9 Reasons To Hire a Destination Wedding Planner In Italy

Every bride dreams of her wedding day and fantasizes about how romantic and happy it will be!
But with a destination wedding comes a long list of things to think about and plan ahead of time, including finding and booking a venue, sending invitations, managing your guest list, organizing the ceremony, decoration, entertainment, photographers, catering …and the list goes on!  
This often ends up being a source of stress for the (otherwise happy) bride and groom! This kind of planning requires not only time but also knowing the local service providers, negotiating, booking, and following up…and all of this over the phone, zoom or skype with your Italian wedding service providers! Talk about getting lost in translation!

Wedding planning & design by Guya Weddings – Charming Events | Venue: Locanda in Tuscany | Photography by Martina Ruffini

It can all begin to feel very overwhelming and this is where your destination wedding planner and specifically your destination wedding planner in Italy comes in to save the (wedding) day! Indeed, when getting married in Italy, hiring a destination wedding planner is strongly recommended especially when they’re specialized in the country/region you’re planning to wed in. Planning a wedding long-distance can be complex. Adding to this the language barrier, foreign culture, and different customs makes it virtually impossible without an intermediary.
A professional Italian wedding planner will help you every step of the way and will ensure that your wedding vision becomes reality by bringing all of the different elements together on your big day.

Table styling and setup by La Dolce Vita Events | Photos by Cooked Photography

Here is how and why you should hire a wedding planner for your destination wedding in Italy: 

Table styling by Lalla Crippa Events and Weddings | Photos by Nunzio Bruno | Flowers by Il Profumo Dei Fiori

1- A wedding planner will save you Time & Energy 

The amount of planning and details to go over when planning a wedding can be overwhelming. You have to visit venues, follow up on vendors, research creative decor ideas, find the right supplier, etc. So having someone you trust representing you is not only crucial but will save you a lot of time and energy. You will able to use this time to focus on other important aspects like looking for that perfect wedding dress! Not that your planner cannot also advise you on this matter! We are telling you: extremely valuable help!

Wedding styling by Claudia Carrara
Wedding favors idea and setup by Claudia Carrara

2- Your wedding planner knows the area

Your destination wedding planner has the inside knowledge of Italy and specifically the region you are targeting. They know exactly which venue will meet your expectations in terms of vision, number, type of events, number of guests… They can also guide you on logistics: you know you want to get married in Amalfi, but not every venue will be easy to access for your guests or will have the right setup for some of your vendors. Their recommendations will certainly be your most valuable asset for a stress-free, seamless, and memorable destination wedding in Italy!

3- Your destination wedding planner will speak the language 

You will be sure that your Italian wedding vendors will understand every little thing you want. Speaking the country’s language, especially in countries like Italy where not everyone speaks English, is one of the main reasons, if not the most important, to look for a professional and trustworthy intermediary, i.e. your Italy wedding planner! 

Wedding setup details by Guya Weddings – Charming Events | Photos by Stefano Cassaro Photography | Flowers by Grazie Dei Fiori Atelier

4- You will enjoy the peace of mind 

Planning your destination wedding in Italy will be a walk in the (Italian) park! Your wedding planner knows Italy and Italian, and can offer you the best and unbiased advice and opinion on any topic you want: be it the season, weather, best venue…even the best road to take to get to your wedding reception!  

5- You will get 24/7 support that goes beyond destination wedding plans  

Your wedding planner will be the assistant, friend, project manager, and tour guide you never had! A professional destination wedding planner will be here to listen to you and to support you while you go through some bridal stress moments (bridezillas, raise your hands!) before, during, and even after your wedding day!

Table Seating chart design & setup by La Dolce Vita Events | Photos by Cooked Photography

6- Your planner will also act as a Wedding Coordinator on the wedding day 

You’ve selected everything with the help of your destination wedding planner in Italy. But how can you make sure it all comes together on D-Day?
Your wedding day is made of several events: the ceremony, cocktail, reception, after-party… Your wedding planner will make sure the events’ flow, time management, and venue flips go seamlessly, on time, and in a harmonious way!  

