snow. Imagine that color palette on your wedding day! These light blue colors can easily be incorporated into winter wedding bouquets to create the perfect wintery vibe.

Photo: Gladys Jem | Florals: Greenery a La JCap

5. Add deep, dark colors

Mix deep, dark hues into your winter wedding bouquet for a pop of bold. The deeper colors can give texture to your bouquet and pair nicely with the holiday’s memorable fabric, velvet, so consider deep reds and purples like striking crimson and alluring plum. These are all shades that go in perfect sync with all kinds of winter wedding bouquets!

Photo: Ari Simphoukham | Florals: Greenery A La JCap
Photo: Leo Pham | Florals: Greenery A La JCap

6. Bring in metallics

Shine bright by adding metallic accents to your memorable winter wedding bouquet. Include silver, deep gold, or rose gold materials and flowers in your bouquet to add more shine to your special day! 

Florals: Jardin Divers

7. Add berries to winter wedding bouquets

Incorporating berries into your bouquet is reminiscent of the holidays and is also a great way to add more touches of nature to match your winter wedding venue. Choose berries from bright reds, deep blues, or more neutral, earthy tones.

8. Go all green

Emeralds and other shades of green are colors that bring in the holiday cheer so consider a unique winter wedding bouquet with only greenery and blooming florals! An original and seasonally well suited wedding bouquet is guaranteed!

9. Tie it all together

What is a gift without a bow? Add a large ribbon and bow to your beautiful, winter wedding bouquet. The holidays are known for perfectly wrapped presents tucked under a fresh Christmas tree, so why not add that memorable holiday accessory to your winter wedding bouquet?

10. Be daring and vibrant

Go big with your winter wedding bouquet! Be as extravagant as you like for your winter ceremony and that includes your choice of bouquet. At times, the holiday season can mean a bigger, brighter, and sometimes more lavish style, so whatever theme you have for your wedding, this is a reminder that you can be a little extra and choose a standout wedding bouquet!

Photo: Ryan Sin | Florals: Greenery A La JCap
Photo: Facibeni Photography | Florals: Flowers Living | Event Planning: Bianca Rosa Weddings

Wedding inspiration and ideas do not stop here! For more bouquet, decor, or winter wedding ideas, discover more here on WedBoard. In the meanwhile, if you’re planning your wedding abroad in Italy, explore and connect with local florists and wedding planners right here!

Featured Image Florals: Peony N’ Pearl

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