7- They will handle all legal documentation & ceremony requirements 

The legal requirements for a wedding in Italy can be daunting. Depending on your nationalities and the type of wedding ceremony you’re opting for, your document requirements may change. Hiring a destination wedding planner specialized in Italy will give you the peace of mind of knowing exactly which documents to provide and how to proceed with the registration step by step, saving you the much-dreaded back and forth.
If you need more details about that topic, you can check out our blog articles on the legal requirements to get married in Italy whether it is a civil, religious, or symbolic ceremony. 

Design and styling by Lalla Crippa Events and Weddings | Photos by Mara Brioni | Flowers by Fiori Di San Lorenzo

8- They will organize amazing and fun guests’ entertainment

One of the best but most overlooked perks of hiring a destination wedding planner is that they can help you organize and plan your guests’ entertainment as well! From planning guest entertainment options and curating fun activities, to helping with their accommodation options: having a destination wedding specialist will be a godsend!
Your wedding planner will help you also organize any pre-wedding parties or post-wedding brunches you might want to host. And with the fun and endless options available in Italy, we’re sure you will need this type of advice from your wedding planner. Endless Italian wedding festivities here we come!

9- They will help you use your budget wisely 

Professional destination wedding planners specialized in Italy will help you save a significant amount of money. While you might think that hiring wedding planners in Italy will be pricey, with the right Italy destination wedding planner you’ll have the best service that will suit both your vision and budget. Also, wedding planners specialized in Italy will have enough contacts and knowledge to secure you access to some valuable discounts and/or package upgrades.

Event styling by La Dolce Vita Events | Photos by Gianluca Adovasio | Flowers by Malafronte

Ok, so do you need a wedding planner for your destination wedding in Italy? YES!
How do you choose the best destination wedding planner in Italy? 

Your destination wedding planner in Italy will represent you and be your eyes and ears throughout the whole process! Making sure you hire the best wedding planner is crucial as your whole wedding will depend on it. 

Table design and setup by Lalla Crippa Events and Weddings | Photos by Nunzio Bruno | Flowers by Il Profumo Dei Fiori

Here are some important criteria you should consider before choosing your destination wedding planner:

  • Creativity: the best wedding planners are creative and have a great imagination. They help you transform your wedding dreams into a unique event that suits your couple’s personality and style. 
  • Attention to detail: a good destination wedding planner is one that pays attention to every little detail, as any glitch can make or break your wedding. 
  • Communication skills: look for a destination wedding planner that enjoys great communication skills. You are planning a wedding from afar, so it’s important to have a good understanding and communication flow with your planner. 
  • Regional experience: When choosing your destination wedding planner, prioritize the one who has experience not only in the country but also in the region of your choosing. For example, a destination wedding planner who is specialized in Tuscany will most likely have more knowledge of the region and therefore better options and connections than anyone else. 
  • Last but not least, trust your gut and go with your instinct! From the first chat, you will know if this wedding planner is right for you! 

To help you out, you can go to WedBoard and check out our recommended list of the best wedding planners in Italy. There you’ll be able to look at their portfolios, understand their style and select your favorite one! Through our commitment-free direct chat option, you will also be able to refine your selection. 

Wedding ceremony in the Dolomites styles by Jlenia Costner Weddings and Events | Photos by Quattro Studio

But how much does hiring a wedding planner in Italy cost? 

Every wedding planner is different, and each has their own set of skills, knowledge, and experience. It will all depend on the type of package or service you end up going for. Some wedding planners in Italy will provide you with simple coordination on the day of your wedding, while others will handle the whole destination wedding experience from day 1. The latter entails the legal requirements and documentation needed, your guest travels, dealing with the suppliers, logistics, and decor. A local Italian wedding planner’s fees range anywhere between EUR 3,000 and EUR 6,000. (click here for more insights on the cost of a wedding in Italy).

Event styling by La Dolce Vita Events | Photos by Infraordinario Wedding

So, what are you waiting for?

Liked what you saw in our photos? Check out our Italian destination wedding planners’ portfolios and get in touch now, commitment-free with the ones you prefer!  
Meanwhile, you can also start exploring the available venues in the area you chose through our Smart Venue Search feature. 

Stay tuned for more info and tips on destination wedding planning!

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